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Davante Adams, You’re Cut!

We all know what a garbage heap of a 2015 season Green Bay Packers receiver Davante Adams had in 2015. It looks like it’s the same old story this year and because of that, we’re going to say…

Davante Adams, you’re fucking cut!

You’ll recall that Adams was the offseason MVP in 2015. He was supposedly a future star. Then the pads went on, the regular season came around and Adams crapped the bed.

Adams put up 50 catches for 483 yards (9.7 ypc) and one touchdown. What was the culprit for those lackluster numbers? Adams showed no ability to get separation from defenders, no athleticism to get up over them and often, little awareness.

Well, guess what.

Adams again looked great during the offseason program this year. Unfortunately for him, his kryptonite either appears to be wearing pads or the end of summer. Adams has not looked so hot since training camp began. The Packers had their first padded practice on Thursday and Adams picked up right where he left off.

Here’s Bob McGinn’s report on Adams after watching that practice.

Looking to bounce back from an awful season, Davante Adams is off to a spotty start. At 6-1 and 215, Adams is a big receiver. But size is a detriment if a player can’t separate from defenders. That’s what was happening to Adams on three plays. In a play-action period, he dropped a crossing route with a defensive back in his back pocket. In a blitz period, Adams tried to make another contested catch with Quinten Rollins all over him. From here, it looked like a catch and lost fumble after Rollins stripped the ball out. Finally, in a normal down-and-distance period, Aaron Rodgers took a very deep drop and hurled the ball about 50 yards to Adams. Adams, however, was unable to get away from Morgan Burnett and the pass fell incomplete.

Some of us have given Adams the benefit of the doubt, assuming he’ll get the No. 3 receiver job.

It certainly seems like the Packers WANT to hand him that job. Adams is a second-round pick entering his third season. They stuck with him all of last season, despite his subpar performance.

But this can’t go on for much longer. It seems pretty clear that Adams — to borrow a line from Denny — is who we thought he was. Or more accurately, is indeed the guy we watched suck it up all last season.

The Packers have plenty of quality receivers on the roster. Second-round pick or not, this could realistically be the end of the line for Adams.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. ferris July 29, 2016

    Could have had Allen Robinson….sigh

    1. Deepsky August 2, 2016

      Or Jarvis Landry, taken 10 spots later, also a Pro Bowler.

  2. Slim July 29, 2016

    My problem with this kid is he thinks hes already made it. Look at this dudes Instagram. He lives like hes been in the league for ten years and has a 100 million dollar contract. Look at all the toys hes got, how the fuck being a 2nd rounder can you afford all that shit? And to top it off Rodgers never gets on his ass about his play on the field, never. I don’t get that, if it was Janis, holy shit Rodgers would make it the biggest scene on the field. I’m also about ready to write off Montgomery too, jesus christ, how the fuck is he not ready? Did he tear his ankle completely off?

    1. Chad Lundberg July 30, 2016

      Theoretically it could be a scenario where Rodgers knows he’s wasting his breath on Adams, but Janis will listen with all his heart and become a better player. If you’ve ever had a minimum wage job, you’d know what I’m talking about. The lazy slackers are never yelled at by the manager, whereas the one’s that take on responsibilities are yelled at for things that aren’t even their fault.

      1. Icebowl July 30, 2016

        Great analogy C.

      2. PF4L July 30, 2016

        Rodgers has said in the past, some guys you can call out, and some guys you can’t. I’m guessing that the ones you can’t are mentally weak.

    2. PF4L July 30, 2016

      Wouldn’t you like to know….that would entail the Packers telling us, or a reporter actually doing his job and finding out. I know that the Packers try to put a muzzle over the player’s mouth, but someone would talk if they dug deep enough, and simply called it from a “source”.

      1. Chad Lundberg July 30, 2016

        I admit I dont know anything, im not in the locker room and I dont know these players. But is it so bad to speculate as a fan?

        1. PF4L July 31, 2016

          You weren’t the object of my post. I was referring to slims last two questions about Montgomery’s injury. When you read the rest of my post, i think you’ll see it wasn’t directed to you.

  3. Chad Lundberg July 30, 2016

    I wonder what would happen if Adams turns it around and proves he just needed more time, and he was actually a good player all along. Would the author admit he was wrong like how he boasts when he is right? And that goes for most of the writers of Total Packers. Seeing them been proven wrong is just one more reason I wanna see Adams succeed.

    1. Empacador July 30, 2016

      If he sucked in his rookie season like he did last year, then I would say he only needed more time. The regression we saw last year? The guy can’t go anywhere but up. 1000 yard season? Not likely anytime soon. If he does it, that’s great but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Icebowl July 30, 2016

    Not a big fan of D. after 2015 slack-off
    The kid needs a kick in the butt…

    I predict he turns it up the year his current contract expires …..

  5. Royberto July 30, 2016

    The author needs to realize that he doesn’t decide if Adams or not, so he is just being an arrogant jerk. Adams just got started. They have 5 preseason games and I don’t think Adams is going anywhere.

  6. Packers fan July 30, 2016

    I say the 3rd receiver is Janis. How about you MMTTDCSUCK and PF4L? Who do you 2 think the 3rd receiver will be behind Nelson and Cobb?

    1. PF4L July 31, 2016

      I’ll say Adams, but only because he was a 2nd round pick. They kept going to him last season. He had a decent rookie season, so i think they give him a pass for last season, and give him another year.

      Personally, if Mongomery could get on the field, i’d roll with him.

      1. PF4L July 31, 2016


    2. Shaun August 6, 2016

      You didn’t ask me, but I agree with consensus. The way TT and MM do things is pretty status quo. Davante will be your 3rd receiver unfortunately. I think it should be Janis. He’s an excellent compliment to Jordy. Same body type, similar speed, same build – those 2 on the perimeter together would be scary. Don’t sleep on Abby either. I’d like to see that happen as well. I thin Davante needs a reality check. The kid clearly has talent and athleticism, but I think he can sense that the job is his. He’s not motivated, and he’s extremely cocky.

  7. Deepsky August 2, 2016

    Clearly Adams’ ankle injury was worse than we realized last year throughout the season. There were times he seemed plodding and he was not a fast receiver to begin with. That may have hurt his confidence.

    Still, I think its a better than 50/50 chance he’s a complete bust head case.