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Mark Murphy Might Be On a Packers Ticket Next Year!

The Green Bay Packers are running that promotion where they allow fans to submit photos to win a chance to be on a game ticket during the season. This year, I had a hard time choosing between submitting a shot of my ass and a shot of the greatest Green Bay Packer boss and human being of all time, Ginger Gap Tooth.

Finally, I realized the difference between Ginger Gap Tooth and my ass is negligible. Although my ass is much better looking, Ginger Gap Tooth got the nod because he has a better job as Chief Status Quoin of the Green Bay Packers.

My ass’ only job, other than looking good in a pair of jeans (not Wranglers), is positioning me comfortably in this here chair. My ass will do better in hopes of being the Total Packers submission next year. My ass has already applied for a position with the Packers because it’s a go-getter!

It should have zero problem taking over the public relations department.

As for that ticket, here’s Mark Murphy. Old Ginger Gap Tooth, himself!

Mark Murphy Packers ticket

Hey, if you’d like to put your ass on a Packers ticket, you can go right here and do so!


Mad Packer is the kind of guy you should sit beside at Lambeau. Just once. Find him on Twitter @1MadPacker.


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  1. Tuson Packer March 24, 2016

    Fuck Wranglers