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Aaron Rodgers: Jeff Janis Needs To Do It In Practice

Oh, good. Another Jeff Janis story?

Yeah, but you all love Jeff Janis stories.

And this one is about practice.

We talkin’ bout practice!

The recurring theme of what Jeff Janis needs to do to actually get on the field in 2016 revolves around one thing: fundamentals.

Janis needs to improve his fundamentals or, in other words, he needs to run better routes.

And if you ask quarterback Aaron Rodgers about his favorite topic of conversation, he’ll tell you he needs to see Janis’ improvement in practice.

“I need to see it in practice. I’ve said it for a long time. I need to see those type of plays in practice. Had I seen that play in practice last year, I wouldn’t have been so apprehensive about the Hail Mary at the end of the season when the ball was in the air,” Rodgers said with a smile. “Those are important plays for those guys to get and make and feel better about.”

Rodgers had that reaction after an OTA practice in which Janis hauled in another deep ball.

By all accounts, Janis has shown improvement this offseason. Coach Mike McCarthy said he’s doing good things, earlier this week.

Looking good now and looking good in training camp and in games are two entirely different things, however.

The Packers won’t be in pads until training camp and that’s when Janis will have to really demonstrate his improvement. If he can’t do it then, he’ll just be another offseason star that was a regular season nobody.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Scrody_Pop June 8, 2016

    I do love Jeff Janis stories, keep them coming

  2. Empacador June 8, 2016

    Isn’t that part of the overall problem? I get having to do it in practice. One can only assume Devante Adams was killing it in practice the way they kept forcing him the ball during games last season. Practice isn’t everything though. And this isn’t just offense either, there were some pretty big liabilities out there on defense as well, like Nate Palmer and Joe Thomas. But I bet they looked great in fucking practice!

    I love Rodgers as much as anyone but I bet he’s glad he throws most of his picks during practices rather than games. Janis might be one of those guys that practices worth a shit but shows up at game time. Of course that is all moot if Rodgers isn’t going to throw the damn ball to the guy due to trust issues. I only know what I see and Adams was horrendous last season but hey, force that fucking ball because that Adams guy was a star during practice.

    And that seems to be a problem. Can’t play if you don’t practice. What about not playing those guys who practice like gang busters but week in and week out BLOW during games? Wouldn’t said trust eventually wane when the same guys don’t perform during, you know, an actual game repeatedly week after week? Why the double standard?

    Janis could be the new Bill Schroeder for Rodgers, what has he got to lose especially if Adams sucks again early and often this season? Here is hoping Adams tuns it around but this trust double standard bullshit is getting old, especially when not being applied consistently.

    1. Geminus7 June 9, 2016

      I couldn’t agree more. The last two preseasons GB’s backup quarterbacks didn’t have any problem scoring with Janis or hitting him on big plays, along with his exciting kickoff returns. And look at the intensity of his kickoff coverage! I bet no one matches that in practice! Its obvious that Janis is a clutch and pressure player. I saw it, 20 people around me saw it… how is it McCarthy and Rodgers didn’t know it until there was literally no one else to throw to and it took the entire year for circumstances to force Rodgers to have to throw to Janis against the Cardinals… and Janis went up against the best in the league and he killed it, in one of the best Packer WR performances in team history. Just think what he could do if Rodgers would’ve thrown to him all season! We might’ve had a different outcome! I love Aaron Rodgers, too, but it is a double standard that’s really been bothering a whole lot of us Packer fans for too long already. I, too, would rather have Janis perform poorly in practice and superbly against other teams, than have great practices and fall down during the games. When there was no one else to throw to Rodgers threw to Janis and Janis performed like a pro bowler… and McCarthy and Rodgers are still talking like Janis’ performance against the Cardinals didn’t prove anything. Well, it proved something to a lot of the rest of us. Janis needs to be thrown to, like race horses need to run!

