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Chris Banjo Signed His Tender

Chris Banjo

It’s not quite as exciting as the news that came out last Friday afternoon, but, oh well. Safety and special teams ace Chris Banjo has signed his exclusive rights free agent tender.

That was a mere formality, of course. As an exclusive rights free agent who was tendered a contract by the Packers, Banjo had two choices — sign it and play for the Packers or retire.

So the only question was when Banjo would sign it. With the team set to begin their offseason program on Monday, the answer is now.

Banjo has never played significantly on defense, although he has been credited with two career starts in his three seasons. In 2015, he became known for his special teams play, taking over for the departed Jarrett Bush in that realm.

Along with kicker Mason Crosby, Banjo earned one of the Packers’ special teams captain slots for the playoffs.

Joseph Bonham

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