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Here’s Another Instance of an Agent Laughing at Packers

Ted Thompson

We told you the other day about how agents consider the Green Bay Packers to be an afterthought when it comes to free agency. We also told you why that puts the Packers at a competitive disadvantage.

Well, here’s another instance of an agent outright laughing at the thought of the Packers looking at an outside free agent.

Packer Report was fishing around for free agents that the Packers might be interested in or, god forbid, had even made contact with. And then this…

It’s laughable and depressing all at once.

Want to be even more depressed/angry?

Well, okay. Consider this.

On Thursday, it came to light that the top inside linebacker on the free agent market, Danny Trevathan, was potentially interested in the Packers. The Packers didn’t even bother to call the guy and he ended up signing a deal with the Chicago Bears.

That deal averages just over $6 million per season.

Meanwhile, the Packers brought back outside linebacker Nick Perry on a one-year deal for $5 million.

We like Perry and the Packers need bodies at outside linebacker, but Trevathan has a much higher upside and the Bears paid only $1 million more per year to land him.

If we were to bet, we’d bet Trevathan has a bigger impact in 2016 than Perry does.

That’s all moot now, of course.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Bryan Rocheleau March 11, 2016

    While I don’t disagree with your point, comparing the price tag for a 3-4 ILB vs. OLB is like comparing a G to a T on offense.

  2. Adam March 11, 2016

    When you compare the Trevathan and Perry signings…

    …it just makes it that much worse.

    1. Phatgzus March 11, 2016

      Except 1) Trevathan is an ILB not OLB (OLBs traditionally make more), and 2) Trevathan has 1 and a quarter mil guaranteed each year with a roster bonus of nearly 4 mil, so unless he gets cut that’s about $5 mil guaranteed each year, even if he gets injured. We don’t know the details of Perry’s contract but I’d be surprised if he got that much guaranteed money.

      1. PF4L March 11, 2016

        Is that right? 20 mill guaranteed of a 24.5 mill deal?
        Is that right? Think again champ.

        Guaranteed money is guaranteed money. You can’t include the condition “if” he doesn’t get cut. If he’s cut, he doesn’t get the money, hence that isn’t guaranteed money.

        You’re welcome.

        1. Phatgzus March 11, 2016

          “so unless he gets cut that’s about $5 mil guaranteed each year”

          Learn. To. Read. Champ.

        2. Phatgzus March 11, 2016

          He won’t be getting cut unless he severely underperforms, and if he does so then it was a bad signing, pretty simple, Champ.

        3. Phatgzus March 11, 2016

          He already qualifies for year 1 of his roster bonus, so there’s about $10 mil guaranteed right there. Already double what Perry is getting at the very least, and at a less valuable position.

          1. PF4L March 11, 2016

            Is that right? 20 mill guaranteed of a 24.5 mill deal?
            Is that right? Think again champ.

            Guaranteed money is guaranteed money. You can’t include the condition “if” he doesn’t get cut. If he’s cut, he doesn’t get the money, hence that isn’t guaranteed money.

            You’re welcome.

          2. PF4L March 11, 2016

            Let me try to simple it up for you sport.

            If Aaron Rodgers signs a 5 year $100 million dollar deal with 54 million guaranteed, is that a 54 million dollar guarantee or……

            Is it 110 million guaranteed, (if) he doesn’t get cut?


          3. Phatgzus March 12, 2016

            Yet again y

          4. Phatgzus March 12, 2016

            And yet again you ignore the obvious point that Trevathan has already made nearly twice as much as Perry at a less valuable position. BTW, Google is NOT your friend, you should read up on some of the shit they pull.

          5. PF4L March 12, 2016

            Ok fine, i’ll enlighten you….Trevathan got 12 mill guaranteed.

            You’re right, you don’t need google, as long as i’m around to help you out.

            You’re welcome.

          6. Phatgzus March 12, 2016

            No thanks, PF, I’d rather rely on Fox news, no offense they’re just a bit more reliable and unbiased. Note that 12 is more than 2x 5, so I’m on top of that shit, thanks for the effort though, your participation trophy is in the mail, ya just have to pay for the S&H ;).

          7. PF4L March 12, 2016

            Funny, because i just sent you a book called… “The dummies guide to using google to research football related facts.”

            It’s on me, and i also covered the S&H because i like to help out the unfortunate, it’s just the way i am.


          8. Phatgzus March 13, 2016

            Sorry I don’t need your secondhand bathroom reading material/TP, ya would’ve been better off keeping it in your collection along with your archive of Pete Prisco articles. #YouNeedItMore

        4. Phatgzus March 13, 2016

          I’ll give you this much though, Polly Feathers, you are one helluva pet parrot.

