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Aaron Rodgers is Sick of Hearing About Jeff Janis

For a guy who hardly plays, Green Bay Packers receiver Jeff Janis has a lot of fans.

Part of the reason for that is because the Packers refused to play him on offense last season. Everyone saw the Packers’ passing game struggling. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers openly stated the reason for that was the lack of a deep threat. And you’ve got the fastest receiver on the team rotting away on the bench.

That didn’t make much sense to anyone besides Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

There was talk that Janis couldn’t grasp McCarthy’s super-complex offense. There was talk that Janis hadn’t secured the coveted Aaron Rodgers’ trust nod.

Both of those things are stupid.

You put playmakers in a position to make plays. End of story.

And then when the Packers absolutely had to put Janis on the field, he went out and tore it up and we all said, “I told you so.”

That came in the Packers’ playoff loss to the Cardinals. Davante Adams missed that game with a knee injury and Randall Cobb left early because of a punctured lung.

In comes Janis and catches seven balls for 145 yards and two touchdowns.

Both the media and fans talked about Janis as a solution all season. After that performance, Janis was a hot topic throughout the offseason.

Some people are tired of hearing about Janis. Count quarterback Aaron Rodgers among them.

“I know you guys love Jeff Janis. All you people out there love Jeff. I love Jeff, too,” Rodgers said. “Jeff made some great plays there at the end of that game, and he’s coming along. Again, these are important years for young guys like that — years 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 are when you can really take jumps. You’ve seen a lot of them over my course of 12 seasons, where you see guys really take jumps and start to figure it out. I think he has an opportunity.”

You can see Rodgers isn’t quick to predict stardom for Janis.

He probably learned his lesson when he predicted stardom for Davante Adams last offseason.

Regardless, Janis clearly has to get over some hurdle with either Rodgers or McCarthy to actually get on the field. We have no idea what that hurdle is, but we’ll soon have an idea of whether the Packers plan on giving Janis a real opportunity.

We’re not going to predict stardom, but if given the chance, we expect Janis to be a solid contributor on offense and a big-play threat.

Then we can all stop talking about why Jeff Janis isn’t on the damn field.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Tucson Packer May 27, 2016

    So big Mike runs the whole restaurant, but AR12 is the Sou Chef. Just let the Janis continue to cook in it’s own seasonings, AR12 will pull it out when it’s done.

  2. Chad Lundberg May 27, 2016

    Sometimes the absolute stubbornness of this team stands out. They clearly had a problem at the beginning of the year, and there were no clear solutions on the team. When Jermichael Finley went down in 2010, that was easily solved because we had one of the most efficient receivers in the NFL in Greg Jennings, who wasn’t doing much at the time. This time around we had nothing even remotely resembling that. There was only one possible way to overcome this, and that was to put the receivers on the damn field! Even if for 5 games they continually sucked balls, you keep putting them out there until they get it right! You might lose 3-4 of those games, but now for the rest of the season, you’re set at wide receiver again. MM and AR simply REFUSED to take this approach!!!! They weren’t gonna develop that quickly in practice damnit, let them play the game and learn it a hell of a lot faster! GOD THIS REALLY BUGGED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!!!

    1. Phatgzus May 29, 2016

      You’re just assuming receivers who hadn’t gotten it over the past months to years will suddenly have a light bulb turn on simply from playing in an actual game, that is highly unlikely to happen so your approach is fucking asinine.

      1. Chad Lundberg May 30, 2016

        I never said it would definitely work out, but it was easily the best option. If not, then I suppose you prefer the alternative, letting the offense completely stutter all season like it did? That’s what’s really asinine here. Take a flipping chance for God’s sake!!!

  3. Jimbo1 May 28, 2016

    There is a high degree of complexity and percise route running required to make in the NFL. It is more than 40 times and vertical jumps. Janis has shown flashes of his outstanding athleticism. Ithe will be great if he puts it all together. So far Adam’s hype has been nothing more than just hype.

