Who We Like in Phase Two of Free Agency

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The big names and big free agent contracts are gone and done. Thus begins phase two of free agency, when teams — not players or agents — begin to set the price. While the Green Bay Packers weren’t going to go out and sign a free agent on day one, they could become involved with some of the second-tier guys that are still available.

There are still guys out there who can help the Packers and, more importantly, the guys who are left are much more likely to come at a price the Packers find agreeable.

Here’s who we like of what’s left.

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  1. vj

    Lauriniatis is still out there… oft injured Zach Miller TE (Bears) and of course Vernon Davis and Scott Chandler any of which would make nice secondary TE options to the ALL PRO Richard Rodgers (kidding). I love the idea of Knighton since we know Ted’s too cheap to have gone after my guy Damon Harrison (who predictably signed a monster contract with a more serious contender like the Giants). If not Raji or Knighton there’s Sealver Siliga, DT, New England Patriots. Although not a popular name, Sealver Siliga is a top run-defending specialist. His 6’2”, 325-pound body occupies space well and commands double-teams in a 1 gap system.

    Ahhh fuck it, same old underachieving team can be expected next season.

    • Phatgzus

      Richard Rodgers had a better year by far than any of those TEs you mentioned, in fact he had a better year than Green and Allen as well.

      • PF4L

        Green played behind Gates and Allen played behind Fleener.

        I’d take Allen all day over Rodgers,albeit injury concerns.

        Rodgers does one thing well, he has good hands, but the rest of his game is horrible, by horrible i mean he sucks.

        • Phatgzus

          Depth chart means very little, you put your best players on the field, period. Gates is ancient and has a couple years left at best and yet the Chargers decided to let him walk. Fleener did less than Rodgers as well, surprised you missed the obvious arguments of missing Luck and a shit OL. Rodgers’ one-trick-pony act was enough to outproduce a large number of starting TEs in the league, and that was with very little over-the-top help from the WRs.

          • PF4L

            JC dude…smfh

            Dick Rodge was our #1

            I noted those TE’s played behind people, thus reducing their targets, i thought you would be able to figure that out on your own, but nevertheless…

            You’re welcome.

          • Phatgzus

            SMFH. GOOD players see the field regardless of “depth chart” ya fucking imbecile. Ya get it now PF? probably not.

          • Phatgzus

            I’ll state this another way so that your addlepated brain might finally be able to process this: Richard Rodgers outperformed Coby Fleener and Antonio Gates, neither Allen nor Fleener could supplant them as no. 1 TE.

            Stop letting people fuck your ear, PF, it’s causing serious brain damage.

        • Phatgzus

          I feel bad for you, PF, even the simplest concepts go WAY over your head. If these players were worth a fuck they’d be starting, or seeing significant play time, Green say 75% of the passes RichRodg had, he had less than 75% of the yards and 50% the TDs. Not fucking hard. Allen couldn’t supplant Coby Fleener, he of 3 touch downs and less than 500 yards, in the AFC South no less. Green couldn’t supplant Methuselah but still got plenty of targets in San Diego’s pass-happy offense.

          Can’t make it much fucking clearer than that, sonny Jim. I suppose next time I could spell it out with alphabet soup, maybe then, and only then you’ll figure it the fuck out. Yeah fucking right.

          • PF4L

            “blah, blah fuckin blah blah fuck blah,….blah blah fuckin fucker blah” – Phatgzus

          • Phatgzus

            Once again you’ve completely given up on all logic and reason once your asinine argument has been so easily turned to dust in the wind, eh, PF ol’ buddy?

  2. PF4L

    Well, 4 mill a year is just too damn much money for someone Ted didn’t draft. If Big Ted didn’t draft them, they aren’t worth a fuck.

    In other news, i wonder if Big Ted is going to offer Raji 8 mill/year again. He’s allowed to do that, because he drafted him.

  3. PF4L

    #27 written by Kato
    03/11/2016 – 10:04 am

    “As far as ILB, worst case scenario, I think they are comfortable with the Jake Ryan/Sam Bradford combo.”

    First of all, Sam Bradford is a QB for the Eagles. If you meant Carl Bradford, the Packers were so comfortable with him, they cut him before the 2015 season and signed him to a futures contract 2 months ago. He was another of TT’s position conversion projects. IDK dude., maybe you meant Sam Barrington, but i do know this, talk about things you know about, otherwise just read and learn.