    2. Skinny March 11, 2016

      My only problem with it is Trevathan is actually doint it, hes a starting ILB in the league. Ryan and Barrington haven’t done shit to warrant the thinking that they can do the job, its all maybes. If the price was not going to be huge, which it wasn’t, I would have at least made a dam phone call to Trevathans agent. That’s all im upset about, we didn’t even show an interest in a guy who’s a upgrade at what we have on the roster for the position, something wrong about that.

      1. Phatgzus March 11, 2016

        Actually, Barrington and Ryan have both played pretty well considering the amount of NFL experience they have.

  3. Killer March 11, 2016

    TT stands for “Terrible Talent”. Think about the Packers with no Aaron Rodgers. 6-10? 5-11? Worse? Well, there you go, that is a reflection of your talent evaluator. Rodgers fell to him via pure accidental luck. The rest is all “TT”.

    1. PF4L March 11, 2016

      So what are you saying? If you have Rodgers and play in the NFC North, you might make the playoffs every year?

      I concur.

    2. Empacador March 12, 2016

      You mean like Brady “falling” to the Patriots, that kinda pure, accidental luck? Yeah the Packers were fortunate that some lesser talent evaluators swung and missed ahead of the Packers (Minnesota twice!!). Rodgers wasn’t making it out of the first round.

      Rodgers is pretty damn good and can cover a lot of warts, but Thompson isn’t Matt Millen either.

  4. Phatgzus March 11, 2016

    Free agency in Green Bay,
    “Sign em all, it’s our taxpayer money anyway.”
    When Rodgers’ career comes to an end,
    Our team will be mutilated for decades again.

    Must be the werewolves of Lambeau again.

  5. Kato March 11, 2016

    Haha what great football journalism.

    Comparing salaries of ILB and OLB- fucking laughable.

    Two, trevathon has “overpaid” written all over him. He benefited greatly from scheme and talent around him. If he wasn’t a replaceable piece in Denver, they wouldn’t have let him go. Think Byron Maxwell when he signed with the eagles after playing in the Seattle defense.

    I think the packers are better served grabbing a guy in the draft that will be cheaper, and probably better.

    1. The Money Mike March 11, 2016

      “If he wasn’t a replaceable piece in __________, they wouldn’t have let him go”
      -My opinion of free agency in a nut shell and what everyone needs to give some thought in todays free agency

      1. PF4L March 12, 2016

        The broncos have only 11.6 mill of cap space, to sign draft choices, and find a QB. Has it dawned on anyone that’s why they let Trevathan go?

        Not many players in the NFL are irreplaceable. There are almost 2,000 players, maybe a handful are irreplaceable.

        1. PF4L March 12, 2016

          Even Brett Favre was replaceable.

        2. Phatgzus March 13, 2016

          They managed to keep Von Miller though, so I guess Trevathan wasn’t THAT irreplaceable, how about we wait until the season plays out until we make such a statement? I agree with you that Trevathan was a cap casualty, as a result of ALL the FAs the Donkeys signed (the other side of FA).

          Yeah, sure, Favre was “replaceable” simply because his replacement is the most talented NFL QB to have lived as of yet. But you know, no big deal, players of his calibre grow on trees.

          1. PF4L March 13, 2016

            Gee, Von Miller or Trevathan….tough decision.

            So you’re saying Favre was replaceable?

            Yea, that’s what i said.

          2. Phatgzus March 13, 2016

            Sure, if you have 1 of like the 5 greatest QBs to ever play out of at least more than 5,000 who have ever played the game. I’ll let you calculate the percentage on that-your poor brain needs all the work it can get.

    2. PF4L March 12, 2016

      “I think the packers are better served grabbing a guy in the draft that will be cheaper, and probably better.”

      If it’s that easy, then why hasn’t Ted done it in the last few years?

      Head scratcher huh?

  6. Kato March 11, 2016

    Funny, no one has even considered the fact that trevathon wasn’t saying that he was hoping the packers would reach out because he wanted them to get into a bidding war with the bears and drive up his price, not because he actually wanted to actually play for the packers.

  7. Sanguine camper March 11, 2016

    I bet the Packers will go into the next season with more than 6 mil in cap space. They could sign BOTH Perry And Trevathon. But noooooo! TT will probably draft another ubderperforming d lineman in the first round and hibernate after that.

  8. Alan March 11, 2016

    It’s all about the comp picks. TT wants them all. It would take something extreme for ted to sign a UFA. Peppers was waived by the Bears, so that’s why signing him didn’t force TT to give up a comp pick.

    And note, there is no comp pick forfeited by signing one’s own free agents. Go Perry!

  9. Alan March 11, 2016

    TT is probably counting his 2017 comp picks already…. gleefully hoping someone’s going to sign Raji, Hayward to a big contract

  10. Alan March 11, 2016

    the Pack is going to have a nightmare time extending their players who are due to be free agents in 2017. Sitton and Lang. And all the young guys, Bakhtiari, Lacy, and Hyde. TT is not going to commit to any salaries that get in the way of keeping as many of those guys as the Pack can afford.