      1. MMTTDCSUCK June 10, 2016

        Well said Geminus7! There is something up in that locker room. They better get their shit together and drop the double standard BS. Someone does not like this kid, or is playing favorites or draft position, or all three of the above. Whatever it is, it is repugnant and needs to be addressed. This guy should get a hell of a lot more playing time this year. If not, then the packers are sending a shitting fucking message to the rest of the regular players on this team . . . MM and AR are definitely down playing this kids accomplishments and I for one find this to be totally fucking petty . . .

  3. Howard June 8, 2016

    I have to agree with Rodgers about Janis needing to show up in practice. That is not out of line for the mantra of constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.

    It does make one wonder what is constructive and positive about Rodgers having to say “I wouldn’t have been so apprehensive about the Hail Mary at the end of the season when the ball was in the air,”

    Past history, no need for Rodgers to say he was apprehensive to throw to Janis. Rodgers did throw to Janis and Janis along with Rodgers made a great play Working TOGETHER. Rodgers should keep that to himself, start over, make it clear practice, and knowing the plays and combinations thereof matters. The other part about being apprehensive to have Janis be part of a big play appears like a jab at Janis. That is beneath QB#1.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK June 9, 2016

      It does make one wonder if there is a personality clash with Rodgers and Janis. Your comment was spot on positing why Rodgers would even voice that, especially when he never busted (at least to my recollection) Adams for shitting the bed regularly during “real” games . . .

      1. Packers fan June 9, 2016

        I don’t really know why MM and Rodgers didn’t use Janis last season. The only reason Janis played in divisional round against Cardinals was because Adams and Cobb were hurt.

        MMTTDCSUCK, your thoughts about this comment by Shaochia Vang:
        “This is the FIRST TIME I had ever read about MM and Rodgers talking about a player not knowing the offense or not being able to run routes DURING A SEASON. Think about it, Eddie Lacy came to training camp overweight but Mike McCarty and Rodgers never threw him under the bus, not once did they ever talk about his weight or his struggle on offense. Even when Crosby was kicking 60% FG in 2012, NOT ONCE did MM and Rodgers ever throw him under the bus. Brad Jones and Md Jennings ? Nope, not one thing to say about how bad they were.”

        I don’t know why MM and Rodgers doesn’t take their own shots at their own players. That comment Shaochia Vang gives you good examples of MM and Rodgers NOT taking shots at their own players. Your thoughts on the comment in quotations!

        1. MMTTDCSUCK June 9, 2016

          If that is true, and I am not certain that it is, but if it is then there are some politics going on in the clubhouse. These guys need to get over the “personal” BS and play together. This is a fucking job. If one of your co workers is someone you definitely do not like, grow some balls and “get er done” and learn how to get past the third grade attitude! In this case, perhaps the offense will play better, and you never know they may become fast friends. Whatever is the case, it appears that Janis can play. The team needs to embrace that ability and not play fav’s. Regarding MM, He did bench Lacy last year for being a putz, so Shaochia Vang missed that one for certain.

          1. Packers fan June 9, 2016

            MMTTDCSUCK, if you want, see the comments on this video link about Jeff Janis Draft Day:

            Shaochia Vang on that comment said Jeff Janis is better than the second round pick.

            About the offense, there is no reason it should struggle again. With the return of Jordy Nelson, development of Janis and maybe Abbrederis, Ty Montgomery returning, a rejuvanated Eddie Lacy, the Jared Cook signing, and maybe the oline as well, it should be a Super Bowl caliber offense. And Randall Cobb should return back to form as well because he would do better when Nelson is around.

            MM and Capers can become best friends forever and they probably should go to Kings Island and ride Diamondback. HAHA! LOL! Have you been to Kings Island?

            You don’t need to watch the video but your thoughts about Shaochia Vang saying Jeff Janis is better than the second round pick Davante Adams and the other things I mentioned.

