Packers Want a College Bowl Game — Name It!

Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers will host their first major college football game at Lambeau Field in September, when Wisconsin plays host to LSU. They don’t want to stop there, either.

The Packers would also like to host an annual college bowl game (because we need more college bowl games).

“I’d still like to host a bowl game,” Packers president Mark Murphy said. “We’ve talked about it.”

“Lambeau Field was built for football, so we feel pretty good about that. And I think the economic impact of this will be significant — and significantly more than a normal Packer home game.”

Yes, we’re talking about money here, just in case you weren’t aware. The Packers need to add to that record-setting bottom line.

An annual college bowl game would make a significant contribution. It would also make a positive impact on the Green Bay economy.

A cold-weather location for a bowl game isn’t unprecedented either. Boise hosts a bowl game and so does Detroit, although that’s played indoors. Probably the most recognizable cold-weather bowl is the Pinstripe Bowl in New York.

Obviously, if Green Bay were to get a bowl, it wouldn’t be anything resembling a marquee matchup.

Personally, I could care less about another crappy bowl. I’d love to see the Big Ten Championship played at Lambeau Field, but Indianapolis seems to have a stranglehold on that for some reason. Perhaps it’s because Indianapolis is such a cool city with such a long and storied football tradition…

However, if the Packers do get a bowl, I think the only real question is, what do they call it?


  • The Cheese Bowl
  • Beer & Brats Bowl
  • Harley-Davidson Bowl
  • Schlitz Bowl (fuck yeah!)
  • Usinger’s Sausage Bowl
  • The Alfred E. Neuman Presents… Bowl
  • The Packers Pro Shop Bowl (they can fucking afford it)
  • The Piss Drunk Bowl
  • The Third-Rate Green Bay Bowl
  • Minnesota Vikings Suck My Ballsack Bowl

I like that last one.

What do you got?

Name it!

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  1. Tucson Packer

    No one said it, so I am gonna say it; The Milk Bowl. I thought of “Dairy Bowl” but with it being the “Milk Bowl” there is an opportunity to get a lot more sponsorship.

    The “Upper Bowl”, eh?

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