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No Forte, Trevathan For Packers; Green Still Out There

Matt Forte

You might have noticed that the NFL free agency period started today at 3 PM EST. Or being a Green Bay Packers fan, you might not have.

As usual, all things remain quiet on that front in Green Bay, Wisconsin. However, one of the biggest questions entering this free agency period has already been answered. Will Matt Forte be a Packer?


If you were one of the boisterous and overzealous Matt Forte crowd, you just got the usual Ted Thompson punking. Matt Forte didn’t even last the first three hours of free agency without being whisked away by the New York Jets.

Contract details are not yet known, but the fact that Forte didn’t get through day one says probably all you need to hear. The Packers might have been interested, but they certainly weren’t going to get into a bidding war for a running back with Eddie Lacy up for renewal at the end of the season. Since the Jets had their own free agent running back, Chris Ivory, signed away by the cap-room-rich Jacksonville Jaguars, it is no surprise that they were interested in Forte.

The running back position was supposedly going to be back of the bus this time around, with some pundits suggesting NFL teams might collude to keep salaries down.


From Doug Martin to Lamar Miller, Chris Ivory and even an aging Matt Forte, all have already been signed in the first three hours of their availability.

And if any of you thought Forte would go where he thought he could win a title, WRONG.

Nothing makes you feel better about being home for the playoffs than a few million dollars.

The Chicago Bears won’t be seen crying over the loss. They made their own splash by signing Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan, another player many predicted the Packers might be in play for. So, the bad news is the Packers won’t be getting Trevathan for the middle of their defense, and the worst news is you’ll still be seeing plenty of him.

This was predictable, however, as Monty and I discussed the likelihood of the Bears signing Trevathan during our podcast this week.

About the only good news I have for Packers fans at this point is that my No. 1 free agent — tight end Ladarius Green — is still available. Green was expected to be signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, which makes sense after Heath Miller finally retired. However, that event has not been announced yet, which suggests it may not happen after all. Green might be involved with multiple suitors, or the Steelers, who are known to be free agent frugal themselves, might be dragging their feet in the hopes of saving a buck.

Regardless, until we hear otherwise, we’ll hold out hope.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Terry Bertucci March 9, 2016

    I think TT should retire. I think his reputation is overblown. Granted he has made a few good picks; but think most GMs would have done as good as TT. By stand pat year after year in Free Agency he is wasting a HOF QB best years. Time to move on TT.

    1. Calico March 9, 2016

      Seems like he has already effectively retired some time ago.

  2. Skinny March 9, 2016

    Where the hell did the Giants get all that space? Ive never heard of half these guys getting these huge contracts. Seriously thought Mark Barron was out of the league, now i see he got 45 million from the Rams. Trevathan deal seems small for a player in his prime.

  3. Howard March 9, 2016

    I was watching signings in anticipation that TT would not sign Forte. It was a good day. Do the Steelers really have the cap space to sign Green and their draft picks? They would have to make other moves.

    1. Skinny March 9, 2016

      I’m trying to figure out how most of these bad teams somehow end up with a shit pile of money every year. Where does it come from?

      1. Howard March 10, 2016

        I could be wrong but I believe those bad teams purge their rosters because they don’t have winning rosters. They just let contracts run out or release players. In addition several of those teams are not paying big contracts to QBs. It also helps that the cap has gone up approx. 10+ mil a year for the last 4 years.

        Even though it doesn’t appear like the Pack signs free agents, they do sign their own. Some of those signings you could argue the team over pays for their own, however the team can keep a balanced roster with a combination of first, second, and some cases third cycle contract players.

        An example is if the Pack just let all contracts expire next year and not resign any of those guys, the Pack would have approx 35 to 45+ mil in cap space but only 29 players under contract. Who do you sign your own, if good players, or other teams players that you don’t know? I think you have to do both because the draft alone will not provide enough bodies.

        1. Skinny March 10, 2016

          Seems like the Jags every year have 40-50 mil to throw around, ha.

          1. Howard March 10, 2016

            Yes, every time you see those big cap spaces you usually see at least the jags, raiders, and Tampa names next to those large cap amounts.

