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Wrong. Packers Start with Jags on Bizarre Schedule


The complete season schedule has been unveiled by the NFL. So we now know when the Packers will be playing. The who and where we already knew.

With the NFL otherwise in a dead zone, activity-wise, the media had nothing else to talk about in regards to the NFL other than the schedule unveiling tonight. With that being the case, it seemed like everyone with an opinion and an outlet had a guess on who the Packers would be opening against.

The consensus opinion was either Seattle or Washington. The Seahawks were a candidate for obvious reasons. The Redskins were a candidate because the Packers eliminated them from the playoffs last season.

As it turns out, everyone was wrong.

The Green Bay Packers will be opening against the Jacksonville Jaguars on September 11. The NFL was clearly throwing the Jaguars a bone here, maybe as a reward for being open to regularly playing at their probable eventual destination in London.

The Packers will stay on the road and play at Minnesota in Week 2. That game will be the grand opening for the Vikings’ new U.S. Bank Stadium. The Packers will then finally get their first game at Lambeau Field against the Detroit Lions in Week 3.

For me, the most notable thing about the beginning of the schedule isn’t in the first three weeks. It is the fact that the Packers have been saddled with the infamous Week 4 bye week. That means that just when you are getting into the season, you’ll get a week with no Packers. What’s worse, the Packers will be looking at 13 straight weeks of football after the bye.

On the plus side, at least we’ll be getting the bye out of the way early.

The other highlight of the schedule is probably right after the bye, when the Packers host the Giants, Cowboys and Bears in consecutive weeks. When you combine that with the home game against the Lions before the bye, the Packers actually play four straight games at home and go a month and a half without playing a road game. Consider that and be dismayed.

Besides being bizarre, the other primary trait of the 2016 schedule is that it looks easy. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw an easier schedule on paper. The only playoff teams from last season that the Packers play on the road in 2016 are the Vikings and Redskins. Seriously.

It would take an epic collapse for the Packers to not post a better record than the 10-6 they put up last season.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. TyKo Steamboat April 14, 2016

    Seriously, Fuck the NFL for giving us another goddam Week 4 Bye. What…The…Fuck
    We just had a shitty week 4 bye.
    Open with 2 away games. One we will sweat our balls off in Florida & another the dick bag fags in Minnesota will be all geeked about. Fuck.

    Then a 3 week road warrior series in the middle.
    I am so goddam pissed about that fucken week 4 bye. That shouldn’t even be.

    5 preseason games?!?! The fuck. Lets trot out there & send the league a message & just knee the ball every play. Good opportunity for Demitiri Goodson & pot head Mike Pennel to play every snap I suppose.

    Fuck the Week 4 bye. 13 weeks in a row. You bastards.
    Shawn, there ain’t no “at least we get the bye out of the way early” … its strategy & it can fall weeks 7, 8, 9, 10 & be fine. This is all a fantasy football thing & fuck your fantasy football team too. Also, the Titans just traded the #1 pick, so the NFL has plenty to talk about as Los Angeles now has that pick…
    Week 4 bye…the only saving grace to it is that we have a “mini bye” 2 weeks later as we get the pussy bears on a Thursday & essentially 10 days off after. That’s what you’re looking to “get out of the way” … a brutal Thursday night “slug fest”
    At least we’ll, in theory, be fresh for it.
    Fuck the ViQueens

    1. V April 14, 2016

      Tell us how you really feel…

      Excited that JJ Watt will make his first visit to Lambeau!

      1. TyKo Steamboat April 14, 2016

        JJ Watt is probably the biggest D Bag in the NFL now that Peyton Manning is gone.
        He loves himself more than Erin Andrews loves herself.

  2. TyKo Steamboat April 14, 2016

    Also, props to Shad Khan of the Jaguars for denying the NFL sending the Packers/Jags to London
    The day the Packers play American Football in London, England is the day I don’t watch the Packers.
    The NFL is for masculine men. Not a buncha tea-sipping, bird chested fairy boys named Nigel, Christopher & Jeeves.

  3. Adam April 15, 2016

    What an ignorant comment TyKo
    The Packers have a big fan base here in England
    And your sterotype of us is stupid
    I mean are all Americans obese gun toting idiots?!
    And the Pack will play in London soon whether you like it or not as an away team so it doesn’t really affect you at all.
    Get your head out of your arse you cousin fucking inbred imbecile

    1. icebowl April 15, 2016

      Who’d wanna play in London if you represent the attitude of a typical british NFL “fan”….
      You’re a friggin buffoon.

      I’ll be thinking about you on July 4th, you idiot

  4. Kato April 15, 2016

    I hate week 4 bye weeks. Absolutely hate them. There should not be a bye week until at least after the first quarter of the season is complete. If revenue wasn’t such a big fucking deal for the NFL, I would say every NFL team has their week off smack dab in the middle of the season. More fair for all parties involved.

  5. billabong April 15, 2016

    Nigel, Christopher & Jeeves would eat you alive at one of their famous soccer scrum games…ten times worse than going into the black hole…more teeth on the ground than popcorn.

    1. billabong April 15, 2016

      but soccer still sucks…..bad…

  6. Kozak April 15, 2016

    A great chance to go into Minnesota and drop a nice big smelly,sticky turd in the punchbowl for the Hormel Chili dome’s grand opening.

  7. Empacador April 15, 2016

    Byes suck period. Early byes suck even more. But byes are part of the landscape now. So use them wisely. There is NO reason for teams to play on Sunday then 4 days later on Thursday.

    Bye week teams seem random. Every team must have a bye, how hard is it to coordinate schedules so teams playing Thursday games share the same bye week? Play Thursday games with teams coming off their bye. No advantage for either team that way.

    Get rid of the Thursday opener and go back to starting the season on Sunday, then start Thursday games the next week. The 2 teams playing that first Thursday would have their byes opening weekend, but really, if there are going to be bye weeks starting in week 2 or 3 already, what is wrong with a bye starting week 1?

    The Lions and Cowboys would know their bye is always the weekend before Thanksgiving. There are 3 games on Thanksgiving now, so 4 other teams would all have their byes the same weekend along with Lions and Cowboys.

    “But, there won’t be enough games to fill 16 Thursdays.” Then have the Cowboys and Lions play each other every Thanksgiving and let the other 4 teams fill in the other Thursdays. They could stretch out the Thanksgiving game like they do the Superbowl so it could cover the 11:30 am to 11 pm time slot! All the pregame and post game hype, Jerrah would love to have dem Cowboys in the spotlight for 12 hours plus! Imagine both teams having rush colors being silver! That would be awesome!!

    In all seriousness though, they could utilize the byes better and give even the crappy teams a national spotlight once a year. The crappy teams are still affiliated with the NFL and bring the NFL money, so market your products NFL, even the shitty products, by throwing them a national bone yearly.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK April 15, 2016

      Some good points. However, these same points would be too hard for these fucks to figure out . . . Or are these schedules made to impact better teams that they do not want to be as good for “good ole boy” reasons? Remember it is big business run by guys that usually fucked people over more often than not to make their billions . . .

  8. Phatgzus April 15, 2016

    Andrew Luck will be back, Tony Romo will be back, the Jaguars have a QB, the Falcons always give us a fight, 3 straight road games, Seattle…yeah, the schedule doesn’t seem all that easy too me.

  9. Justin April 15, 2016

    This schedule is far from easy. All those teams will have their QB back. Unless you have a time machine to play the same exact teams in 2015 this is no cake walk like everyone is misleading it to be.