    You might be the perfect example of the kool aid drinking, in Ted we Trust crowd.

  4. I know Bruce Carter did not pan out with the Bucs as a 4-3 ILB, however if the Pack could get him cheap he was not to bad as a 3-4 ILB with the Cowboys. He has the speed And ability to cover in the 3-4. Does not hold up well against the run as the sole ILB. He may be a good complement to Barrington and Ryan and has the speed to get to a QB fast on blitzes. Carter is not going to get big money after his performance with Tampa. May be able to get him for close to vet minimum and some incentives. Little or no signing bonus a must and he was released so no worries about potentially losing comp picks.

    • Phatgzus

      He was a solid player, but Howard, remember the Packers run ther base package on approximately less than 1/4 of the defensive snaps. They run the 5 LB nickel package a lot, that means any ILB will being getting paid to take snaps away from Matthews, Peppers, Perry, Barrington, Jones, Ryan, so essentially any ILB thye pay for will be a relatively little used rotational player (until someone gets injured).

      • Not sure he would take plays away from Matthews, Peppers or Jones. He would take plays away from Barrington and Ryan. More important he could replace Thomas in the dime. In addition he would help in coverage with some of those fast TE and backs that many teams have except the Pack. The reason I said close to veterans min with incentives should take care of any concern regarding pay. Why not upgrade at least Thomas, and possibly Barrington or Ryan against strong passing teams. Carter if on the field in the middle on passing downs could be a matchup night mare if he blitzes and Matthews and Peppers are coming off the edge. Probably won’t happen though.

        • Phatgzus

          Because 1) Thomas is used exclusively in the Dime package for his cover skills, 2) maybe they like Barrington and want him to get a shot to produce when healthy. 3) If they sign Trevathan then they’re paying Barrington significant money to do a whole lot less and Ryan won’t have as many chances to develop; and 4) there are supposed to be some talented ILBs in the draft who will be a lot cheaper than Trevathan.

          Peppers and Matthews both played a lot of snaps from the inside last year, actually-Capers likes to move his LBs around, particularly in the Nickel packages.

          • I think you mean Carter? Barrington’s contract value is in the upper 600,000 range, to me that is not significant and should have no basis in signing potential competition at the right price. You are correct we need to draft an ILB. If Matthews is not going to play ILB, and that remains to be seen, then we really only have 2 ILB on the team. I do not believe Palmer or Thomas are quality ILBs and they should be replaced ASAP or the team stands a chance if injury occurs starting one of those guys. There should be nothing wrong with trying to upgrade the position by the draft and FA. I believe both routes are needed.

            The other thing to keep in mind is Barrington’s contract is up at the end of this year along with many others. If he plays well and I do believe he has that ability he could be gone in 2017 and the team will need to add another ILB in 2017.

          • Phatgzus

            It’s still wsted money if they’re splitting time.

            Thomas is good at what he does, which is coverage, nly reason he is on the team is to play STs and dime LB.

          • Phatgzus

            Yeah, I meant Carter, my bad been reading so much about Trevathan the past week his name is virtually synonymous with ILB.
            I also agree we need depth at ILB because I’d much rather Clay spend the majority of his time at OLB with the occasional stint inside, but you just don’t pay multi-millions for depth when it’s available in the draft and you have two potential starters already and a bunch of important financial decisions due up next year.

  5. MJ

    I agree with the need for a TE. The urgency is less for ILB, though. I mean, an ILB would only be an insurance policy more than a real hole. Sam Barrington played well in 2014 and was sorely missed during 2015. Man, he could lay the wood. I remember when he bumped into the bulldozing LaGarette Blount and stopped him right at the line. The Pats didn’t dare to go for it on 4th and short, like they sometimes do.
    So maybe we could have gotten some help at ILB, but it is not pressing.
    On the contrary, a TE would be quite helpful. Defenses would have to respect us in those 3rd and shorts that we ended up not converting. I don’t ascribe that solely to the TE playing we had (gameplanning and on the spot decision also mattered), but it could have helped to have a respectable threat in the middle of the field.

    As for DT, I agree “pot roast” could be a nice addition, with Raji not finding his former self and Pennel under suspension.

    Last but not least, I mostly agree with PF4F, on the FA matter as well as the arguments exposed. I also like the content of Howard’s posts, and even if I do not agree with Kato about FA TEs, he also brings some interesting perspectives. Let’s keep this good level of discussion and argumentation, guys.

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