  4. icebowl March 9, 2016

    Same crap, different year !
    Not surprised agents aren’t wasting their time talking to Teddy …..
    Forte woulda been nice but with Big (hopefully less so than 2015) Eddy L in final year of contract I think we can expect a career year from the young man ….. (just keep him away from Madden 2016) ….
    Trevathan woulda been the key missing piece in the D !
    Also had my eye on Green – but certainly not getting my hopes up !

    1. MMTTDCSUCK March 10, 2016

      TT! the frugal GM. He had an opportunity for some splash this year. Continues to do belly flops . . . Ginger Gap Tooth should start doing his job.

  5. Ryan March 9, 2016

    I thought Green signed with the Steelers

  6. Harry Hood March 9, 2016

    Damnit, Forte in the dump off would surely keep the D from dropping the deuce safeties on us every damn time…

  7. Big Gay Clay March 9, 2016

    When I saw that TT was at Wisconsins pro day an hour before free agency started I knew we weren’t going to sign anyone. He probably forgot. Fuckin’ dementia.

  8. Crash March 9, 2016


    Fuck Ted Thompson. I have been holding back from saying that for literally… years. Giving the man a chance, mostly because I too, believe that draft and develop should be the core of team building. He has done fairly well at that and has got us to the stage where we have a solid nucleus requiring an immediate boost in experienced talent to get us over the edge.

    Ladarius Green just signed for 4 years, 20 mil. Only 4.75 guaranteed. That’s a FUCKING STEAL. TT couldn’t get it done. Maybe it’s because he sounds like a rapist with a speech impediment on the phone when he starts calling free agents and their representation, maybe his heavy breathing is a turnoff. Who knows, but he’s incapable of acquiring anyone who has a choice to go elsewhere. That has been proven. In any other business in the world, that’s what we call “piss poor management”. I guess that explains why the Packers keep retaining him as the top manager in the organization. Year. After. Year.




    He has to go. The pundits have become the prophets. I am officially on the fucking bandwagon. Fire this creepy old fuck, like they should have done YESTERDAY!!! (literally, like, when Green was still available)

  9. Howard March 9, 2016

    That does appear to be a reasonable contract for a fast big TE. I wonder how much the 3 reported concussions in 9 months had to do with the contract and signing bonus value. It appears there may not have been a lot of interest.

  10. Kato March 10, 2016

    Hey, the new england patriots didn’t sign anyone either! Fire their entire front office! They are wasting Brady! The Seahawks didn’t sign anyone, fire Schneider! They let Irvin go and didn’t sign anyone! Waaaaaahhhhh!

    1. Big Gay Clay March 10, 2016

      You forget that Seattle and the Pats are active in free agency almost every season. Look at the Revis signing 2 years ago, cough cough Super Bowl Champs cough cough. Look Marshawn Lynch signing, cough cough Super Bowl cough cough. We have signed 3 or 4 free agents in the last 8 YEARS! Teddy is working ARod harder than a rented mule.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK March 10, 2016

        Amen BGC!

    2. Big Gay Clay March 10, 2016

      Brady also has 4 Super Bowl rings and Seattle has been to 2 Super Bowls in the last 3 seasons so don’t even put us in the same category as them. There is no sense of urgency with our GM(scout) whatever you’d like to call him. He is throwing away ARod’s prime years and fans like you are OK with it because you are OK with the status quo of just being good enough to make it into the playoffs but never have a legitimate shot of making it all the way.

    3. MMTTDCSUCK March 10, 2016

      Whatever you say Green Hornet subordinate. Good God. Big Gay Clay just ripped your shit you call sarcasm apart. Stop being an apologist/acolyte for that Fuck TT and grow some balls of your own. The guy is doing NOTHING . . .

