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Let’s Not Overlook Possibility Packers Have a New Punter

Peter Mortell

The Green Bay Packers’ PR department likes to point out that Tim Masthay set a team record for net punting average in 2015, with 40.2 yards per kick.

It’s a record that had stood since 1963.

It also means jack shit.

That is such because Masthay was crap in 2015.

His gross average (43.9) ranked 25th in the league. More telling, his touchback ratio (6-in-81) ranked 23rd and his inside-the-20 rate (18-of-81) ranked 31st.

Do you know why he set a team record for net average?

Jeff Janis.

Janis turned into such a great gunner on punt coverage, he became almost entirely responsible for that stat.

The Packers know.

That’s why they signed Minnesota punter Peter Mortell as an undrafted free agent.

Mortell was named the Big Ten’s best punter in 2014, when he averaged 45.1 per kick. In 2015, he averaged 43.4 per kick. That’s short of Masthay’s 2015 gross average of 43.9 per kick, but make no mistake.

Mortell was brought in to push Masthay and possibly take his job.

That latter scenario could play out if Mortell, a Green Bay native, is able to perform better than Masthay in the not-so-obvious categories.

Categories like punts inside the 20.

Whoever the Packers’ punter is is going to have a great net, so long as Janis is playing special teams. What that guy needs to excel at is the field position game.

Mortell placed 30 of his 74 punts in 2015 inside the 20. That’s a rate of 40.5 percent.

Masthay’s 2015 rate in the same category was 22.2 percent.

That’s why we cursed his ginger name so many times.

We’re not saying Mortell is going to take Masthay’s job. We will be pulling for him, though.

Not only is he a Green Bay boy, he’s entertaining.

This is the dude who made up a “holder of the year” award last season and gave it to himself.

He also has enough accuracy to fuck up one of those annoying-ass drones. I mean, you can keep the Gophers women’s hockey team, but this is still pretty cool.

This dude is cut from our own cloth.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L May 3, 2016

    He played football in Minnesota, so isn’t he automatically a fucktard according to this site? Make up your mind.

    Now Joey, do you really think he just stepped on the field, grabbed a football, and booted it into a drone?

    Rational thinking would suggest this feat was tried numerous times before the hit, if it even was legit at all. Also the kick and the hit are split screens. So i don’t know if this is valid proof of accuracy, but it’s your world, enjoy.

    With that said, if this guy can perform, i’m all for it. But i’m more concerned with the offense getting back to 2011 form.

    1. PF4L May 3, 2016


    2. Harry Hood May 3, 2016

      Hes from Green Bay you fucktard!

      1. Chad Lundberg May 3, 2016

        He also played for Minnesota, so there’s equal reason to hate him and love him.

      2. PF4L May 4, 2016

        Harry, did i say he was “from” Minnesota? Learn to read, or have someone read it for you.

        Thank you for understanding.

  2. Tuson Packer May 3, 2016

    Maybe it will be a situation like we had bringing in some “competition” for Crosby. I agree with PF4L, that guy is from MN, and that pump up video pretty much confirms he must be eating Hormel Chili 24/7

    I do like that this is a underrated FA grab. not much to lose..

  3. Ferris May 3, 2016

    Please cut the Ginger today. This dude already won the job.

  4. Pocahontas May 4, 2016

    He knows how to punt in the cold thats for sure