      2. Geminus7 June 9, 2016

        Rodgers must have some personal problem with Janis, and it probably isn’t Janis! Ask the Packer players about him. Everyone says Janis is a great kid, who works hard, has a great attitude, and is very humble. Someone should tell Rodgers that whatever his gripe is, its been pretty noticeable to a lot of Packer fans. Perhaps Rodgers didn’t want to play him much with Nelson injured. Nelson and Janis look like bookends, and Janis can learn so much from Nelson! Or maybe Rodgers overcommitted on Adams and didn’t want to look bad. But a lot of fans aren’t stupid and here’s proof if anyone needs it. After the Cardinal playoff game and Janis delivered one of the great GB playoff performances by a WR, I saw Rodgers do a post game interview and say something like, “Some of the young 2nd season receivers stepped up and made some nice catches… and then he named Abrederis … AND DID NOT NAME JANIS! Look at the tapes! Are you kidding me? I was aware of the issue, so I noticed how conspicuous it was that even after such a spectacular performance, Rodgers would not mention Janis’ name!!! I bet that never happened in GB before. There’s your smoking gun! Let’s hope as Janis becomes a truly great receiver, and Rodgers gets over it. Imagine having two great big, strong, fast wide out receivers! Someone please tell Aaron that its Ok to be wrong once in a while… and that he’s not a saint, just the greatest active Quarterback!!!

        1. Abe Frohman June 10, 2016

          My concern is that when Janis’ contract is up and he goes to another team because QB1 doesn’t want him here that he becomes an all star for the Vikings.

  4. PF4L June 10, 2016

    We don’t know the how or the why’s, we aren’t there. I’ll trust Rodgers judgement as i think he might know more about receivers than we do. Janis has caught 9 passes in the NFL. Lets see what happens before busting a nut.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK June 10, 2016

      PF4L, you and I agree on about everything. But this Rodgers, Janis thing has me in a quandary. Janis’ play making skills are way up there. Hell, he is the main reason that Masthay got a Packer record last year! He rocked his “gunner” position! Kick returns? another great year for the little action he had back there. And for the most part when the ball comes his way, he does not drop the fucking thing! He just takes it and gets great YAC. When he has done so much with so little time on the offensive side of the field, and as someone else wrote, the other QB’s had no problem with his communication or timing. I believe that something is up. I do appreciate QB1! he is one of the main reasons that I do not care for MM, DC and TT! His (A. Rodgers) window is shrinking. But I do believe that he may be pulling something petty with Janis. Or, maybe Janis asked for it? Either way, you cannot teach athleticism like Janis has! These guys need to start fucking working together, and A Rodgers needs to start giving this kid some kudos when he shines . . . or he may just help to create apathy within this guys psyche. My two cents . . .

      1. Packers fan June 10, 2016

        In my opinion, most of the playoff loses to NFC West teams would be blamed on Capers more. The only playoff loss I would blame MM for is of course, the NFC Championship against Seahawks. I don’t really like Capers however. The 3 playoff wins were non-NFC West teams (Joe Webb Vikings, 9-7 Redskins, and overrated Tony Romo’s Cowboys.)

        About TT, yes he has done good things with the Packers but I still think he is a overrated GM. I’m not saying Fire Ted Thompson but I will however say that TT does the bare minimum to help Aaron Rodgers and the Packers make a deep playoff run or go to the Super Bowl. TT has drafted well before like Haha Clinton Dix, Randall Cobb, Josh Sitton, Eddie Lacy, Mason Crosby, Jeff Janis, Jordy Nelson, Mike Daniels, and Clay Matthews. The only thing I don’t like about TT is his refusal to sign free agents. TT signed really good free agents. He signed Julius Peppers, who was a free agent, and look how he did? He managed to contribute right away and play out of his mind. Imagine if TT actually signs big name free agents. HOW MANY SUPER BOWLS DO YOU THINK GB WILL REACH? They would probably be in like 2 or 3 times. I have watched GB play since the Cowboys playoff game 2 years ago but I will tell you other comments I heard about TT on facebook and on Youtube and other news. Ted Thompson would let bum *ss players like Brad Jones, Jerron McMillian, Demetri Goodson, Don Barclay, Nick Perry, and anyone on the defensive line start, except Daniels and maybe Kenny Clark if he contributes like Daniels.

        If MM, Thompson, and Capers are gone which I hope McCarthy, would you still be using MMTTDCSUCK as your name on totalpackers?

        About Janis, hope Rodgers gives him kudos if he impresses him.