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Packers Are Done With the Damn Mics, Okay?

So much talk of microphones lately. The Green Bay Packers are done with the goddam mics, okay NFL?

At least that seems to be the case.

You’ll recall that receiver Randall Cobb suffered a punctured lung in the Packers’ playoff loss to Arizona. He subsequently blamed the mic he was wearing, saying he landed on it and that most likely caused the injury.

Cobb has been beating that drum — or the media has been beating it for him — throughout the offseason. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers jumped on the anti-mic bandwagon recently as well.

And now Cobb says never again.

“I’ll never be mic’d up again,” Cobb said Thursday.

“If we were going on a Super Bowl run and we had that live feed during the game, it’s pretty cool to look back and hear what you’re thinking and hear what you’re talking about,” Cobb said. “It’s pretty cool in that instance, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk.”


And if the Packers were going on a Super Bowl run and were without a key player because he suffered a lung injury from wearing a damn mic, that would suck for everyone.

Let’s say the Packers win and the injured player has to sit out of the game with his mic injury.

Sad and stupid.

Let’s say the Packers lose and we all conclude they would have won if Mr. Mic Injury would have been on the field.

Even sadder and stupider.

Microphones: just say no!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Packers fan June 3, 2016

    I don’t really care much about it.

  2. Howard June 4, 2016

    I believe the NFL makes the guard(s) or center wear a mic. If no other player(s) are required to wear a mic, then if they chose to do so it is for the potential promotion of their own company (the player). Team should come first when under contract with that team. Do what is right for the team. If injury could occur. Forget it!

    My opinion is when you hear the players wearing the mic, many sound like they are playing to the mic. Somewhat phony. That may not sit well with some players who see a teammate act and sound different when there is a mic vs no mic. But shit welcome to the new world.

  3. Joseph Capra June 5, 2016

    It’s clear. The Packers lost that game because one of their receivers was mic’d up.
    And the Packers shouldn’t have to put up with this microphone crap, because , well, they’re the Packers.

    1. Anti-McCarthy fan June 5, 2016

      They also lost because Capers switched from man to zone when man coverage was working so well I dont know why would he do that smh and the refs botched a coin toss in overtime letting Fitzgerald win the game and the refs did made some bad calls in that game too.

      1. Packers fan June 5, 2016

        I meant to comment as Packers fan, NOT Anti-McCarthy Fan so if anyone like MMTTDCSUCK or Joseph Capra replies to me, say PF, not Anti McCarthy fan.