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Adrian Peterson Gives Clay Matthews the Full Motor Label

We always like to chuckle when someone gets the old “high motor” label. Or as Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson calls it, “full motor.”

That’s basically a way of saying a guy has limited talent, but he tries really hard. There are some exceptions, of course.

Green Bay Packers defensive end Mike Daniels is one of them and apparently, so is linebacker Clay Matthews. They actually have some talent AND a high motor.

Matthews debuted in the NFL Network’s top 100 Wednesday night. He came in at No. 57.

While we have zero interest in the list or where guys are ranked on it, we do find it interesting to see what other players say about the Packers on the list. As you may recall, this is where national treasure Ike Taylor first talked about Randall Cobb’s pretty eyes.

Matthews’ segment — at least what was released on Twitter — is all Adrian Peterson, who talks about how he loves playing against Matthews and the aforementioned full motor.

Have a look.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Jake June 3, 2016

    Classy move by a classless guy.

  2. Joseph Capra June 5, 2016

    EVERYONE in the league talks about “motor” when it comes to the Paytaker.
    They always have. Don’t you watch football?
    He’s a pursuit and pass rushing guy. He needs to have a “motor” for that.
    He’s laughably bad in pass coverage. No one cares.
    Not particularly good against the run, either. No one cares about that, either.

  3. Killer June 10, 2016

    This article is an accurate reflection of Packers fans in general. Their antisocial poor sportsmanship hostility and lack of intelligence and poor communication ability. That whole latent (or not so latent) serial killer thing so common to Wisconsinites.

    Here AP compliments Matthews repeatedly with sincerity. He literally points out Matthews agility and athleticism. He highly compliments Matthews effort. How does this sound to Packer ears? Like he is insulting Matthews as a “limited talent”. This is truly psycho stuff. When compliments sound like insults you know you are a risk to the well-being of the Humans near you.

    AP says he has to play his best game when he knows he is facing Matthews and again and again pays warm respect to Matthews. What is the Packer reaction? Hey, let’s use this as an excuse to feel persecuted and use it as an avenue to attack AP. Ah yes, anyone who compliments our players should be raked over the coals. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!

    You probably spend your spare hours frying ants with sunlight through a magnifying glass while pretending every any is a tiny little AP.