We’re Already Liking This Brian Angelichio Cat

I think it’s safe to say — although Jerry Fontenot got a raw deal because Richard Rodgers is a bum — we were still all pretty fired up when the Green Bay Packers hired Brian Angelichio as their tight ends coach.

Here is a guy who turned a couple other bums — namely Gary Barnidge and Tim Wright — into decent-looking NFL tight ends. So if there was ever a guy to turn the bums the Packers have at tight end into productive members of society, it must be this guy, right?

In theory, yes.

We’ll see what happens, but we already love the fact that Angelichio is making zero goddam excuses.

Not for himself. Not for his players.

Angelichio was asked about having a roster full of tight ends who, by and large, lack experience. After veteran Jared Cook and third-year bum Rodgers, the Packers have Kennard Backman, Mitchell Henry and Justin Perillo, none of which made any meaningful contribution in 2015.

“Unfortunately in this league, whether you’re young or not doesn’t matter,” Angelichio said. “You have to practice and play and perform. Nobody’s going to wait for you in this league. Nobody’s going to feel sorry for you and say, ‘Well, you’re young.’ I don’t look at it any different. Hey, the job is whoever we’ve got, my job’s to get them out there and get them to play at the highest level we can to help this football team win. It is what it is and you just go.”

I mean, yes. I would love it if Angelichio said something like, “Yeah, I know. These guys fucking suck.”

That’s never going to happen, of course.

The next best thing is to just not give a shit and to not make or accept any excuses.

And maybe that was Fontenot’s problem. He knew he was dealt a crap hand and was therefore resigned to crap play.

It’s like when you pull all nines and 10s in euchre. That hand was the Packers tight end group in 2015.

If these clowns show improvement this season, which we expect they will, I’m going to be attributing that to Brian Angelichio.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!

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