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We’ve been looking at the addition of receiver Trevor Davis and wondering what the hell the Green Bay Packers were thinking. Why add another receiver to a position that’s already six deep (or eight if you throw in the guys signed to futures contracts)?

In most years, the Packers keep just five receivers on the roster. Last year, they carried six for most of the season.

Some of the guys currently on the roster will have to go and at least one of them will either be a draft pick or someone with past NFL experience.

Bob McGinn says the only locks are Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and that’s pretty obvious. Both have had 1,000-yard seasons. Both have been difference-makers.

(Davante) Adams, (Jared) Abbrederis, (Ty) Montgomery, (Jeff) Janis, Davis and developmental players (Ed) Williams and (Jamel) Johnson are going to be battling for their lives.

And Adams, Montgomery and Davis would have to join Janis as regulars on special teams.

Here’s what we take away from that statement.

Although we expect Janis to have to fight for a roster spot, he probably has a leg up on the other guys because of his value on special teams. He was one of the best gunners in the league in 2015 and we know the Packers value special teams play.

That means Adams, Abbrederis, Montgomery and Davis will all have to show something on the Packers’ third unit to improve their chances of making the team. Three of those guys seem like natural fits to do just that.

And who’s the odd man out?

Davante Adams.

At least, that’s one way it could play out.

Adams was — to put it simply — terrible in 2015, when he was given very opportunity to turn into a star. There were rumors the Packers came to that same realization.

Even so, we have — up until this point — found it hard to swallow that the Packers would consider getting rid of a second-round pick prior to his third NFL season. It’s not that this hasn’t happened before. It has.

It happened with Brian Brohm and Jerel Worthy, to cite some recent examples.

The difference with Adams is, he actually showed something at some point. Those other two guys showed nothing at any point, other than they didn’t belong.

In a limited role as a rookie, Adams flashed plenty of potential, catching 38 balls for 446 yards and three touchdowns. He just regressed completely in his second season, when he averaged an embarrassing 9.7 per reception.

So we figured the Packers would give Adams one more year because of his lofty draft status and the flashes from his rookie season.

We’re not counting him out yet, but it sounds like the Packers are completely willing to move on from Adams if he doesn’t take it up a notch this year.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Pocahontas May 4, 2016

    HIM and JANIS Have the same route running skills… atrocious

    1. Jtmax May 4, 2016

      Yeah but Janis is fast and Adams is really slow. Can’t teach speed

      1. Packers fan May 5, 2016

        Davante Adams is trash and he is a bust.

  2. ay hombre May 4, 2016

    Abby will be odd man out. He is the definition of just a guy. A guy that gets hurt an awful lot.

    1. Jtmax May 4, 2016

      If he stays healthy he stays because he’s fast, has good hands, can run routes and has decent length.

  3. Jtmax May 4, 2016

    all the other players fighting are cheaper than Adams

  4. g May 4, 2016

    Unfortunately Abbrederis will be out. Affirmative action sucks.

    1. Jtmax May 4, 2016

      Rodgers trust Abby more than any other guys fighting behind Cobb and Nelson. Rodgers has lost trust in Adams and still does not trust Janis. Abby has Rodgers pulling for him I’m sure and that is a big advantage.

      1. Packers fan May 5, 2016

        Aaron wanted Abbrederis on the field last season after the Raiders game yet we keep playing bust Davante Adams. Adams is a bust. Period!

        1. Packers fan May 5, 2016

          Meant to say kept, not keep about Adams.

  5. Perupack May 4, 2016

    Kuhn is gone so McGinn thinks Cobb/Montgomery could be “slotted” as a running back… thus keeping the 7 wrs.

  6. g May 4, 2016

    Doesn’t matter how many they have, they refused to play them last year until there was no other option.

    1. Packers fan May 5, 2016

      Right! After Rodgers wanted Abbrederis on the field more, we ignored it and played bust Davante Adams all year. Hope Adams gets released he wont break out trust me.

  7. Feck May 4, 2016

    They stash Montgomery on the PUP for 6 weeks. If someone else is IR Montgomery may be activated. If not, he is IR till next year.

  8. Deepsky May 4, 2016

    Adams is a second round pick and unless he miserably fails, he’s not going anywhere. Thompson needs to prove he didn’t screw up by not taking Allen Robinson who had 1400 yards last season and was taken 7 spots later. Adams was injured early in the year last year and that affected his play and confidence greatly. If he’s healthy now and shows improvement, he’s on the team.

    Janis is a top notch gunner. He’s not going anywhere.

    Davis has Nelson speed and unlike Janis, can catch a ball thrown over his shoulder without having to turn around. The Packers will hide him all preseason, then he’ll have one big play in the second to last game of the preseason, then play a surprising amount in the regular season – and make plays.

    I agree with Feck. What is likely to happen is one or two receivers will be or will still be injured and be stashed on injured reserve, allowing Abbrederis to make the team. Considering the injuries to the receiving corp last year, that’s not a big stretch.

    1. Jtmax May 4, 2016

      Davis also plays against NFL level defense in the Pac12. Not so much for Janis. Look at all the Pac12 defensive players draft in the NFL

    2. Packers fan May 5, 2016

      Davante Adams is a bust. Period!

  9. Howard May 4, 2016

    There is nothing wrong with competition and sending the Turk to the least valuable. The 4, 5, and maybe 6 receiver need to play special teams. That should give Janis, Montgomery,and maybe Davis an advantage.

    As Feck said it is highly possible Montgomery is not ready and starts on the PUP list. The other possibility is the team could start with 6 receivers, if they all prove theirselves in pre season. In part because of the 2 dumb asses stashed (no pun intended) on the suspension list for the first 4 games. See what happens with the receivers production and health wise through 4 games and make a decision. Hopefully one of the decisions is to cut Goodson. I think the team could take a risk with a WR in place of Goodson as long as they play special teams and the DBs stay healthy.

  10. Chungo May 4, 2016

    It would make my year if they got rid of him, but they wont-look how long hawk and jones were kept around.

  11. V May 4, 2016

    I love that I had Allen Robinson rated as a better player the year they (Adams and Robinson) were both drafted, yet the boneheads in the office at 1265 picked Adams instead. With limited information, I picked a better player…I couldn’t imagine how well I would do as a scout, personnel exec with all the film, measurables and face to face interviews at my disposal.

  12. Jtmax May 5, 2016

    As a receiver, you either have to be tall, fast, run good routes or have great hands. Adams is not tall or fast and has lost ability to run routes or catch. At least if you have measurables you can afford to slump on the route running or hands.

  13. Packers fan May 5, 2016

    Let him go. He is a bust.