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The Book on Packers’ Fourth-Round Pick Dean Lowry

Dean Lowry

The defense-heavy draft continued for the Green Bay Packers, as they used their second fourth-round selection on Northwestern defensive end Dean Lowry.

Lowry is a classic 3-4 defensive end at 6-6, 296. He’s been described as — you’ll love this — a lunchpail player.

Does anyone want to throw out a high-motor cliche here?

As a senior, Lowry had 46 tackles, 13.5 for loss, and three sacks. While he is known as a guy who plays hard, Lowry just doesn’t have the tools to be a great pass rusher. He doesn’t possess a repertoire of moves, gets stood up easily and has what are considered short arms, which don’t help his situation.

We’re probably looking at a backup or rotational guy here.

However, the Packers most certainly can use some bodies at defensive end. The majority of guys in the team’s defensive line group were made to play the interior, but play the end out of necessity. At least Lowry is a legitimate end.

Interestingly, no one really seems to have pegged Lowry as a fourth-round pick. From what we’ve seen, Lowry was rated as a late-round pick, so the Packers maybe reached quite a bit here.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. MR April 30, 2016

    TT always seems to “outsmart” everyone with picks like this and Thornton, Bradford, etc. Lowry was projected as a 7th round pick or UDFA.

    1. Savage57 May 1, 2016

      Turn him into an OLB. Confuse the fuck out of him, get zero production, cut.

      Good pick.

  2. Phatgzus April 30, 2016

    Some majorly underwhelming picks, Teddy, Jerell Adams and Kentrell Brothers were/are still around and you select these two….

    1. Killer May 1, 2016

      Ah HA! Here you ADMIT it! TT squandered yet another draft.
      All teams improve from the draft. Quick, name any teams who had a worse draft than the Packers.
      The two 4th rounders should have been picked up as undrafted free agents. The 5th rounder should not even be a free agent camp body. Fackrell is good but there were maybe 45 better players available including several at LB including Joshua Perry, Kentrell Brothers, De’Vondre Campbell, and Tyrone Holmes.
      If you took away the Rodgers pick — like a meteor landing on a 4 leaf clover on the summer solstice exactly at midnight — which was pure luck he lasted to the Packers pick — you would have a 4-12 team that was all drafted and assembled by TT.

      1. Phatgzus May 1, 2016

        You are the perfect Vikings fan-brain damaged beyond all reclamation. Our first three picks were quite good, one fourth and one fifth could’ve possibly been picked later (NOT as UDFAs) but look to have a good deal of upside. Sure beats the hell outta your draft, ya mental midget. Enjoy a return to form this year, you won’t even get the chance to see your scrub kicker cost your franchise it’s 3rd Playoff win in 2 decades.

      2. Phatgzus May 1, 2016

        And if you took away Adrian Peterson the VIkings would have 2 wins every year-just the argument I’d expect from a butthurt, mental midget Vikings fan.

        Our 5th-round wide receiver will probably have just as good a career with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the football as your overrated 1st-round possession receiver with mediocre hands will with Teddy Bridgeplayer floating lame ducks his way.

        Nice garbage draft by the way, skololololol.

        1. Killer May 2, 2016

          Fatguts, it is clear the fat isn’t only all around your guts in layer after layer after layer after layer. There is quite a bit of fat in that skull of yours as well, maybe more there than your waistline.
          You are not very observant or have poor memory. AP missed all but one game in 2015. The Vikings went 7-9, not 2-14. Granted, in the one game AP the Vikes did win. Granted, if AP had played all year the Vikes likely would have gone 10-6. Still, obviously the loss of AP would not cause a 2-14 season. Especially now with so much more talent than what we had in 2015. I think we go 10-6 this year if AP goes out game 1 and 12-4 if he is healthy 13 or more games.
          All things are relative. If you think the Vikes draft was garbage than you must think the Packers draft was fermented vomit.
          Ah yes, let us look upon it in an orderly and logical manner. The teams have different needs and systems so we need to look just at pure value of a player, not the fit to need.
          ROUND 1= Vikes take Treadwell, Packers take Clark. WINNER: Vikes.
          ROUND 2= Packers take Spriggs, Vikes take Alexander. This is a push, EVEN. Except! Packers gave up picks to move up and get Spriggs. A 4th and a 7th rounder… to move up 9 spots. So, even though the players are a tie… WINNER: Vikes.
          ROUND 3= Packers get Tyler Fackrell while Vikes got no one. So, Packers won this one, right? Nooooot sooooo faaaast. Vikes traded their #3 for a #6 this year and a#3 and #4 next year… from the Dolphins so likely they will be near the top of the 3rd and 4th rounds. If TT had used the pick wisely, like by taking Kentrell Brothers, then a tie still would have been possible. But, Fackrell? He is OK but it is clear= the WINNER: Vikes.
          ROUND 4: This was the worst Viking pick as per round/value calculation with Willie Beavers but, it is all relative. Beavers is a good player with good potential and great size. Could be a good tackle or a great guard in a couple years. Packers should have won this round with two picks to the Vikings 1 but… they did not win it. As previously mentioned, Dean Lowry and Blake Martinez had undrafted free agent grades. Taken in the 7th, that would be OK. 4th? Outrageous. Teh Vikes got one 4th rounder in the 4th round and the Packers got, at best, two 7th rounders. The clear WINNER: Vikes.
          ROUND 5: Packers select Trevor Davis. Are you sh*tting me? Meanwhile the Vikings selected the linebacker the Packers should have taken in round 3, Mr. Kentrell Brothers, the nationwide leader in tackles per game. WINNER: Vikes.
          ROUND 6: Packers try to redeem themselves by taking Kyle Murphy, not a bad pick at all. Teh Vikes had two 6th round picks, but just to try be very fair, let’s just use the later (and theoretically lesser) of the two. TE David Morgan. Well renowned as the best blocking TE in the draft. WINNER: Vikes.
          We’ll ignore the 7th round as the Vikes had two picks (very good picks) and Packers had none (Spriggs trade up).
          The Vikings draft beats the Packer draft, literally, every single pick. At first blush. Now, five years from now likely one or two of the Packer picks will turn out better than the corresponding Viking picks. But, doubtless, Trader Rick kicked TT’s rear yet again this draft.
          I’m loving our “garbage” draft. Enjoy your fermented vomit draft, Fatguts.

