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Sam Shields’ Last Concussion Wasn’t Pretty

Not that any concussion is pretty, but the one cornerback Sam Shields suffered late last season sounds brutal.

Shields suffered the injury against Dallas in week 14 and missed the next four games. That’s an extended absence for a concussion, but Shields says it was the worst injury of his career.

It was also his third concussion and it caused him to black out. He wasn’t right for some time afterward, either.

“When I went out there to try to work out at first, I still felt it in my head,” Shields said. “Just running, doing physical things, your brain’s moving. That’s your head, your brain. It’s real scary.”

Shields said he suffered recurring headaches over the next four weeks. He wasn’t cleared to play until just before the Packers’ divisional game with the Arizona Cardinals. The injury had him concerned about his career, it sounds like.

“Concussions — one minute you feel better, the next minute you don’t,” Shields said. “You never know. I didn’t want to risk something serious happening and then my career would be over with. I don’t like them. The headaches are tough.”

With more players retiring early these days because of the health risks, we could completely see Shields joining that group if he suffers a fourth concussion.

Especially after hearing him describe the extent of this injury…

That’s the thing about a concussion. They usually become more severe the more times you get one.

Joseph Bonham

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