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Jeff Janis is Your Offseason MVP


No one wants to say it, but people have been saying it without saying it.

We keep it real in these parts. So, we’ll be the first. Jeff Janis was your 2016 offseason MVP.

Jeff Janis rolls with guns. He doesn’t fear bears in the woods. He doesn’t need no Aaron Rodgers trust nod, and he has zero concern about the Packers’ history with offseason stars.

Yeah, I know. No one cares about the offseason MVP. I agree. This is only a story because people have tried so hard to make it not a story.

Whether it’s been Aaron Rodgers, or Mike McCarthy or another wide receiver, everyone has said the same thing. Jeff Janis is making plays. Apparently as unexcited about a repeat of last season as we are, the Packers ran Janis deep a lot during minicamp, and he delivered.

Whether he was covered by Sam Shields, Damarius Randall or Ladarius Gunter, Janis has made the plays.

It may very well turn out that going deep is mostly what Janis is used for, and if that is the case, so what? The Packer offense sure could have used that element last season.

If you’ve seen some practices, then you’ve seen it yourself. If not, just listen closely to what everyone is saying. They may not want to say it. But it kind of sounds like they are.

Jeff Janis has your offseason MVP right here.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Icebowler June 18, 2016

    It’s gotta deliver a better result than last years offseason MVP, right?

  2. AJ June 18, 2016

    Absolutely agree. This guy is special!!! Just watch!

  3. ferris June 19, 2016

    Send him deep every other play. Someone has to cover him. Unless they go Unnecessary Roughness and just let Featherstone run down the field alone.

  4. Howard June 19, 2016

    I would be fine with Janis running deep, however, Janis may be just as, if not more dangerous running drag routes. With a fast tight end in Cook clearing the middle, and a healthy Jordy, safeties and line backers are going to have to make decisions other than double Cobb. It would also clear the dump offs for RB’s.

    Janis can be an advantage in more than running deep. The team just needs to give Janis the opportunity and Janis needs to seize those oppurtunities. I would think one of the reasons the team is throwing to Janis deep in practice is to make sure if he can not catch the ball he does not let the opposition intercept Rodgers pass. A good deep receiver also needs to be a good deep defender on occasion.

  5. Vijay-jay June 19, 2016

    If they used the strengths of their personnel to their advantage this year, it would be scary what they could accomplish. Scary to opposing defenses that is.

  6. Andy Pants June 19, 2016

    MVP! MVP! MVP!

  7. Robster June 19, 2016

    Here are comments by the players who know Janis best, made after his mini-breakout in the Chargers’ game last October:
    “(Janis is a) great, great, great deep ball threat.” -Quinten Rollins
    “Man, Janis is a hell of a player. Speed? You can’t teach thar.” -Sam Shields
    “I knew he was fast the first day I stepped in (a drill) at camp. He is deceptive-looking fast because he’s so long-legged.” -Damarious Randall
    “That boy is fast. . .the first ten yards, you think you have him, and after that he’s just flying.” -Micah Hyde
    “V-12” and “Lamborghini” -Packer DBs’ nicknames for Janis
    . . .and he’s only gotten better since then!

    1. PF4L June 20, 2016

      Track stars are fast also, but it doesn’t make them an NFL wideout. He’s caught 9 passes in the NFL. Let’s see what happens.

      1. Deepsky June 20, 2016

        Yeah, Phil Epps was the fastest receiver in Packer history, probably a top 10 fastest NFL player of all time, he did OK, but he wasn’t great.

      2. jd June 25, 2016

        I do know that slow and suck didnt work out to good for us last year

  8. Big Gay Clay June 19, 2016

    The man caught a jump ball hail Mary in double coverage against Patrick Peterson. If he doesn’t get playing time this year I will be appauled.

  9. Packers fan June 20, 2016

    Finally McCarthy praises Janis but I hope he doesn’t play like Adams last year.