          1. Phatgzus May 2, 2016

            Of all the tackles at the Senior Bowl, PFF had Beavers dead last or second to last in all their drills.

        2. Phatgzus May 2, 2016

          Your stupidity knows no bounds. Your’re basing all of your assumptions on the draft grades of people who don’t actually get paid to scout players for NFL teams and past performance at the fucking collegiate level, not the player’s actual ability, because you have no fucking clue as to how to properly judge a player’s talent, other than looking at a fucking stats sheet.

          You are the worst kind of dumb, so ignorant of your own idiocy that you actually think you are intelligent, what a fucking scary level of delusion.

          1. Killer May 3, 2016

            I am used to rude belligerent nonsensical Packers fans but, even so, you really take the cake. To error on the side of kindness, I will just attribute this overwhelming hostility and poor sportsmanship to your having consumed too many bratwurst far past their freshness date.
            In a few years we can revisit this conversation. Trust me, the Vikings draft will be the clear winner. As per expertise, neither of us are professional scouts obviously, but the things you say could apply just as well to yourself. Are you conscious of your hypocrisy or does that escape you?
            Consistently the Vikings draft has received higher grades than the Packers draft from experts. You may not consider Mike Mayock or Mel Kiper and so forth experts but surely even you can admit they know more than you about prospects? I don’t know, maybe you can’t see that. Common sense seems like rare sense to a fellow like you.
            Now, we are obviously both a little biased being fans of our teams. I felt the Vikings beat the Packers in every round and you obviously feel the opposite.
            Thinking about this I saw a Bleacher Report article by Chris Roling grading every pick in the draft. I did not “shop around” I just took from that one as a sort of “tie breaker”. As far as I know Roling has no preference for Vikings or for Packers or against either. He gave no Fs and very few Ds.
            Round 1 = He gave Treadwell a B+ and Clark a C+.
            WINNER: Vikes.
            Round 2 = He gave Spriggs an A- and Alexander an A. (He judged the players and did not facotr in the Packers gave up a 4th and a 7th to get Spriggs. If that was factored in he likely would have given it a C+)
            WINNER: Vikes.
            Round 3 = He gave Fackrell a B+. No Viking pick this round. However, wouldn’t you happily give up Fackrell for Moritz Boehringer + a 3rd and a 4th next year? If you wouldn’t then truly there is something wrong with your brain.
            WINNER = Vikes.
            Round 4 = He gave Beavers a B and Martinez a B and Lowry a C-. So Beavers and Martinez are a tie and the Packers had an extra 4th rounder. But they squandered it on Lowry, just threw it away. Remember, a C- from Roling is like anyone else’s F.
            WINNER = We’ll call this round a tie then.
            Round 5 = He gave the Brothers pick an A and the Davis pick a C-.
            WINNER = Vikes by a mile.
            Rounds 6 and 7 = Roling gave the Packers single pick a B (which I totally agree with). He gave the Vikings picks C, C-, C-, and a B+. I very much disagree with the Cs there but, hey, I am no expert right, fellow non-expert? Still, one of the Vikes picks is rated higher than the Packers pick soooooo
            WINNER = Vikes.
            So here we have someone with no horse in the race who spends far more time than either of us analyzing prospects and he had (or we can logically conclude) the Vikes winning all but the 4th round where there was a tie.
            Look, I know it must sting when TT screws up a draft. It is hard for you to look in the mirror and recognize the truth (looking in the mirror figuratively is what I mean though obviously looking in the mirror literally must be also be very depressing for you).
            I previously told you exactly who I would have drafted it I were running the Packer draft. I will bet that both the Vikings 2016 draft class and my own theoretical 2016 Packer draft class will out-succeed the 2016 TT draft.
            I also challenge you to a duel. Go ahead and lay out who you would have drafted if you ran the 2016 Packers draft class and match it up vs. mine and we’ll see in a few years which of us has a better understanding of draft success and failure.
            Fatguts, are you man enough to accept this challenge? I bet you are not.