    1. Abe Frohman May 31, 2016

      I agree with you here, BUT it doesn’t take a genius to go run 6 or 7 fly patterns a game. Throw the ball his way once or twice and that really opens up the underneath stuff for the guys that couldn’t beat press coverage.

  4. Howard May 29, 2016

    I also thought Janis should have been on the field more last year. The bottom line is Janis probably messed up last off season and preseason by not understanding the playbook or consistently making errors in practice.

    Once the season starts if you are not one of the starters or key backups you need to spend more time on special teams and preparing the starters for the upcoming opponent (scout team). The fact is it is hard to get on the field unless you consistently make plays, and or perform the responsiblity assigned when given an opportunity. It is a viscous cycle but once the season starts as a 5th or 6th receiver you are not going to get much time with QB1 to develop timing or trust. Janis needs to show up ready to go this off season and preseason.

    Janis did make plays against Arizona. Janis will make the team for ST’s play alone. Janis will be given more opportunity to show what he can do, Janis just needs to show he understands, and make plays when called on. That will equal more quality play time on offense. The way Janis played ST’s last year shows that he will do what it takes to help the team. There is hope for Janis as a receiver.

    1. Phatgzus May 29, 2016

      Completely agreed.

    2. Anti-McCarthy fan May 30, 2016

      McHippo played bust Davante Adams all year. The only reason Janis and Abbrederis played in the Cardinals game was because injuries occurred to Adams (bust) and Cobb (who sucks without Jordy Nelson).

      1. MMTTDCSUCK June 3, 2016


      2. bob July 26, 2016

        you are correct. Adams should have been traded and Cobb has proven he is not a #2 receiver. Janis and Abbrederis should have both started long before they were allowed to.

    3. dennis dervetski August 13, 2016

      Hard to make plays when working with the 2nd team reps, then get thrown into a big game. Adams worked with first team and what did he prove? Not much. Cobb is a great slot receiver, not a main threat #1 receiver type. Janis needs to work with first unit! If Mccarthy doesn’t use him, trade him…but be careful big Mike!!

  5. Anti-McCarthy fan May 30, 2016

    Me and MMTTDCSuck are right because McHippo played bust Davante Adams (a favorite) all year last season. TT drafted Adams. TT didn’t play Adams all year, McHippo did. Hope McHippo gets fired if they don’t reach the super bowl this year. MMTTDCSUCK, hope you agree with me.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK June 3, 2016

      I am on board with you regarding Janis and MM.

  6. MJ June 2, 2016

    I see two points worth mentioning here.

    1) Why keep giving Adams chance after chance after chance,
    while not doing the same for Janis. At least Janis made plays
    every now and then, even if both make mistakes.

    2) Rodgers is paid handsomely! He accepted the contract increase from 12M all the
    way up to 20M. Agreed, the market could have dictated that had he reached free agency,
    but anyway, he was in line to make at least two more multi-million contracts. Where’s
    the “let’s have a competitive team” concept?
    His play has to make up for the 8M talent that we now cannot hire, i.e., be content to
    play with whatever scraps are left at WR. No team can expect to pay WR1 money for
    four guys. What does he expect to throw them the ball? Four Jordy Nelson’s clones?
    It looks like he doesn’t want to risk the ball to receivers not named Jordy or Randall,
    because, god forbid, he might get picked or incomplete passes could worsen his QBR.
    Maybe, that can be fixed by the coaching staff, letting more guys get reps with Rodgers,
    so if the unforseen happens, the “we don’t have chemistry” excuse does not need to come
    up. How much could Nelson and Cobb worsen if losing some reps, compared to what
    guys like Janis, Abbredderis, Davis could improve with those.

  7. Anti-McCarthy Fan June 3, 2016

    That fat fuck known as McHippo should read what you said because he is a sandwich who played Adams all year last year. If the Packers don’t reach Super Bowl this year than I hope this is Coach McHippo’s last year in GB. McHippo is overrated but not completely he is just overrated.