      1. Big Gay Clay March 10, 2016

        Him doing NOTHING is what drives me nuts! Honestly, if our team had a legitimate owner TT would have been gone by now. The fact that he wasn’t even paying attention to Free Agency on the first day is just absurd. He’d rather go to Wisconsin’s pro day and watch a FB, QB, and who was the other person? Probably another position that we do not need…

  11. Kato March 10, 2016

    You brought up ONE FA signing from New England. ONE. Then they cut him after one season. Couldn’t afford him except the one year. Tom Brady’s super bowl rings were a special circumstance. He won the first two while under rookie contract and a team built around him. Even after his second contract that paid him more, he still wasn’t overly expensive. How many super bowls does Brady have 2005-now? Same number as Rodgers. In that time period Brady lost to the Joe Flacco led ravens and the mark Sanchez led jets in the playoffs.

    You bring up Lynch. He wasn’t a free agent signing, he was acquired via trade the year they won the super bowl. They won without him. Percy Harvin was such a great FA signing by Seattle. Ditto for Matt Flynn.

  12. Kato March 10, 2016

    You compare Brady’s early super bowl rings and the Seahawks SB trips with Russell Wilson on a rookie qb contract. They aren’t the same fucking thing as the packers situation. I posted an article a while back, examining the effect of qbs salaries in the salary cap era, and it found that no team has ever won a super bowl with a qbs salary over 12% of the teams cap. It is incredibly difficult to do so.

  13. Kato March 10, 2016

    Now tell me, what exactly did the seahawks, the patriots, the cardinals, any winning organization do yesterday? Crickets? That’s what I thought.

  14. Kato March 10, 2016

    Uh…. they should have signed Oliver vernon! Overspend for him TT!

  15. Big Gay Clay March 10, 2016

    It was a one year deal that Revis signed with the Pats. The kind of deal we could have chosen to sign him to but we made no moves. Would Kearse have scored the game winning TD in overtime with Revis covering him? Probably not. You could make an argument that the Harvin signing was good because of him showing out in the Super Bowl. How did Cliff Avril work for Seattle? What about Bennett? How about Rob Ninkovich, Danny Amendola, Dion Lewis, LeGarrett Blount, ect. could keep going but my point has been made….
    We won the SuperBowl 5 years ago and all you TT homers act like we’ve been relevant as of lately.

  16. MJ March 10, 2016

    Come on, Kato! If Brady haz won only one, well I may take hour argument that “it is a special situation”. But hey, they won four times. Do they have a separate god just for themselves? And even when they didn’t win, which is a good statement of the competitiveness of this league, they’ve always been in the contention. Not one-and-thrashed. They do not lose by ridiculous scores (and that even happens to very good teams!).

    Since not many people seem to get the FA point, I’ll explain it with crayons. See the TE? The guy that usually stands to the right of the OL? Yes, yes… that “thin lineman”, if you wish. Well that position is VERY hard to learn at the pro level. Typically takes two to three seasons. Drafting one could do in that amount of time. But by that time we are surely losing some other players, so it would keep us good but not great. We could make a strong case this year. Our TE game does not command any respect. Do you agree that a TE demanding more attention would release a bit of pressure from the rest of the (already good) offense? As for defense, I would like to have an ILB, but I could in principle trust Sam Barrington, so it does not seem that pressing.
    TT has already built a good core, has revamped the CB position in the blink of an eye, much to his credit. I will defend him even more: our FAs that could have drawn attention to them are already safely signed. To name a few: Lang, Sutton, possibly Bulaga, Mike Daniels.

    Now, how many years did we have to see our terrible tandem Hawk-Jones patrolling the middle of the defense? Ted is really good at drafting, but he never admits making a mistake (and fixing it!!!). See, SEA had signed Matt Flynn for 10M. They had just drafted Wilson. If TT had been at the helm, they would have seen two seasons with Flynn, just to prove a point that they didn’t hire the wrong guy.
    All we say is that he has to be a little more flexible! Green was signed quite for the cheap by PIT. Done, proven TE in place, problem solved. We could have done that. I guess no one here advocates for crazy splashy signings, and we do not really need those! Just patch the few holes this team has, make it a legit contender. Even if we suck a bit the next year. I wouldn’t complain if we lost in the playoffs after trying with all our will to field a strong team. Heck, we could even draft a little higher and be stronger the followingbyear.