            P.S. Wipe the spittle foam off your chin. Wipe it off all three of your chins.

          2. Phatgzus May 3, 2016

            It’s err, not “error”, expiration date, not “freshness date, you fucking nitwit, holy fucking shit.
            “Trust me the Vikings draft will be the clear winner” says the oxygen-starved Vikings fan, LMFAO.

            Mel Kiper gave the Packer a B and the Vikings a B- and Mayock gave NO draft grades, ya fucking dumbass. So even in your own metric you fucking lost.

            LMFAO, making shit up now vis a vis Spriggs (a player with a first-round grade).
            A B and C+ still > than just a B ya fucktard, even if you drop the value on this dumbfuck Bleacher Report (LMFAO citing Bleacher Report) “analyst’s” grading, you have to do it for ALL player grades (fucking distributive property ya moron).

            No, actually, I could give a fuck less about your German speed receiver who played against worse competition than most American Highshoolers, We ALREADY have that player (SEVENTH round) and he played against American COLLEGIATE competition and he is still nothing special.

            You are so far beyond insane it’s fucking scary.

            I’ll entertain you and give you my top fucking four picks based on who was left when the Packers picked: J. Reed, Tyler Boyd, Javon Hargrave, Jerrell Adams, Blake Martinez.

            Now put up and THEN shut the fuck and stop wasting my time and brain cells.

          3. Phatgzus May 3, 2016

            four round*

          4. Phatgzus May 3, 2016

            Packers also have a helluva UDFA class, I bet the Queens fucking don’t.

        3. Phatgzus May 2, 2016

          Treadwell is a possession receiver with mediocre hands who would be a second-rounder at best in almost any other draft. Meanwhile the Packers got a DT who can play any defensive line position and has the raw ability to be a dominant player, bolstering both the run and pass D.
          Alexander has mediocre speed and poor ball skills, the best he’ll ever be is a decent slot corner, fucking whoop.

          The Packers got an athletic freak who will in all likelihood become the franchise LT or RT, or even guard.

          Lol the Queers don’t get a fucking pick and have to rely on Miami’s ineptitude and they still win when the Packers drafted a long, fast OLB who excels at ALL areas (coverage, rush, run, now you are REALLY grasping at straws.

          Willie Beavers is a MAJOR project O-linemen (not much better than our 6th rounder) meanwhile Blake Martinez is a 3-down ILB, nough said.

          Trevor Davis is faster, has better hands, and is a much better return man than your first round pick could ever hope to be. Brothers was a good pick, but he is not a 3-down player.

          Enjoy remaining in your world of delusions so that you can escape the shitshow that is the life of EVERY Viking fan who has ever existed, ya mouth-breathing posterchild for lobotomization.

          1. Killer May 4, 2016

            All right. My 5 vs. your 5 players. May 4, 2020, let’s meet back at totalpackers.com and settle this.

            Incredibly, you were right about “err” vs. “error”. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day!

            As per freshness date and expiration date both are correct. Both are in usage. You were able to comprehend my message. I know Wisconsinites are not exposed to much other than their own narrow world of deer-killing and serial killers so it could be you have never heard the term freshness date.

            Your profanity flows over. You must get a quarter for every foul word, huh? Or does it ameliorate your need to torture small bugs?

            As per your top 4 rounds draft you fell flat on your face for rounds 1 and 2 but finished strong. Other than by injury I’ll be shocked if Reed (or Clark) outperform Vernon Butler. Personally, I viewed Reed as worth a late 3rd rounder, maybe, to some teams. Boyd? Good Lord. He is OK but he is no 2nd rounder.

            Hargrave is a great player and a great pick… but not for a 3-4 team like the Packers (or the Steelers). We’ll see how that works out.

            Jerell Adams I think is a very good pick. Martinez, as previously stated is more of a 7th/FA type.

            I had to attach this answer to a different comment of yours due to what the site allowed. Hope you see it. I happened to glance up and saw you talking about delusions and saw you indicating Trevor Davis is a better player than Laquon Treadwell. You were just trying to give an EXAMPLE of something that WOULD be delusional, right? RIGHT?

