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Kirk Cousins

The 2016 NFL free agent market is slightly less appealing this afternoon, as a number of teams used their franchise or transition tags to limit their player’s movement.

Nine players got the franchise tag. Eight were non-exclusive, meaning another team could sign the player, but they’d owe his former team two first-round draft picks. One franchise tag was exclusive, meaning that player can only re-sign with his current club.

One player was slapped with the transition tag, which only means his current team gets the right to match any deal he signs elsewhere.

Here they are.

Franchise — exclusive

  • Von Miller, outside linebacker, Denver Broncos

Miller can sign a long-term deal with Denver or he will be paid a salary equal to the average of the five highest-paid linebackers for the 2016 season.

Franchise — non-exclusive

  • Kirk Cousins, quarterback, Redskins ($19.953 million)
  • Muhammad Wilkerson, defensive end, New York Jets ($15.701 million)
  • Alshon Jeffery, wide receiver, Chicago Bears ($14.599 million)
  • Josh Norman, cornerback, Carolina Panthers ($13.952 million)
  • Trumaine Johnson, cornerback, Los Angeles Rams ($13.952 million)
  • Cordy Glenn, tackle, Buffalo Bills ($13.706 million)
  • Eric Berry, safety, Kansas City Chiefs ($10.806 million)
  • Justin Tucker, kicker, Baltimore Ravens ($4.572 million)

Each of these players is guaranteed a 2016 salary in the amount listed, unless the tag is rescinded. If it is, they become unrestricted free agents. They can also sign a long-term deal with their current team.


  • Olivier Vernon, defensive end, Miami Dolphins
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  1. Ferris March 1, 2016

    $19.9M for Cousins….WOW…I live near DC..his rookie deal was 4 years $2.57M total $660K per year. He can get chicks now. I knew I should have been a QB.

  2. Osseo, WI March 1, 2016

    And they have nice looking hookers there. Just ask every politician ever

  3. V March 2, 2016

    We can still get Damon Harrison because the Jets tagged Wilkerson.

    Let’s see if I’m correct! Haha