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Nevermind, Ladarius Green Signs with Steelers


It was reported yesterday that the Pittsburgh Steelers were likely to sign tight end Ladarius Green once free agency started today. However, when the first four hours of free agency went by today without the signing being announced, we were foolish enough to believe the deal might have fallen through.

A false hope it proved to be, as Green did indeed sign with the Steelers tonight. Ladarius Green was a very logical target for the Green Bay Packers because of his speed, his youth, and the fact that his second-string production so far likely meant he wouldn’t break the bank.

And, indeed, he wouldn’t break the bank after signing a very reasonable four-year deal worth $20 million. That was money the Packers could have easily afforded.

All that being said, the Green Bay Packers were never reported to be even interested in Green. So, whether he made sense or not, the Packers chose to pass probably even before free agency started. If you had to argue why the Packers might not be interested in Green, you might point out that the San Diego Chargers chose to re-sign 36-year-old Antonio Gates rather than paying Green.

The only players the Packers have been connected to was running back Matt Forte, who signed with the Jets, and Forte’s teammate — tight end Martellus Bennett. Even though his on-field talents would immediately upgrade the Packers offense, Bennett seems a long shot for the Packers for a couple reasons.

For starters, he’s still under contract with the Bears. The Bears have been trying to trade Bennett rather than just releasing him. My guess is that the Bears will continue that effort until at least the draft, where they could hope to entice picks from a team in exchange for Bennett. Not only are the Bears unlikely to trade with the Packers, but Ted Thompson is just as unlikely to be willing to give up draft picks.

Secondly, Bennett has the reputation as a guy who speaks his mind regardless of how it is going to be taken. While the media may love that, most teams do not, and the Packers and Patriots are the gold standard for toeing the line.

And, of course, there is always the fact that the cap-rich Bears are willing to part with a talented tight end. That says pretty clearly what they think of his locker room presence.

With Green off the market, to go along with Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener, the tight end options are now down to vets looking for one last contract. Considering the prospects, expect Richard Rodgers to actually be your No. 1 tight end next season.

Linebacker Jerrell Freeman and defensive tackle Terrance Knighton are two players left who I believe the Packers can afford and would fill immediate needs for the team. The longer these guys last on the market, the better the chance of Ted Thompson being interested.

Lastly, in what is also a poor showing for Ted Thompson, there was zero reported interest in any of the Packers who are free agents. That might help in bringing someone back linebacker Nick Perry, but it is also telling of what the league’s other GMs think of these guys.

Not much.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Whatever March 9, 2016

    Vernon davis

  2. Packer Bob March 9, 2016

    The Packers would have won multiple Super Bowls with Green and Forte. Ted is incompetent!

  3. Big Gay Clay March 9, 2016

    We’ll never know now will we?

  4. Mike March 10, 2016

    Would like to have added forte but can live without him. Green however, is someone who would have helped immensely. He obviously didn’t break the bank and that just adds to the frustration. Only hope now is cook. When he signs somewhere for dirt cheap it’ll be obvious were gonna get another third or fourth round guy to develop. Looks to be the same with inside linebacker and d line. I didn’t expect any packer moves today but as the prices drop and players find homes elsewhere, the frustration will mount for me like it does every year.

    Teams are busy getting better and filling their needs and will continue to improve at the draft and we sit waiting for a bunch of rookies to come in and take the pack back to a super bowl.

  5. Cuban March 10, 2016

    Are they really doing so well with the draft and develop gameplan that they let a former first round pick hit the market and no one gives a shit

    1. Big Gay Clay March 10, 2016

      Good point! Haven’t heard much on Hayward either. Shows how much teams covet our players not named ARod, Matthews, Nelson, or Cobb.

  6. Cuban March 10, 2016

    Come to think of it, we have 2 first round picks out there in perry and raji, and no one fucking cares, draft and develop fuck yea its the only way to build a team

  7. Big B March 10, 2016

    How about no more “Packers reportedly interested in… ” articles. No matter what they say, TT just ain’t going there.

  8. ay hombre March 10, 2016

    “Lastly, in what is also a poor showing for Ted Thompson, there was zero reported interest in any of the Packers who are free agents. That might help in bringing someone back like Nick Perry, but it is also telling of what the league’s other GMs think of these guys. Not much.”

    I hate to say it but this is pretty much an endorsement for both McCarthy and Capers.

  9. ay hombre March 10, 2016

    And Shawn…great to have you back man. I miss your stories on here.

  10. agui94 March 10, 2016

    I’d expect Hunter Henry to drop now. Hopefully to us in the 2nd.

  11. Mel gm in the wings March 10, 2016

    Why in hell do the packers have a director of pro scouting and some below him. Don’t need them if T.T. Has no interest or little in F.A. Damn what shame. Another one and out if were lucky

    1. shawn March 10, 2016

      Haha… that’s actually a very good question. Easiest position in the NFL, apparently. Those guys should feed TT some BS once in a while, just to see if he’s paying attention. “Our scout team believes that Sterling Sharpe would make a great addition to our team if he can be had in free agency at the right price.”
      TT – “Yeah, I’ll take that under consideration.”

  12. Big B March 10, 2016


  13. DJ March 10, 2016

    TT sticking with his MO & so will I. Not even remotely shocking. Forte, Allen, or Fleener were all legit targets who could have had immediate impact. But they were swooped up by open minded GMs who were willing to take a risk & do whatever is necessary to improve their teams. Our beloved Packers, meanwhile, still operate under the rigid & fantastical delusion that underwear can only be bought at KMart. The good news is we have successfully, once again, prevented Rainman aka TT from self injury. We can all take solace in that fact.

  14. Bobby D March 10, 2016

    The only Green Teddy is interested in is cee lo sing’n Mary Did You Know….let it go ’cause nothing’s happening and never will on his shift