10 Years of Pick No. 27: Odds Are in Packers’ Favor

DeAndre Hopkins


Kevin Zeitler

Kevin Zeitler, guard, Cincinnati Bengals

What can we say about a guard? Not much. We traditionally look at two things here — is he a Pro Bowler and does he start?

Zeitler is not a Pro Bowler. However, he’s started every game he’s been healthy for except one since his rookie season. PFF graded him at 84.6 in 2015, which made him the 11th best guard in the league.

Another solid starter.

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  1. PF4L

    Odds are in Packers favor? Unless of course you factor in Teds 1st round results since 2005. That is the moment when you discover that this article is worthless, on basing what has happened with the last 10 years picks of the 27th pick. which has absolutely no bearing on the quality of player that will be chosen with the 27th pick this year.


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