Clay Matthews Having Another Kid?

Clay Matthews and Casey Noble

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and now-wife Casey Noble had their first kid — Clay Matthews IV — in February of 2015. Is there a second one on the way?

This seems to suggest there is. That’s Casey on right, looking like she’s packing some extra pounds in the midsection.

Matthews and Noble are rarely seen together in public. Clay is super protective of his private life and family, so we doubt there will be any sort of announcement.

Casey, unfortunately, is no longer active on social media. We suspect that directive came down from above.


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4 Comments on "Clay Matthews Having Another Kid?"

  1. Unsupervised Child

    You’d think that Clay would be so proud to be seen in public with both his wife and child just like his parents were with his siblings and him. Protective I doubt it. My guess he’s ashamed and embarrassed is more like it seeing that she got pregnant before they got married and she was also still married when they started fooling around in mid-2012.

  2. D'Vonn

    Clay man you don’t reward the old cougar poon that trapped you by ‘accidently’ getting pregnant with marriage and another baby to pad her future child support. She manipulated you. C’mon man this is why nobody talks about you anymore. You dumb.

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