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The John Kuhn Dream is Dead

Portly white guys throughout Green Bay Packers Nation shed a tear on Thursday. That’s the day they learned their hero John Kuhn would not be returning to the Packers for a 10th season.

Despite a report on Wednesday that the Packers were still talking to Kuhn — and his locker was still intact in Lambeau Field — a report emerged on Thursday that the Packers have decided to move on.

So perhaps the organization’s conversation with Kuhn was just that — “Thanks for the memories, buddy!”

Kuhn, who is a free agent, wanted to return to the Packers for another season. However, from a football perspective, the Packers simply don’t need Kuhn.

Although his veteran presence and leadership provides value, there isn’t really another reason for the Packers to re-sign Kuhn. He, and the fullback position in general, are a decreasing presence in the offense.

Kuhn touched the football just 15 times in 2015 (nine rushes, six receptions). Surely, some of you yelled “Kuuuuuuuuuuuhn!” on each of those 15 occasions. For what, we’ve never really understood, other than some people just think it’s cool to yell “Kuuuuuuuuuuuuhn!”

More importantly, the Packers want to hand the fullback job to 2015 sixth-round pick Aaron Ripkowski. Considering fullbacks don’t get many snaps to begin with, there is absolutely no reason to have two of them on the roster.

It’s time for the young guy to get a shot.

Another benefit for the Packers is the additional roster spot this opens up. The Packers have kept two and even three fullbacks on their roster in past seasons. It’s downright idiotic to use multiple roster spots on a position that rarely sees the field.

As discussed on this week’s podcast, one less fullback potentially means one more receiver on the roster.

We love John Kuhn, but it’s time for the Packers to move on.

And don’t worry, pretty soon you all can yell, “Riiiiiiiiiiiiiip!”

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Fredman May 12, 2016

    Enter 22 car who had his redshirt season last year and is now ready. Rip will fit right in as long as he does not shave his beard. This also signifies Packers will carry probably 6 WR. 30 car was a legend and a cult hero so he will be missed…. but no bridges are burned. If an injury pops up on 22 car you can be 30 car will be coming out of pit row if hes still unsigned…

  2. A J Spork May 12, 2016

    Your site is now fucking unusable. Adios. assholes.

  3. pastordad May 12, 2016


  4. Empacador May 12, 2016

    WTF happened to this site? This can’t be considered an upgrade.

  5. Shawn May 12, 2016

    Hey, bigger pictures, stories on the right sidebar. Shit, I like it. People are always resistant to change. Eff that.

  6. Howard May 12, 2016

    I hate change more than maybe anyone, however I do not mind the new layout. It appears there are more views on the new layout. The other plus is you can see recent comments. Easier to see who may be attacking your opinion. Plus at least on my device no ads on the side to accidentally hit. Looks good to me. If I can give it a chance anyone can.

  7. PF4L May 12, 2016

    So just portly guys liked Kuhn? Hmmm…

    I have to tell you something Mordecai, or whoever the fuck you’re pretending to be. Not sure if you noticed, but most people here think you suck, suck as in….they don’t like you, and/or your articles. Personally imo, your words come off to me as an outsider writing about the Packers. Other people may, but i won’t be wasting anymore time on you.

  8. MR May 13, 2016

    Hate the new website layout also…time consuming to find what I want to read. Anyone recommend another Packers website that is more user friendly?

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  10. Empacador May 13, 2016

    I get resistance to change. But this “new and improved” layout isn’t intuitive at all. Maybe Ublock Orgin is screwing it up, Chaos it is until the next big thing.

  11. MR May 14, 2016

    Very difficult to differentiate new articles from previous ones…

  12. gort May 16, 2016

    First I agree with the comments about the Web site layout. I am not opposed to change, but the change needs to make things better and my initial reaction is that this is not better.
    Now the football comment – is Kuhn maybe a future coach?