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Damarious Randall Doesn’t Have a Confidence Problem

What’s that they say about playing cornerback? You have to have a short memory?

Green Bay Packers second-year cornerback Damarious Randall seems to have that down.

Randall was the defender primarily responsible for Larry Fitzgerald’s 75-yard catch and run that essentially sealed the Packers’ fate in their playoff loss to the Arizona Cardinals back in January.

Not only did Randall readily accept that — saying he takes “100 percent” of the blame — he also shrugged it off when he was asked about it recently.

“It was just a mistake that was made,” Randall said. “That’s football. … I just know that I’m going to make a lot more plays than I give up for the Green Bay Packers.”

He then proceeded to proclaim himself the best cornerback in the league (or anywhere else).

“People say who their top-five corners are, but at the end of the day I’m going to do what I have to do and I’m looking forward to showing the world why I’m the best cornerback anywhere.”


We don’t think anyone would argue that Randall is a pretty good cornerback, even after only one season. However, like most rookies, he was up and down in 2015.

The Oakland game was a microcosm of that. He started the game with a pick six and then proceeded to get abused like rented mule by Amari Cooper for the rest of the afternoon. Cooper caught six for 120 and two on that day, with most of the damage coming against Randall.

So, no. We do not agree with the assessment that Randall is the best cornerback anywhere.

At least not just yet.

He’s got a high ceiling and, obviously, plenty of confidence and those are both pluses. Perhaps someday soon they will actually translate into Randall’s own assessment of himself.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Howard June 1, 2016

    Randall may have a short memory, but every NFL team now has 18 game tapes to remember and review Randall’s strengths and weaknesses. Teams will now be trying to exploit weaknesses and consistent mistakes and avoid strengths. It is only going to get harder. One of the reasons NFL players who look good their first full year and have that so called sophomore slump is your opponents now have a better idea of your weaknesses and how to attack such.

    It is only the great ones who have so few weaknesses that they cannot be exploited at the right time. The jury is still out on Randall. Give it one or two more years before being the best, or one of the best is thrown out.

    1. Packers fan June 1, 2016

      Do you think Damarious Randall will be good this year?

      1. Howard June 2, 2016

        Good but not close to the best. To me Randall is the second or third best corner on the Packers. Shields #1 provided no more concussion and can hold onto Ints. I think with some more time on the field Rollins may be better than Randall. With both there needs to be more of a track record and I do believe both have the ability to improve. Whitt will assist greatly in the process. Both are able to play the slot and outside. To me that is a positive for both. I would probably put Randall just outside the top 40 corners in the league at this time. So good but not great. A solid #2 corner at this time.

  2. Packers fan June 2, 2016

    Hope so. Don’t want him to experience what Davante Adams did last season.