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The Detroit Lions Are Getting Cheerleaders!

Cheerleaders. It’s one thing we can all agree on, regardless of our allegiances.

Cheerleaders rule!

The Detroit Lions, the junior varsity franchise of the NFC North, announced they’re adding cheerleaders for the 2016 season, on Monday. Or more accurately, the Lions are adding official cheerleaders.

The Lions previously had the Detroit Pride cheerleaders, but they were not technically Detroit Lions cheerleaders. What’s the difference?

The organization’s involvement.

Much like the Green Bay Packers don’t have cheerleaders, except that they do. The Packers’ cheerleaders are girls from UWGB and St. Norbert College, but since they’re not technically part of the organization, they’re not technically Packers cheerleaders.

With the arrival of the Lions’ cheerleaders, two of the four teams in the North will now have “official” cheerleaders.

The Packers and their unofficial cheerleaders are still sitting there with the Chicago Bears, who have no cheerleaders of any kind.

The two rivals are in a group of six NFL teams without official cheerleaders. The other four teams are the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

At one time, the Packers did have a professional/official cheerleading squad. It was disbanded in 1988 because, you know… the Packers can’t have anything that might make anyone think an unwholesome thought.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Abe Frohman June 14, 2016

    Their sole purpose is to have a logo covering most of what we want to see before and/or after a commercial break. wow…big announcement.

  2. Killer June 14, 2016

    Cheerleaders are a good thing. Actually takes a lot of athleticism and there are quite a few injuries. It is hard to look cheerful constantly while performing athletic actions.

    I congratulate the Lions organization on a good move. And not cheap. By taking ownership it does involve some expense. Not something the Packers, too cheap to even provide seats for fans in their ancient decrepit wore down ugly stadium in a cruddy neighborhood are ever likely to do.

    1. Tucson Packer June 14, 2016

      Lets just look at the unarguable fact that Packers season tickets have been sold out since 1960. Looks like the Packers Org doesn’t really have a problem putting people in the seats. Sure don’t need some visually distracting element to draw people in and keep them at the game, but I guess when your on-field product is the Lions..

      Sounds like you know a whole lot about cheer leading. Weren’t you the little troll who talked about how “comfortable” seats in a stadium should be? Maybe like those plush seats in Ford field, home of the loser lions and their 0-16 season? I am sure a lot of people were sitting down for that one. Good thing no injuries will occur to these cheerleaders since they won’t be having anything to cheer for.

      Now, speaking of “ancient/decrepit/wore down” just take a look at Detroit. The rest of the Country does, and like me right now, has a good chuckle.

      Go clean the cobwebs out of your still empty trophy case. Pathetic.