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James Jones Tells Us How To Earn Aaron Rodgers’ Trust

Much has been made of the need for the Green Bay Packers receivers to earn Aaron Rodgers’ trust. James Jones knows full well how important that is and how to do it.

As was discussed on the podcast earlier today, Rodgers simply won’t throw the ball to a receiver he doesn’t trust. That receiver might not even get on the field to begin with.

What does it take to earn Rodgers’ trust?

Perfection is the word Jones uses. That you have to do everything right — or the way Rodgers wants it done — all of the time and it starts with practice.

Rodgers himself made that statement when asked about Jeff Janis’ development — I need to see it in practice.

So there’s your answer. To earn Rodgers trust, do things exactly as he wants you to do them and that starts in practice.

“[The receivers] need to really take advantage of these OTAs and training camp and minicamp to really build Aaron’s trust. That’s first and foremost,” Jones said. “If you go out there and have 12’s trust, he’s going to give you opportunities to make plays.

“All four of them need to sit down with Aaron. You pick Aaron’s brain, you talk to him on the field, you talk to him off the field, you consistently get in his ear on what he wants you to do. Just like when I first got there last year. Aaron was like, ‘Look, J.J., these are the routes I like you on, these are the routes I’m going to signal to you in the game because you run them very well.

“It’s definitely going to take them earning Aaron’s trust, communicating with him. Then he’s going to put you in the best situation possible.”

So there you have it.

Engage Rodgers, do what Rodgers wants, get the ball thrown your way.

It seems simple, but some guys seem to have a problem with it.

Joseph Bonham

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