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The Book on Packers’ Fifth-Round Pick Trevor Davis

Trevor Davis
Well, here’s that receiver the Green Bay Packers really, truly need. He is Cal’s Trevor Davis and the Packers chose him with their lone fifth-round pick.

Davis (6-1, 188) had 40 receptions for 672 yards and two touchdowns in 2015. He’s not considered an NFL-ready receiver, although he could step in in the return game. Davis owns a 24.7 career average on kick returns and has two touchdowns. As a punt returner, he has a career average of 8.2.

Unless the Packers see Davis as some sort of potential hybrid receiver/running back, we really don’t get this pick.

As we’ve been over numerous times, the Packers are six deep at receiver without Davis. They also have plenty of options on returns with Ty Montgomery, Jeff Janis, Randall Cobb and Micah Hyde.

Davis ran a 4.42 40, which is nice, but again, where does this guy even have a potential role on the team?

We could certainly make a case for the Packers needing a couple receivers on the practice squad in order to properly operate the scout team, but why would you spend a fifth-round pick on that?

But hey, the kid can fly. Let’s make him a third-down back!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Jesus fucking Christ! We are loaded a receiver! So what does TT do? Draft a receiver. Are team is going to be 50% receiver soon.

    1. Our…

  2. Chad Lundberg April 30, 2016

    Does anyone else remember what happened with the receivers last year? I don’t have anything against this pick at all! And it’s possible that Janis or Abbrederis just aren’t panning out.

  3. Howard April 30, 2016

    Does anyone know who the west coast or pac 12 scout for the Pack is? He must have a strong presence in the draft room.

    1. Groats April 30, 2016

      I completely agree, and all of the west coast picks are marginal players at best

      1. Phatgzus May 1, 2016

        It’s a bit early to say that for Clark, Montgomery, Hundley, and even Jones.

    2. vj April 30, 2016


      1. Howard May 1, 2016

        And after seeing his press conference VJ, I love him also. That guy says it like it is. What I like is his statement that the playoffs don’t matter. It is Super Bowls that matter (and that is a fact). If he was for picking any of the west coast guys selected then that is a positive start. Now they just have to go out and get it done. No more projects that take years. QB #1 won’t be around for ever.

    3. Phatgzus May 1, 2016

      Yup, it’s Sam Seale, and it’s not just Wolfe that likes him, he’s worked with TT for years.

  4. Groats April 30, 2016

    The only way this makes sense to me is that Montgomery’s injury is worse than people think, possible career ending

  5. Feck April 30, 2016

    Maybe they are getting ready to flush Devante Adams!?!
    As if.

  6. Ferris April 30, 2016

    I wanted the German guy.

  7. I steal fish April 30, 2016

    funny. remember reading the posts during the playoffs and we were all pissed that our receivers couldn’t get separation, we get a speedster in the late rounds and yall are still bitchin. stfu. the scouts and the GM’s know more than us. period.

    1. PF4L April 30, 2016

      It’s the NFL, it takes more than speed to cut it in this league. Speed isn’t a prerequisite in getting separation. But because i’m not a scout, or a GM, i don’t have a clue…right?

      1. Fart_Tosser May 1, 2016

        The offense did such a great job moving the chains last year (sarcasm). Did you watch any games last year? Our problem is that we couldn’t score enough points. We went 3-3 in our division last year. Every team has bolstered their back seven. It’s NOT just that Jordy was injured. Until proven otherwise, Davante, Abbredaris and Janis are not that good. Montgomery showed a couple flashes. I’m hoping Cobb just had a down year.

        1. MMTTDCSUCK May 2, 2016

          I beg to differ regarding Janis. he tore it up in the games he played. Given a chance that is . . . and the teams knew he was going to get the ball, and he still made the fucking plays. What is it with some of you guys and Janis? It took Nelson 3 years to get it going. Janis has much upside. I just hope they finally give him his due this year instead of hauling that f’n Adams out there again . . .

