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Packers’ Roster Set Up to Keep Seven Receivers

The Green Bay Packers now have what appear to be seven legitimate NFL receivers on their roster, providing fifth-round pick Trevor Davis is indeed a legitimate NFL receiver.

That’s what made the Davis pick so interesting.

With Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Ty Montgomery, Davante Adams, Jared Abbrederis and Jeff Janis already on the roster, you could clearly argue the Packers have no need for another receiver.

The team typically only keeps five receivers on their roster. In 2015, the Packers went against form and kept six.

But seven?

It’s not unheard of. Two teams — Buffalo and Cleveland — carried seven receivers last season.

The Packers have never done so with Ted Thompson as general manager, but their roster is set up to go heavy at a position like receiver this year.

Unless they make another player addition, the Packers could have two more roster spots on offense to work with in 2016.

Those will be the second fullback and the third quarterback.

With John Kuhn reportedly done in Green Bay, that leaves the Packers with just one fullback — Aaron Ripkowski. With Scott Tolzien now in Indianapolis, they’ll only need to keep Brett Hundley behind Aaron Rodgers.

That doesn’t mean seven receivers is a lock by any means.

There will be a battle for slots five through six or seven. That could put Janis, Abbrederis, Adams or even Davis on the street.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Deepsky May 16, 2016

    It’s probably wise the Packers keep 7.

    The leading receiver from 2015 isn’t on the team anymore. There’s no chance Nelson will return to form as the only receivers who ever were as good after tearing an ACL were younger than 25 years old. Montgomery just had surgery. Adams was playing injured all last year, got injured in the playoffs and really, there’s a good chance he’s a bust. Cobb has an injury history. So does Abbrederis. Janis?

    This might be the weakest Packer receiver corp going into season since Walter Stanley and Phil Epps were the top receivers.

    1. Matt May 16, 2016

      Jones was only the leading receiver since Rodgers trusted him. It was painfully obvious that he was favored and it hurt the team. When Montgomery was healthy he looked really good and that was his first year. Adams is a bust, he couldn’t consistently perform and had problems dropping the ball. Cook should take some stress off the WRs too and I would be happy with Montgomery, Cobb and whoever performs best out of Janis/Abberderis if Nelson can’t perform.

      1. Doug May 16, 2016

        Adams could end up cut, but maybe Ted should shop him around, see if somebody is interested and make a trade that gives us a bonus pick next year.

    2. Deepsky May 17, 2016

      Looks like the info I got was wrong. Wes Welker tore his ACL at 29 and had good years afterwards.

  2. Doug May 16, 2016

    The Packers are not going to keep 7 receivers. That is a stupid idea and would result in being shorthanded at another position, such as the defensive line where we have Mike Daniels, Letroy Guion, Datone Jones, Mike Pennell and the 2 guys we drafted. No way do they go 5 guys the way injuries have been the past 2 years. And the same thing happens on the O Line. We got hit hard last year and suffered with backups that weren’t good enough. Typically we go with 2 centers, 3 guards, 3 tackles and a utility guy that plays guard and tackle, and that will leave us with no place for our 7th round pick Kyle Murphy who will be on the 52 man roaster so that likely means 10 o Linemen unless Kyle can play guard. To provide overall depth and cover our bases on special teams too we will go with QB-2, FB-1, RB-3, C-2, G-3, T-4, TE-3, WR-6, K, P, LS, CB-6, S-4, ILB-4, OLB-6, DL-6.

  3. Jtmax May 17, 2016

    Even if they want to keep 7 it’s not going to happen. Every season, at least one receiver gets hurt before season starts. Then at least one underperforms. If Adams underperforms in preseason, I hope he gets hurt so TT can actually cut him or stash him on IR. Otherwise TT will keep a dud on roster because he drafted him high.

    1. Albert May 17, 2016

      Dude, you should never ever say, under any circumstances, “I hope he gets hurt.” These are human beings, not video game bots.

      1. Jtmax May 17, 2016

        you are right.
        Ok, hope he gets suspended or something because you know TT won’t let a second rounder go no matter how bad he is unless he’s forced to

  4. Peter Maiz May 17, 2016

    Frankly six, I think Abby won’t make the team, he’s brittle and you can’t mess with concussions.

  5. Dave K May 17, 2016

    Abby will be in the top 5 because he’s got Aaron Rodgers confidence in him. The guys on the bubble are Adams, Montgomery and Davis who at this point, don’t have Rodgers confidence. It’s that simple. Montgomery hasn’t proven he can stay healthy either. It’s possible any one of the 7 could suffer an injury that would take that guy out of the mix. Thompson will try to see if he can get a late round pick if all 7 make it through camp. Davis is a practice squad possibility too.

  6. Jtmax May 17, 2016

    Janis has to demonstrate ability to catch the ball looking over his shoulder or he’s not going to make it either. We definitely don’t have a log jam because we only have 2 proven receivers. Everybody else auditioning. If nobody gets hurt and everybody performs, Davis might get the short end of the stick because they can still stash him on PS.

  7. Dan May 18, 2016

    Maybe/probably/definitely I’m wrong, but Montgomery is still hurt and will start the year on the PUP list. Then he will either go on IR or take Davante Adams place. I hope I’m wrong about the injury, and I hope he replaces Adams.

  8. hermy May 18, 2016

    janis is to good on special teams first one down field and makes tackles

  9. jtmax June 27, 2016

    Adams should be gone because he’s the only one other than Jordy who can’t contribute on ST.
    We know Janis is great on ST. Abby and Monty can return. Davis is a return specialist in college and the fastest guy on our roster so he should be good on ST also.

  10. Abe Frohman July 14, 2016

    Adams left a bad impression after last year. I’m not ready to give up on him, however. He was hurt. I have no idea what affect, if any, that had upon him and his inability to concentrate. Yet on the other hand, he’s got incredible athleticism. He was the target of the Hail Mary in Detroit becuase of his jumping ability. That one handed catch he made in preseason last year was simply amazing. I have a hard time seeing anyone else on the roster making that catch.

    If we’re going on last year, i also have a bad impression of Abbrederis. He had a few crucial drops last year in the playoff game. He is not the special teams ace that Janis is. He is concussion prone and we have other guys we can put as PR and KR that could do just as well, if not better in Janis, Davis, and Montgomery.

    All that said, I can’t see us keeping 7 wide receivers. Abby is the odd man out.

  11. bob August 25, 2016

    keep everybody but adams.