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Ah, This is Why Aaron Rodgers Has Supposedly Split From His Family…

Are you ready for some salacious gossip? Well, check this out.

We know Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has had some sort of falling out with his brother Jordan. We believe that to be related to the women in their lives. Jordan has suggested that Aaron isn’t close with anyone in the family.

We don’t know if the family thing is true or not. However, if it is, one rumor seems to have it all figured out.

It starts with Aaron being gay.

Aaron pushed everyone out of his life, not just his family. This has as much to do with the Kevin incident as it does with him inappropriately handling his parents overstepping. It’s all related because the timing of everything. His parents are huge fans of him and very proud, rightfully so. They would tell him they are coming out to visit instead of asking if they can come out. That’s fine for awhile but it wore on him. The frustration built up and came out in a bad way. The story about Olivia (Munn) keeping them out of his box is true. That’s not her fault, she was doing what Aaron said to, which was a spineless move by him. The Olivia relationship was a reaction to the Kevin incident. Obviously. Aaron pushed everyone who knew him best out of his life. There is some paranoia going on in his head. He is alienating himself because he probably thinks people would distance themselves from him anyways if he came out. It’s pretty simple, he is unfriending people before they have the chance to unfriend him. Which wouldn’t happen if he started being true to himself. He was much happier in the Kevin days. He had great people around him who truly loved him before he was a superstar and he ruined that. You don’t skip one of your best friends wedding and your grandfather’s funeral (his grandfather was his idol. Spoke to him before every game) unless you have some seriously bad things going on in your head.

The Kevin incident refers to the pre-Olivia days when Rodgers was supposedly dating his former assistant and roommate Kevin Lanflisi.

That’s something else that may or may not be true, but the top-secret tipster above suggested that Rodgers also dated his college roommate. And then of course we see him with all kinds of women…

You know, is Aaron Rodgers gay?

Jay Cutler don't care

Frankly, what we care about is his performance on the field.

We all know he didn’t have a very good one last year. Some people suggested off-the-field stuff contributed to that. Those people were suggesting the reason was Munn, who we know to be an insecure wreck.

The point is, something appeared to be affecting Rodgers last season and it wasn’t all because Jordy Nelson wasn’t on the field. He’s never looked so inaccurate and made so many bad decisions.

Was the problem Aaron’s family? Is it because he’s conflicted about something relationship wise? Is it because he’s paranoid?

Well, he’s probably paranoid…

Nonetheless, we need that guy to be right. We hope whatever he’s doing is going to make it so.

On a side note, wouldn’t it be funny if Olivia was a beard and she didn’t know it?

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Draymond Green July 17, 2016

    I bet he was at the Bucks-Warriors game. If he was watching me, I would go find him and kick him in the balls.

  2. elafave August 23, 2016

    Damn. Ditch the bitch and grab some dick, Aaron. WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK… If he needs a brat between his buns so we can win another Lombardi I’ll pay for his rent boy for the whole season. CHRIST!!!

  3. Rob November 14, 2016

    I am a lifelong Packers fan from California, and though Aaron Rodgers may not be the G.O.A.T. of QB’s, he is definitely high up on the list, and will undoubtedly be in the HOF.
    I have a problem. My problem is that people who like to talk crap, gossip create rumors, and most importantly SPECULATE, including those who have no care for the game don’t realize that an professional athlete is just that, and the only thing the public should care or talk about is that which is ONLY to do with the sport. Publicly made speculation is perhaps one of the WORST POSSIBLE things that exists, and that applies to just about everything! Speculation is what caused the economic downturn in ’08 and it practically controls the stock market, gas prices, and now even the ridiculousness of people taking to streets over president elect Donald Trump (which I’d like to just add that for all those we see on TV with signs reading, “Not MY President”, then GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY)!
    For Rodgers, it is evident that only until he did anything outside of playing football (Heaven forbid he have a life!) by being a guest star on some “Reality TV” or commercials did people begin to start ‘chatter’. And my ultimate point, which is one that I know personally via experience, is that family-life and personal life (outside of NFL in Rodgers’ case) is NOBODY’S BUSINESS, PERIOD! Unless Rodgers did something that the NFL has rules regarding (For example, the NFL domestic violence policy), then it’s nobody’s business, not even ones brothers, sisters, spouse, girlfriend, fiancee, mother, or father or anyone for that matter to talk about someone else’s PERSONAL LIFE. I’ve been married for almost 10 years, and am now just about in separation from my wife, and the #1 reason is because of privacy (as-in the lack thereof), from any personal-self issues, to the privacy of what goes on in my home behind closed doors. Every person, man or woman, famous or not, expects and deserves a level of privacy, and Aaron Rodgers already has and continues to do enough service to us all that we should not do nothing more than be happy and thankful for the entertainment that he provides the public/football fans.
    His brothers are adults with their own lives. I think that they should be ashamed of themselves for anything that may have been said that violates the privacy of another, especially a family member, and it doesn’t matter if you are on good, loving terms or on hated-each-other-from-birth terms. And lastly, to all the “gossipers”, the people who spend 1/4 of their lives on the toilet and the rest on Social Media, often for lack of anything going in their own lives, to those of you who’ve had nothing else, no celebrity among the tens of thousands that have a heck of a lot that can be “talked” about, that you pick on a person who is perhaps the least worthy of picking on among professional athletes and the NFL. A person who is often called out by sports commentators for his character, who is known for his humbleness, his passion for the game is evident on just about every play, his hard work to be good that is far greater than the rest of the team and even most other NFL players, his skills on the field (one of the, if the most situationally aware quarterback ever), and his many successes on the field, which inevitably come with failures at times, and so-on. The guy just wants to go out there and play professional football, and then go about his life without intrusion. Doesn’t the public, social media, news outlets, his friends (past & present), and yes, his family members owe him that at the very least???

    1. Shirley November 24, 2016

      Agree 100% with what “Rob” has expressed above.
      My thoughts and concern would be, that Aaron being separated from his family is that he seems to be a
      caring person and how is he going to cope, if something happens to one of his family members? Aaron,
      attended Brett Farve’s induction into the Hall of Fame and heard Brett express his regret over not being
      close to his Dad and how hurt he was upon his Dad’s death.

      Oliva Munn should keep their sex life private. She seems to enjoy exploiting this to talk show hosts and
      to Aaron’s parents back when!

      Aaron needs to dump said girl friend and reconcile with his family.

  4. YOLO7 March 21, 2018

    IF AR is happier with his family so be it IF he doesnt really get along with his family then its HIS choice not to deal with them.His sex preference? DONT CARE ™ Cutty INC

  5. Larry June 24, 2018

    This is a tough one for me. Obviously, I’m a huge Rodgers fan, but I am also homophobic. I chose to believe he is not gay, but I also know that life is short so if he is he should not care what anyone thinks. In any event, I just want him to have a great season and forget about all the relationship stuff.