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Let’s Not Forget All the Packers Do For Us

The Green Bay Packers announced their plans for this year’s Tailgate Tour on Tuesday. As usual, we shrugged our shoulders and gave them the old Jay Cutler — dooooooooooooon’t caaaaaaaaaaaaaaare.

We understand some people do care, though. Some people are happy there is a Tailgate Tour this year.

And if you’re not familiar with this thing, the Packers load up some current and former players and staff on a bus and parade those guys around the state of Wisconsin. Typically, they visit smaller towns. We suppose the idea there is the people who live in these towns don’t have access to the team like people who live in places like Green Bay or Milwaukee, i.e. people who can afford to fork over thousands of dollars for season tickets, parking, concessions, merch and so on.

This year’s tour will run June 17-21 and visit towns like Shawano and Ripon.

Packers personnel taking part are team president Mark Murphy, receiver Jared Abbrederis, linebackers Sam Barrington and Jayrone Elliott, and former players LeRoy Butler, Robert Brooks and Sean Jones.

That’s great if you’re in to this sort of thing.

What we find totally tacky is this. Here’s the photo that accompanied the announcement.

tailgate tour bus

That’s either the bus from one of the past tours or the one the organization will be using this year.

It may be hard to see what it says on the side of that bus, but let us tell you.

  • 10 years of giving back
  • Over $1.6 million raised for charity
  • More than 6,300 miles traveled

Know anyone else who gives to charity and then advertises the fact that they give to charity on the side of a vehicle (or anywhere else for that matter)?

Didn’t think so.

Basically, whoever conceived and signed off on this was saying, yes, we will come to your tiny hometown, but we expect you to bow down to us for all we do for you on our way through.

Interestingly, the Packers reported a record $375.7 million in revenue last year. In context, that $1.6 million they’re throwing in your face (over 10 years, no less) is a pittance.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. g March 30, 2016

    The packers are not the good old community,fan loving, organization they make themselves out to be.

    Look at the kids bike riding from practice for example. It used to be just a cool thing the players did and the fans loved. Now it’s branded the “state farm dream drive”. With banners and “#state farm” painted on the concrete the whole way from practice to the players entrance.

    Much like many of the open to public practices have now been closed and only a select few are open. Wouldn’t be surprised if we have to pay to attend a practice in the near future.

    Make no mistake the packers are a business looking out for their bottom dollar and that is it. Ticket prices continue to climb and so does the revenue.

    Oh and don’t forget how they got those suckers (I’m sure a lot of people who read this) to pay $250 for a sheet of paper because it had the word “stock” printed on it.

  2. Mike Ditka's Mom March 30, 2016

    I’m not gonna agrue with you about corporate greed. I completely agree.

    But I wanna know why you are a Packers fan to begin with. All you do is shit all over this team. You endlessly bitch about the GM, the head coach, the organization itself, the players, and the HOF QB that helped bring the franchise you supposedly care about back into relevance.

    Did you grow up in Wisconsin? Were your parents fans? Or are you just another chump who jumped on the bandwagon? See, I get the feeling you don’t bleed green and gold.

    So, what have the Packers done for you? Nothing, because the Packers don’t owe you a gawd damn thing.

    That’s the difference between me and you. I’m just happy I get to be a Packers fan and that’s enough.

    1. billabong March 30, 2016

      totally agree with you…this is the TMZ of Packer sites, loaded and bloated with ad’s galore and all they do is bitch and bitch about everything the Packers do…somewhere is a happy medium between this site and Vic the Dick Ketchman….you aren’t Hunter S. Thompson, you don’t have to go for the gonzo journalism cuz you aint cutting it…mostly your whiny shit is funny though…

  3. Mike Ditka's Mom March 30, 2016

    You’re free to stop being a fan at anytime.

  4. PF4L March 30, 2016

    I have to wonder if this writer knows the difference between revenue and profit.

    1. Shawn March 30, 2016

      No one in the media does, which is why all they ever talk about is revenue. Like all that revenue is just free money and there aren’t expenses to pay.

      On the other hand, no on ever calls our government a $3.5 trillion revenue organization. The $4 trillion in expenses pretty much put the wraps on that.

      1. PF4L March 31, 2016

        Yep…another example is. The NFL takes in revenue of 10 billion.

        So, of course…whatever the topic, fines, contracts,etc. It gets compared to 10 billion dollars, as if that’s all net profit. Forget that the players swallow up 50% of that. All before the NFL pays it’s electric bill and a couple other bills they have to pay…lol.

  5. Kato March 30, 2016

    While I am not a fan of the packers becoming corporate, the truth in today’s professional sports landscape is franchise’s are becoming big businesses. That is the reality of the situation. The packers are kind of a unique situation being as they are a small market team, they have to acquire revenue in different ways. Think of why the nfl moved the rams from st. Louis to LA. Much bigger market, more revenue.

    As for their stock being a glorified donation, I don’t get too bent out of shape about it. I would rather teams do that than force a referendum on a community where people are forced to pay into something regardless of support.

  6. MyJunkSwings March 30, 2016

    I’m gonna agree there. If I’m not on a browser with adblock and noscript to is a no go. Not because I hate ads or don’t enjoy tp; because this site is frightening with ads and whatnot.

  7. CB March 30, 2016

    Have not been on this site for over 6 months. Quickly reminded why….
    Please shut down your site. If you hate everything the packers do and how they do things,,, shut down your site!
    Go open a site for something you back passionately instead of bashing passionately!
    Thanks for the quick reminder why I don’t go to this site.

  8. g March 30, 2016

    Cb..youll be back

  9. ay hombre March 31, 2016

    Mike Ditka’s Mom is happy? Fucking liar. Saddest and likely most unhappy person in here save for Packer Bob. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are the same person.