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Packers’ Plan At OLB Doesn’t Appear to Involve Mike Neal

Mike Neal

We’ve seen this before. It will play out one of two ways for free agent outside linebacker Mike Neal.

Either Neal will sign with another team without ever hearing from the Green Bay Packers or he’ll wait around long enough that he’ll end up returning to the Packers for a minimum, one-year deal.

It seems like the former is playing out right now.

Neal noted on Twitter the other day that he hasn’t heard peep from the Packers.

That came in response to this tweet.

Similar to Andy Mulumba, it certainly looks like the Packers have made their plans at outside linebacker and Neal is not in them.

That would stand to reason.

We’ve been over Neal’s lack of production in 2015 several times. He had 36 tackles, four sacks and a forced fumble while starting 15 games AND playing more snaps than any other outside linebacker on the Packers, including Julius Peppers.

As it stands, the Packers will go into 2016 with an outside linebacking corps of Clay Matthews, Peppers, Nick Perry, Jayrone Elliott, Datone Jones and, we suspect, at least one draft pick.

If those are your six guys, you don’t really need Mike Neal.

What’s interesting is Neal has drawn interest from at least a couple teams. It has been reported that he visited Seattle and Detroit, but he obviously still doesn’t have a contract.

That would suggest Neal’s price tag isn’t in line with what teams think he’s worth.

In the end, we’ll bet Neal takes a one-year deal with someone and tries to prove his worth in 2016. We’ll also bet that won’t be with the Green Bay Packers.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Skinny April 1, 2016

    Why should it, he sucked. The Packers dont owe Neal and Mulumba anything, they both had multiple opportunities to earn starting spots, neither of them took advantage of it. I would have thrown Perry on that list too.

    1. Packers fan April 2, 2016

      Same. Don’t know why we resigned Perry. He is injury prone and he is only good when healthy. That Wild Card game against the Redskins was a fluke for Nick Perry. If I were you Skinny, I would throw Nate Palmer, Carl Bradford, Jake Ryan, Joe Thomas (ILB) and Letroy Guion on the list as well. They suck.

  2. Pack packers rule April 1, 2016

    Stop talking about Neal, draft lbs in the draft

  3. Kato April 1, 2016

    I always liked Neal as a decent rotational guy. Nothing more. Probably wants starting money. I wouldn’t give him more than $2million

  4. ay hombre April 1, 2016

    I disagree and hope I’m wrong. My guess is he ends up back in GB on a minimum deal. His agent maybe hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.

  5. Remedy April 1, 2016

    Hope he’s gone, would FAR rather see Elliott get opportunities

  6. Icebowler April 1, 2016

    Then there’s that story out there that Neal brought a PED pusher to Green Bay. May have something to do with the Packers wanting to separate themselves from him.

  7. Vano Lucas April 2, 2016

    What we’ve also seen before is the Packers’ penchant for trying to turn huge, defensive linemen into linebackers. Forget all that. Use the draft to pick up one or two good LBs who don’t have to try and lose a bunch of weight to learn a new position.

    1. Phatgzus April 2, 2016

      Like Julius Peppers? that turned out to be a total failure. Some people just don’t understand how the game is evolving and what having those types of players can do for a defense, especially in terms of packages; smh.

      1. Packers fan April 2, 2016

        Julius Peppers didn’t turned out to be a failure he was good last season.

        1. Phatgzus April 2, 2016


          1. Packers fan April 3, 2016

            I’m not lying he was good last year. Should we draft a nose tackle, inside linebacker or outside linebacker in the first round. They must fit in Capers scheme. That Wisconsin linebacker Joe Schobert for example fits. Tell me who we should draft in the first round who fits in Dom Capers 3-4 defense.

          2. Phatgzus April 4, 2016

            I know, I was being sarcastic….

  8. jtmax April 3, 2016

    I like mike neal alot. 4 sacks and forced fumble is pretty good. He’s strong against run also. Problem is that GB has too many good OLB already who are less injury prone or younger. Neal is aging and injury prone. Not a good combo. Peppers is old but has been immune to the injury bug. Nick Perry is very young and has all the tools Neal has with more speed. Neal is definitely a starter material but too risky to keep on roster with all the OLB we have. For once TT, please draft for need with TE and ILB in first 2 rounds. Linemen are just as likely to succeed in 3rd round and later. We have too many DB’s as is.

    1. Packers fan April 3, 2016

      We already signed Jared Cook. I like the one year deal. If he steps up next year, we should resign him or maybe even lock him up in December like we did with Mike Daniels. I don’t really know if TT should draft a Tight end since we signed Cook. Julius Peppers may be old but he has played really well last season and he is still playing good. Nick Perry is injury prone. Let Mike Neal go.

  9. MJ April 3, 2016

    Hey, PF, the Cook signing gives us this: a fast TE right now. A rookie TE for some reason is never a headline. Has to be because the position acquires some extra responsibilities at NFL level. So, drafting a TE when you need one is a weak idea. Better to draft one when you don’t need him, so he has time (two seasons) to become a contributor, and presto, you may have good and cheap solution for two additional years (i.e. the rest of his rookie contract).

    1. Packers fan April 4, 2016

      First two rounds we should draft a nose tackle and Inside linebacker.

  10. Packers fan April 4, 2016

    Now please tell me a linebacker and nosetackle we should draft that FITS in Capers 3-4 defense.

    1. Packers fan April 4, 2016

      Phatzgus tell me please.