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T.J. Lang and Son Visit Detroit Red Wings

If you’ve ever taken a look at Green Bay Packers guard T.J. Lang’s Twitter stream, you know it’s pretty much a non-stop barrage of tweets about the Detroit Red Wings, at least when there’s a game on.

Lang is from the Detroit area and like most people from the Detroit area, he’s a Red Wings fan.

The Wings opened practice for season ticket holders on Thursday and Lang was in attendance. However, unlike most season ticket holders, Lang and his four-year-old son got to go hang out in the dressing room.

Ah, the perks of being a professional athlete…

Green Bay Packers TJ Lang is visiting with the #RedWings today.

A photo posted by The Wheel Deal ?? (@billroose_drw) on

Jeff Blashill talks with the son of @Packers TJ Lang in the #RedWings locker room after practice. #lgrw

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The son of #Packers TJ Lang shoots on Luke Glendening in the #RedWings dressing room Thursday afternoon. #lgrw

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  1. Mike Ditka's Mom March 31, 2016

    Who’s cares? Fire Thompson!!

    1. PF4L April 1, 2016

      I have an idea, stop being such a sniveling whiney little bitch. You like Ted, we get it. We don’t need to read the same shit you write hundreds of times of times. Whats next, are you gonna write the same shit, but in caps?

      You keep this shit up, and i’ll send my little sister over by you to slap some man into you.

      1. Howard April 1, 2016


  2. Kato April 1, 2016

    I will say this is a refreshing article from the either bashing TT type or the TMZ style articles