  8. Skinny April 30, 2016

    Ted doesn’t draft SEC guys cause they come in the league beat up, its smash mouth in that league. The Pac 12 plays football more that’s similar to what the NFL is right now, the formations, the passing, etc. It makes sense when you think about it.

    1. Phatgzus April 30, 2016

      HHCD, Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, Casey Hayward , Sean Richardson (undrafted), yeah none of those guys played in the SEC….

      1. Skinny May 1, 2016

        Weird how most of those guys have injury history.

        1. Phatgzus May 2, 2016

          Hayward does, that’s about it outside of a freak injury to Richardson, the rest of these guys are no more PRONE to injury than most anyone else in the NFL, you ARE going to get injured when you play professional football.

          1. Skinny May 2, 2016

            Cobb hasn’t had injury history? Heywards hamstrings? Lacy being out of shape?

          2. Phatgzus May 2, 2016

            Cobb had a broken leg from a tackle, freak injury, other than that he’s had a separated shoulder and that’s it-not a recurring theme. Lacy has had concussions, otherwise very minor wear and tear, his weight has nothing to do with injury history, which is the topic. I already mentioned HAyward.

  9. Rev April 30, 2016

    This guy has pretty much everything. Speed, hands, route-running, elusiveness. Seems to be highly underrated because he didn’t put up great numbers, mostly because he shared receptions with several other targets.

  10. Perupack May 1, 2016

    Probably would have been there in the sixth, but he’s from Cal and TT thinks Rogers will get a kick out of making him a preferred target.

  11. Dapper Zak May 1, 2016

    ARod loves these guys , California Mafia !! He’ll get instant Throws from Rodgers like Adams did. Hope He can hang on to the ball better.

  12. Jtmax May 1, 2016

    Wolf clocked this kod at 4.3. We need a guy this fast. And last year we were down to no depth at wr. Adams sucks and slow. If adams drops and can’t get open cut him. Why is he not nfl ready. This kid got a frame and speed and showed best hands at combine. He’s a playmaker.

  13. Icebowler May 1, 2016

    In the later rounds, other things being relatively even, take the speed. All the rest can be taught. Even TT would have taken a flier on Cordarrelle Patterson in the 5th,

  14. Kato May 2, 2016

    I am a bit skeptical of this pick, but this point of the draft is a bit of a crapshoot

    1. Phatgzus May 2, 2016

      I didn’t like the pick at first, but he is pretty smooth in routes and the open field, and seems to have good hands, and of course he’s an absolute burner, and getting one of the few true potential deep threat receivers in this draft class at the end of round 5 might actually be a steal.

  15. rebelgb May 2, 2016

    Love this pick. Pack needs speed on offense. This guy will immediately start as our kick off returner. Save the other guys from potential injury. By later in the year he will be lining up in the 5 WR set running deep routes taking safety heat off Jordy.

    Nothing is guaranteed with Jordy. The guy is a freak of nature but with knee injuries its a crap shoot. One most players have off years the first year back from an ACL. Two he couuld blow it again the very first play of 2016. Or blow his other one. Players who suffer his type of injury tend to be prone to it. Something about the way their body is built.

    This time if Jordy goes down, maybe you can replace his experience and overall talent, but with this pick you can replace his speed at least. Something we saw last year was HORRIBLY missing form the Pack after Jordy went down.

    This guy is going has the potential to be a star.

    As for his ranking, well if he had the same combine 40 and stats AND was black he would have been ranked much higher. The NFL still doesnt think much of white receivers, at least at the draft. Not one of my usual racial digs, just the absolute truth.

  16. rebelgb May 2, 2016

    Christ Monty when are you going to get a fucking ‘Edit’ feature on this site. Take some of the money you get form the rediculous amount of advertising you have on this site and add ‘Edit’.

    “…This time if Jordy goes down, maybe you CANT replace his experience and overall talent, but with this pick you can replace his speed at least.”

    “This guy HAS the potential to be a star…”

  17. rebelgb May 2, 2016

    Sorry Davis is black so through out all of my stupid white guy thing.

    Regardless everything I said about Davis as a runner is true. Amazing stride, great ability to maintain speed. Eye for the ball.