  17. Kato March 10, 2016

    It was a very different situation than the one the packers have with Rodgers. Brady was in a rookie 6th round contract that was taking up less than 1% of the teams payroll. That makes quite the difference when you have the extra cash to spend. The Seahawks only had to contend with Russell Wilson’s 500k salary.

    I am just curious, who should the packers have signed yesterday? Green, the tight end from San Diego that wasn’t even resigned by his own team despite being 10 years younger than the guy they chose to keep? I am a little disappointed they didn’t sign forte, but I see the reasoning. Probably counting on lacy coming back strong and giving him a second contract next off-season that will be close to what Doug Martin got. No sense in paying the backfield in excess of 10-12 million in today’s nfl next year. And I am sure they will draft a RB in the draft as insurance that lacy gets hurt, or whatever, much cheaper insurance policy.

  18. MJ March 10, 2016

    The Revis deal by the Pats was splashy, but hey, for that single year they had a really strong secondary. Just made a strong run and it paid off. Even admitting that they were lucky SEA didn’t run the ball, and even if they had lost in that case, they would still have been in the SB until the very last play. And you don’t get there by chance.

    This year they were less loaded and still put a better fight against that Broncos than even the vaunted Panthers could fare.

  19. Kato March 10, 2016

    Btw, the revis contract was a two year deal. It was pretty much assumed he wouldn’t be around the second year of the deal because of the $20 million or whatever it was cap hit. The patriots structured it that way to spread his cap hit over two years because they couldn’t afford his entire salary for just the 2014 season. They signed him in response to losing talib to the broncos

  20. Big Gay Clay March 10, 2016

    Talib… Another CB the Pats picked up in free agency…

  21. Kato March 10, 2016

    Talib, the same guy the bucs gave up on, not for lack of talent or cap issues, but the baggage that came with him. Punching out teammates, shooting guns at sister boyfriends, assaulting a taxi driver, poking players in the eye, throwing them down by the facemask intentionally. Yeah, sounds like the type of guy I would want on my team.

    Oh, and talib wasn’t a free agent, the patriots traded draft picks for him mid season in 2012 because the buccaneers were so tired of him. How many super bowls did the pats win with talib on the roster?!?!?!?

    1. Shawn March 10, 2016

      And actually, Talib sucked in the Super Bowl, if Brown wouldn’t have gotten a concussion, he was owning Talib. Brown going out with the concussion was a big factor in that game.

  22. Big Gay Clay March 10, 2016

    0 Super Bowls but the Broncos ended up winning one with him. Pretty sure he was on the team when they made it to another super bowl. I think you have forgotten the point. I’m not expecting Ted to make a big splash like a Revis or Vernon but to pick someone up that would be an upgrade like let’s say a Matt Forte or a Coby Fleener or fuck even a Terrance Knighton would be nice. Instead he’s intended on resigning the free agents of ours that don’t draw interest from other teams…. Hmmmm

  23. Big Gay Clay March 10, 2016

    And come on we couldn’t get Ladarias Green? He goes to the Steelers for a meager 5 mill a year. Yeah the Chargers choose to resign Gates over him but the Chargers were one of the worst football teams in the league last year so I’m sure they aren’t great on making decisions. That pickup could end up putting the Steelers over the edge this year. Probably will be the best offense in the league next season.

  24. Kato March 10, 2016

    You may be right BGC, but my issue with that though is you are acting like the chargers are complete morons, which I don’t think is the case. He has been on the squad for four years, they should know him well. Common sense says they should let the grizzled vet go and keep the young player that has had a lot of promise. The fact they didnt, raises a red flag in my mind. And the fact that under $5 million was guaranteed in the deal, that tells me there wasn’t a whole lot of competition or interest in him. Another red flag.

  25. Big Gay Clay March 10, 2016

    I’m not going to speculate about his market value. I can almost garuntee you that Ted did not make him an offer. Which in my book is considered not even trying. Its a new year and our team hasn’t gotten any better. Here’s to a killer draft…