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Watch: Trevor Davis Can Sky!

Providing rookie fifth-round pick Trevor Davis makes it into the end zone at some point in his Green Bay Packers career, there should be no worry about whether or not he’ll be able to follow that up with a Lambeau Leap.

Along with the speed, it looks like Davis has plenty of hops.

Davis was at the Rookie Premiere this weekend, thus, he actually gets to put on the full Green Bay Packers uniform before any of his fellow draftees.

Davis has no problem clearing that crossbar, there.

Not that we’re going to compare the two, because they have totally different body types, but you know who else had no problem clearing that crossbar?

Calvin Johnson: slam dunk

And of course, on the flip side of guys who can leap really high, we have your old friend, John Kuhn.

John Kuhn Lambeau Leap fail

Oh, Johnny boy…

Joseph Bonham

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