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Rumors Abound About Martellus Bennett and the Packers

Martellus Bennett

The Green Bay Packers need an athletic tight end. Martellus Bennett is an athletic tight end.

He’s also property of the Chicago Bears until further notice.

There have been rumors that the Bears have made Bennett available via trade because they’re tired of his shenanigans. There have also been rumors that the Packers are interested in trading for Bennett.

That Luke Rodgers would be Aaron Rodgers’ brother and, to be quite honest, we don’t consider him to be a reliable source of football information. So go ahead and do with that what you will.

More importantly, we can’t see Ted Thompson giving the Chicago Bears one of the Packers’ draft picks for any reason whatsoever.

However, this came through later on Tuesday.

We do consider Ed Werder to be a reliable source of football information.

It also makes much more sense that the Packers would make a run at Bennett if he were a free agent.

Bennett is 28 and at 6-6 would give the Packers a big target to stretch the middle of the field. Bennett much more athletic than incumbent Richard Rodgers, so he would pose a match-up problem for opposing defenses that Rodgers does not.

Bennett had 53 catches for 459 yards and three touchdowns in 2015. That was a down year, however.

He recorded 90 for 916 and six in 2014.

The downside here is Bennett likes to talk. He says what’s on his mind, but the Packers have been through that before.

They dealt with it when Jermichael Finley was the man.

We’ll take the trade-off.

First we have to see if the Bears are really ready to part ways with Bennett.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ferris March 9, 2016

    Maybe if he kicks someone’s ass in practice Green Bay’s defense will play more like Denver.

  2. Jschizl March 9, 2016

    Maybe if we sign there good players the rivalry will be more intense again. Nah two words jay cut

  3. MJ March 9, 2016

    I hope this does not turn true, but I see other teams willing to relinquish a draft pick for Bennett. So, bye bye, Bennett. Ted only makes his moves when everyone else has happily made theirs.
    And don’t bother with Peppers or Guion, for that matter. We were just lucky they were too expensive for the value they were giving their previous teams.

  4. Packer Bob March 9, 2016

    Yep, fire Ted. Bye bye. Packers will never win another Super Bowl.

  5. Osseo, WI March 9, 2016

    Bennett could be a great tight end if he showed a little more effort. Sometimes it looks like he really doesn’t give a shit. Wonder where he gets that from

  6. Big Gay Clay March 9, 2016

    The Bears are not going to trade with a division rival? When have you ever heard of that happening in the NFL? Comical report….

  7. chaka March 9, 2016

    All the Packers need to do is re-sign TE Colt Lyerla and they are set at TE. He is a pro bowl caliber player that they could sign for the rookie min.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK March 9, 2016

      Love it!

  8. Jon Miller March 9, 2016

    Isn’t Cole Lyelra I’m jail? Chaka are you Colt Lyelra?