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Eddie Lacy Looks Like Tiny Human Being After Weight Loss

The Green Bay Packers are pleased! They are pleased with running back Eddie Lacy’s weight loss, as expected.

Word around the compound on Monday was Lacy dropped at least 15 pounds working out with celebrity trainer Tony Horton the past few months.

According to one source, Lacy has lost between 15-18 pounds since the end of last season.

We’ve seen several photographs of Lacy looking trim and fit throughout the offseason, thus far. Those typically feature Lacy standing next to some normal human being, however.

When he’s standing next to other NFL players, he looks tiny.

Here’s Lacy with fellow Alabama running backs Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and Derrick Henry.

Ingram, who is on the far left, looks like he could fit a Lacy and a half inside of him. Henry, who is on the far right and is gearing up for the NFL Draft, looks like he could eat Lacy.

We’re not suggesting Lacy didn’t need to lose a few pounds, but he looks like a kicker compared to these other two guys.

This photo was taken this past weekend, by the way.

When Lacy showed up in the Packers locker room on Monday, everyone seemed to be impressed.

“I think Eddie looks good, man,” Packers defensive end Mike Daniels said. “We’ll see when the pads come on and everything, but I do think he’s a guy who rises to the occasion. He comes from a great program where they do things the right way. He came under a lot of fire, so I think he’s a guy that he got put on the spot and he responded.”

But can he still run through tacklers?

That’s the question we’ll be interested in finding out the answer to.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Cheese April 18, 2016

    The guy plows through tacklers and everyone bitches that he’s fat. Guy loses some weight, everyone bitches that he’s not gonna be able to run through tacklers. Fuckin dipshits..

  2. Big Gay Clay April 18, 2016

    He does look a lot smaller in the upper body area but I’m sure his legs are still massive. Eddie’s looking like he just finished his senior year at Bama

  3. vj April 18, 2016

    This will sound a little, well gay, but really successful RBs in the NFL have the requisite speed, shiftiness, balance and vision but moreover the have a BIG BUTT AND THIGHS. This is very important to success in the NFL because all of the power needed at the next level to bust through tackles and be durable. I can cite many examples of this being true but really I tend to be most concerned about whether or not a guy has a big butt and thighs and that Eddie and these guys pictured do.

  4. Jimbo1 April 18, 2016

    Henry is 245 in that picture. Exactly what the Packers did not want from Eddie.

  5. Mike Ditka's Mom April 18, 2016

    Way to go Packers!! Fire McCarthy! Worst draft pick ever!!

  6. Mike Ditka's Mom April 18, 2016


  7. Mike Ditka's Mom April 18, 2016

    Of course! You not a real Total Packers fan unless you bitch about everything. They define their meanigless and stupid lives through the misery.

    1. PF4L April 19, 2016

      Stay in school kids.

  8. PF4L April 19, 2016

    I’ll be impressed when i see those chains moving on 3rd and short, instead of punting. Pictures are beautiful, but i prefer 1st downs.

  9. Deepsky April 19, 2016

    Ingram and Richardson were supposed to be guaranteed locks to make it big in the NFL. Richardson was the 3rd pick the draft. Ingram was the 28th pick in the draft. Ingram has had more bad years than good and never broke a 1000 yards. Richardson has been a complete NFL bust.

    There’s been a lot of discussion the last few years about Alabama’s running backs being over the hill by the time they reach the NFL.

    Lacy sure looked like he was done last year.

  10. The Money Mike April 19, 2016

    Contract year, give Lacy retirement money and he’ll get fat again

  11. PF4L April 19, 2016

    …and what’s with the man boobs?

  12. Cuban April 19, 2016

    I wouldnt worry bout him losing too much wait, appears as though hes still got a little bit of a gut thats hes holding in

    1. Phatgzus April 20, 2016


      …Good fucking job.