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The Book on Packers’ Sixth-Round Pick Kyle Murphy

Kyle Murphy

We knew the Green Bay Packers were serious about addressing their offensive line when they traded up for Jason Spriggs in the second round. Stanford tackle Kyle Murphy, who the Packers tabbed with their sixth-round pick, is a bit more of a typical Packers’ selection.

The Packers regularly draft offensive linemen on the final day of the draft under Ted Thompson. In fact, the selection of Murphy makes it 11 out of 12 drafts that Thompson did just that. The only year he hasn’t chosen an offensive lineman on the final day was 2015.

In Murphy (6-6, 305), the Packers get a guy who’s started at both right tackle (2014) and left tackle (2015) for the Cardinal.

Murphy actually looks like a high-upside player and there’s a lot to like. However, the downside — and the reason he was available in the sixth round — is obvious.

Murphy needs to get stronger and that likely means he’s a year away from competing for a starting job. He also appears to be a man without an NFL position. He isn’t quite athletic enough to play left tackle in the pros and isn’t yet strong enough to play right tackle.

The Packers could very well be looking at Murphy as a guard or, perhaps with a year in the weight room, the eventual replacement for Bryan Bulaga.

Joseph Bonham

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  1. Chad Lundberg April 30, 2016

    Overall a very successful draft. The Kenny Clark one just killed me, wasting your first pick on someone who will likely never be more than just average, and we probably don’t need him anyway. Datone Jones looked like a much bigger prospect than him. Should have just used the selection on Myles Jack or something. That said, almost every other pick was pretty damn solid.

    1. Skinny April 30, 2016

      What the hell are you talking about Chad? We need bodies on the DL badly right now. Pennell is out due to the suspension, Boyd is coming off major surgery, Guion isn’t a starter, Datone is playing some version of an OLB/DL now. All we had was Daniels. Drafting Clark and this dude from Northwestern was defintley needed.

      1. PF4L April 30, 2016

        If Pennel wasn’t suspended, Packers probably don’t even draft Clark. Losing Raji wasn’t exactly a crushing blow, matter of fact, Packers fans owe Raji one before that genius Ted offered him another multi year deal at 8/mill/year.

        1. Phatgzus April 30, 2016

          I doubt that, Guion is still young and unproven and the only other true big men you have are Guion, Boyd (same deal), Jones, and practice squaders like Ringo.

          1. Phatgzus April 30, 2016

            Fuck, not Guoin, Pennel.

          2. Phatgzus April 30, 2016

            FFS, Guion*.

      2. PF4L April 30, 2016

        Guion isn’t a starter? He started in 2014 putting up a lot better #’s up than Raji did. He easily outperformed Raji when compared to Raji’s 2011- present seasons. In 2015 Raji got the starters job back, but he hasn’t done anything since 2010 to earn it. He was a waste of space and money, that big Ted had a love affair with. I don’t know why, but i do know it wasn’t because of his play.

    2. Phatgzus April 30, 2016

      Actually, Clark has one of the highest ceilings of any of the DTs in this draft, his major issue is his technique, which is coachable, especially he’s supposedly an intelligent young man.

  2. Mike Ditka's Mom April 30, 2016

    Average? Based on what?

  3. Mike Ditka's Mom April 30, 2016

    And yes, we needed a DE.

  4. Icebowler May 1, 2016

    I like the two OT draft. Spriggs, who will push for a starting position and Murphy, who will be thrilled just to develop into a quality backup for now. This definitely makes Barkley expendable. As it is, Barkley is just insurance. Barring injuries, Barkley won’t make the final 53.

    1. Phatgzus May 2, 2016

      WTF is Sir Charles doing playing football anyway? I know he has the size but shouldn’t he be working on his golf game instead?

  5. Icebowler May 1, 2016

    How the hell did an article about the 6th round OT turn into yet another discussion about the D-line?

  6. Archibald Nosebleed May 1, 2016

    Monty, your site is terrible.
    I’ve never seen such a bad layout… but, nothing compares to the absurd amount of advertising pop ups this site has.

  7. Phatgzus May 2, 2016

    Another smart offensive lineman, never a bad thing to have; solid late round 6 pick.