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Examining Jared Cook’s Uber-Athleticism

Few Green Bay Packers fans have any idea of the astonishing athleticism that tight end Jared Cook brings to the team. You probably know he’s fast, but for a large tight end he’s crazy fast.

With a 4.50 40-yard dash time, Cook is at the 98th percentile among his tight end peers. Rob Gronkowski, the league’s consensus top tight end, had a 40 time of 4.73. That’s in just 51st percentile.

Cook’s overall athleticism is easily the best among NFL tight ends. His burst — vertical and broad jump scores combined — is also ranked in the 98th percentile. Gronk’s is 54th. Playerprofiler.com has Cook’s catch radius in the 97th percentile. Gronk’s is in the 65th.

More Cook trivia: his arm length of 35-and-three-quarters might the longest of any player at any position in the league.

Combine scores tell us the Packers now have the overall most athletic tight end in the league.

Though Cook has never had a top-shelf QB during his time with the Tennessee Titans or St. Louis Rams, he was mostly consistent and productive. In each of the last five seasons, Cook has caught from 39 to 52 passes, and gained between 481 and 759 yards. His yards per catch has also been steady — between 11.9 and 15.5.

In 2011, his best year, Cook caught 49 of Matt Hassslebeck’s 82 targets for 759 yards. The one glaring statistical shortcoming is touchdowns. He has just 16 in seven season.

The Packers don’t need a potential 1,000-yard receiver at tight end like Gronkowski, Seattle’s Jimmy Graham, Carolina’s Greg Olsen, or Cleveland’s Gary Barnidge.

Jermichael Finley’s best year in Green Bay was 2011, when he had 55 catches for 760 yards. Bubba Franks’ best yardage total was 442 (2002) and Mark Chmura’s best was 679 (1995).

Last season, Richard Rodgers had 58 catches (85 targets) for 510 yards, but only averaged 8.8 yards per catch. Cook has a career yards per catch average of 12.1.

If Cook can match Finley’s numbers — and he should unless platooned with Rodgers — he’ll be a steal of a free agent. At the very least, he’ll bring some much-needed athleticism to the position.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Howard June 29, 2016

    Athletism is great. What I want to see is a tight end or receiver in the middle of the field that will force safeties to make quick decisions on whom they need to double. It don’t think a linebacker will carry Cook down the field without a safety involved. Cobb will not see as much double coverage. Cook still may not catch a lot of touchdowns. Other packer receivers will though because of Cook.

  2. Draymond Green June 29, 2016

    Jared Cook is a fat pig.

    1. Tucson Packer June 30, 2016

      Stop deflecting…

  3. Chad Lundberg June 29, 2016

    God, how do you not get just extremely pumped after reading this??? I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT TO SEE THIS GUY AND THIS OFFENSE IN ACTION! Entirely restored receiving corps, a new athletic TE, and a trimmed down Lacy, offense might be spectacular. They will have 5 or so legitimate pass catchers, but they will also have a respected run game which is what the 2011 offense did NOT have. Only thing that can make it better is if David Bakhtiari is benched or injured and Jason Spriggs takes over to become a dominant left tackle. Talk about a complete offense.

    1. Draymond Green June 29, 2016

      Nope, I will be play better than Aaron Rodgers and the stupid 2011 Packers offense. Meaning I will kick Kevin Durant in the dick and I will kick you in the dick as well.

      1. Chad Lundberg June 29, 2016

        You will be play better? Good luck with that.

        1. Draymond Green June 29, 2016

          Yes I will play better than pussy ass nigga Aaron Rodgers. Have you watched me, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson play? I’m also a big Warriors fan. Should I go to a Packers game, run on the field, and kick McCarthy the buffoon in the balls? Which Packers game should I go to this year? Could you get MMTTDCSUCK to respond to this too. Please reply to this before I kick you in the balls!

          1. MMTTDCSUCK June 30, 2016

            Love your ball fetish . . . not my cup of tea. I like women. But Buffoon is a buffoon, still better than some. The rest? not so much. A. Rodgers is a legitimate QB1 with HOF numbers, even the least likely A Rodgers fans or haters can see that. Enjoy playing ball in your arena wherever that is . . . Kick away. You may want to (if you have not already) construct a nice room somewhere in your house to live out your ball kicking fetishes. Perhaps even whips and leather eh? But sorry, once again I will have to decline as it is not my thing! But have fun DG!

          2. Draymond Green June 30, 2016

            Do you even know what my fucking arena is MMTTDCSUCK? Do you even know where my Warriors play? Do you like the Warriors or Clippers?

            Should I kick McCarthy the buffoon in the balls if I go to a Packers game and would you be happy if I did it?

            Do you know my bros Steph Curry and Klay Thompson?

          3. MMTTDCSUCK June 30, 2016

            Arena? Do I know where it is? No I do not . . . somewhere in fucktown I am certain though . . .

          4. Draymond Green June 30, 2016

            MMTTDCSUCK, what the fuck do you mean by Fucktown? Are you refering to Golden State? You sound dumb as hell. Have you commented on any Packers posts from 2009. If so, send me a link about which post you commented on. What was the first year you commented here? I’m not asking if you commented here before, I am asking when was your first time commenting here? And are you going to be using McGlurpy or buffoon? In 2014, you have used McGlurpy a lot why the fuck is that? I want you to answer me each of these questions and if you don’t then you are a fucktard just like McCarthy.

          5. PF4L June 30, 2016

            “Do you know my bros Steph Curry and Klay Thompson?” Yea…the choke bros.

            How much does it suck to be up 3-1, then to lose the Championship? A feat only accomplished by the Warriors. The Warriors players and coaches should all line up in a straight line on the court, then charge $1 for any Warrior fan that wants to kick them all in the nuts. Would be a packed house. The same thing that should happen to a few players and coaches from the Packers after the epic fail ending of the Seattle game.

          6. Packers fan July 1, 2016

            It does suck to be 3-1 and lose. That was how I felt after my OKC Thunder was up 3-1 to the Warriors and lost (GSW barely won those last 3 anyways). PF4L, do you think Thunder-Warriors reminded you of the Packers collapse in Seattle?

          7. PF4L July 1, 2016

            The Packer collapse was uglier watching it happen, basically because the game was won and then we had to witness 5 minutes of vomit inducing ugliness.

            The Warriors collapse was worse, only because of the stakes involved, plus it was never done before in the history of the NBA.

          8. Packers fan July 1, 2016

            PF4L do you think OKC’s collapse a small collapse? In game 7 OKC actually lead at halftime and collapsed in the 2nd half after. OKC actually lost game 5 by 9, game 6 by 7 and game 7 by 8 so PF4L do you think OKC’s collapse is a small one? Was it that bad?

    2. Harry Hood July 1, 2016

      Or if Bak just gets better…while Spriggs learns to become the next awesome lineman.

      1. Chad Lundberg July 1, 2016

        That works too, but I don’t see that happening at this point.

  4. Phatgzus June 30, 2016

    You know what this comparison of these underwear league numbers confirms? Combine results don’t mean shit when it comes to playing actual football.