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Happy Birthday to Clay Matthews

Today Clay Matthews turned the big 30.

That makes him a young man to you and I, but in NFL years, that is a big bench mark. In the eyes of most NFL GMs, turning 30 is the value equivalent of driving a new car off the lot.

Fortunately for Clay, his return to the outside linebacker position should help lengthen his career. He need look no further than across the line to see Julius Peppers still getting it done with the big 40 approaching.

Now with a wife and family, and with the assurance from the coaching staff that he’ll be primarily returning to his preferred glamor position, everything is looking up for the Claymaker in 2016.

Happy Birthday, Bro!



Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. SC May 16, 2016

    A belated Happy 30th birthday to the great Clay Matthews. Fight On.

  2. Packer'sManifesto May 23, 2016

    He hasn’t been the ClayMaker since he started dating a married woman back in 2012 and subsequently became a baby daddy last year.

  3. tagged and roped May 23, 2016

    the wife, hmmm

  4. Hmmmmm May 24, 2016

    Clay is 30 and his old wife is almost 40. He could’ve done much better in the wife department than to marry some old woman that he got knocked up. All that money and he couldn’t afford condoms?

    1. Packer'sManifesto May 25, 2016

      He felt it was better than everyone else and that it would never happen to him. What’s the best thing though is that he hides he baby mama and his son from everyone.