            Thought I’d leave you with this from an expert. Since I know you wish you were a Vikings fan:

            MACKENZIE ALEXANDER: Minnesota got a first-round talent, and arguably the best man corner in the class, all the way at the bottom half of the second round — and it was all because of size concerns. It wasn’t necessarily a need and he’ll be behind a couple other first-rounders, but you need three cornerbacks to succeed in the NFL today. Alexander shadowed opposing receivers at times and even with that difficult assignment he only allowed 19 catches on 57 targets in 14 games last year.
            33% completion percentage allowed vs. opponents top receivers! Nice!

          2. Phatgzus May 4, 2016

            Except Jarran Reed is arguably the best pure run defending lineman in the draft with the potential to push the pocket relatively consistently, but I’m sure YOU know better than John Schneider, LMFAO.

            Tyler Boyd has some of the best hands and route running of anyone in the draft.

            The Packers play their base maybe 20% of the time, they play a shit ton of Nickel and Dime packages which Hargrave would fit in perfectly.

            I never said Davis had MORE TALENT you fucking agglomerate of human waste, by some Hooked on Phonics and educate yourself. I said he will likely have a better career than Treadwell, because unfortunately for LaQuan, Teddy Bilgewater couldn’t hit an aircraft carrier with a football from more than 15 yards. He also won’t be returning kicks.

            Good for little Kenzie, now he gets to leave the SEC and actually face a competent QB for the first time in his life.

            And why the fuck would I want to be a Vikings fan? Because I want to support a team whose most famous moment is a fucking yacht party with some natty hookers and a bunch of fat guys? Because I want a team that has literally won NOTHING over more than half a century? Because I hate myself and want just one more reason to contemplate suicide? LMFAO.


      3. Phatgzus May 2, 2016

        LMFAO, a wide receiver with 4.4 speed and fantastic return ability and hands not even making training camp, boy you ARE fucking stupid.

        1. Killer May 3, 2016

          Reminder, if I ran the Packers draft here is who I wodl have drafted =
          1. DT Vernon Butler
          2. OT Jason Spriggs
          3. LB Joshua Perry
          4. LB Kentrell Brothers
          4. WR Charone Peake
          5. LB Tyrone Holmes
          6. SS Jayron Kearse

          Can you do better? Bet not.

  3. What the fucking-fuck? Why the fuck does TT do this? Was Mike Neal on anyone’s radar in the 2nd? Richard Rodgers in the 3rd?

    Am I the only one who wishes misfortune on TT during and after every draft?

  4. MR April 30, 2016

    Add Trevor Davis to the list of players TT is over-reaching for…he is getting really poor value on his mid-round picks.

  5. Mike Ditka's Mom April 30, 2016

    Gawd, it never stop. Bitch bitch bitch. The Packers draft a tackle and you bitch that they didn’t draft a linebacker. They draft a linebacker and you bitch that they didn’t a tackle. It’s the same bullshit every year.

    I bet you don’t even know what you’re bitching about, do you? You bitch because that’s what Total Packers tells you to do.

    You’re a lost cause. Enjoy your misery.

    1. PF4L April 30, 2016

      “Gawd, i never stop. Bitch bitch bitch. All i can do is whine and throw tantrums because some of you don’t worship Ted the way i do. You guys can critique Ted, but it will NOT stop me from crying about it!! I’m getting to the point where i might have my mom contact Monty and have you all banned from here.” – Ditka’s Mom

      1. PF4L April 30, 2016

        Quit whining you sniveling little fuck…..or don’t come in here if all your going to do is fucking cry all the time.

  6. Andy Pants April 30, 2016

    Well said, Mike Ditka’s Mom. Nothing is ever good enough for these guys, and they all know what’s best. And it’s, like, so totally obvious, like, OMG, Thompson is the worst.

    1. PF4L April 30, 2016

      Like..you tell him. Like…OMG, Thompson is the best.

  7. Icebowler April 30, 2016

    If he just “does his job” and keeps multiple blockers off of Clay and the other LB’s in his area, I’m OK with the pick. With his height, he should also be able to bat down a bunch of passes.

  8. Carlos Goodman May 1, 2016

    Looks like Connor Barwin.

  9. billabong May 1, 2016

    you guys don’t get it, Ted reaches to show how smart he is and how dumb all the other GM’s are…so what if only a few of them pan out….

  10. Dapper Zak May 1, 2016

    Yea yea Terds Brilliant , wait till ARod is either hurt or retires w/only 1 championship . Then how ya gona feel ???/
    The 3 Amigos In GB have ya all suckered !!

  11. Icebowler May 1, 2016

    If we’d just pick who Kiper Jr., McShay, and the other TV talking heads say we should, we’d kill the draft every single year…at least until they start playing.