    1. The Money Mike March 11, 2016

      Lacy is a one trick Pony, remove him from that list and yes maybe that’s why Ted isn’t signing all these free agents

    2. Phatgzus March 11, 2016

      Actually, Barrington and Ryan have both played pretty well considering the amount of NFL experience they have.Hyde will probably be gone, they’ll figure out a way to extend their O-linemen, unless they get a replacement in the draft, and Lacy could go either way, though as of right now I’d lean toward him bidding adieu.

  11. Adam March 11, 2016

    I’m sorry, but signing trevathon would be a waste of money. Does no one remember Barrington is coming back??

  12. Howard March 11, 2016

    We already have 2 trevathans on the team only bigger and faster in Barrington and Ryan. Trevathan is making money from the Super Bowl team and recovering 2 fumbles in the Super Bowl. Trevathan almost missed the entire 2014 season with his knee cap being reconstructed. I do not put everything into pro day or combine workouts however it does help understand player measurables at the start of their careers.

    1. Trevathan 6′-0″, 237, 4.84 40, 4.70 20 yd shuttle 18 bench.
    2. Barrington 6′-1″, 246, 4.69 40, 4.25 20 yd shuttle 22 bench.
    3. Ryan. 6′-2″, 240, 4.65 40, 4.20 20 yd shuttle 20 bench.

    These times etc. are based on pro days or combine which ever is better. Both Trevathan and Barrington had bad combines, as both had injuries so their timed results are from pro days. TT probably did not want Trevathan, however he needed to show interest to at least drive up the price that the competition pays. With all that said we still need one more ILB with more speed and length who can cover, if Matthews is really being moved to OLB.

  13. Perupack March 11, 2016

    From the ESPN guy: The fifth option year would have added the 2016 season to Perry’s deal for $7.75 million. That was declined by the Packers.

    We got him for 2016 for $5 million. Good move Ted.

    1. PF4L March 12, 2016

      So it took a genius like Ted to do the math and figure the difference between between 7.5 mill, and 5 mill and that they could save 2.5 mill?

      In Ted we Trust!!

  14. Mike Ditka's Mom March 11, 2016

    Same shit, different people. Clueless fans suffering from the Kruger-Dunning effect. Total Packers is the ship of fools sailing a sea of shit. Enjoy your misery, LOL!!

    1. Phatgzus March 11, 2016

      Jesus Fucking Christ, did I miss the DeVry psychology seminar for internet trolls while I was busy watching YouTube cat videos, learning how to crochet, practicing my Swahili pronunciation, and other more important shit? Seriously, dude, I agree with you on the armchair GM “Sign EVERYBODY!!!” nutjobs but you are the 4th person on this site alone to reference that mental-illness-of-the-month in the past few. Fucking weird shit.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK March 14, 2016

      It is the “Dunning Kruger Effect” Not Kruger-Dunning. If you are going to reference it, reference it correctly while fooling with the fools . . . fool

  15. Kato March 11, 2016

    Howard- I like you. You approach this with reason, rather than blind hate. You approach is carefully calculated and you bring up good points. I feel like you should write articles for this site.

    I think lacy gets it, and is humbled now. I would be surprised if he doesn’t come away with an extension. I think retaining Lane Taylor was huge. I definitely see the packers viewing him as great depth at very least, and likely a replacement for sitton, given his body seems to be giving out slowly. Maybe I am completely wrong

  16. Jason Pawelski March 11, 2016

    Why is this even news? We are not going shopping in free agency…..thus, freeing up money to sign our guys.
    I don’t get it every year with this bullshit…..Matt Forte was not going to put us kver the top. If theyre not blocking for Starks or Lacy thdyre not blocking for Forte
    The Packers draft and develop their own talent
    Sorry, I love football but, this isnt news
    This is bs

    1. Empacador March 13, 2016

      Maybe not as a runner but as a receiver out of the backfield. Agreed Forte wasn’t the missing link, because the play calling would have to include more than the occasional token screen pass. But we all know McCarthy is an enigma when it comes to play calling. Hell, the entire team philosophy is somewhat of an enigma. “Let’s draft guys that are better suited for this position but turn them into something else.” “Let’s sign guys whose talents are this, but not play to their strengths” would be exactly what would happen with Forte.

  17. PF4L March 11, 2016

    I think Lacy gets it also, He gets it that the NFL checks he gets will soon dry up to nothing, if he doesn’t get his shit together in a hurry.

    If any team then rewards him with a decent contract, i believe he also gets a xl pizza, gallon of ice cream, 2 liter pepsi and cheese garlic bread to celebrate.

  18. MJ March 12, 2016

    For Kato, here you will find some names. No one means “multi year ton of millions deal”. Some of them are a bit old, but as a basic insurance if Rich Ridge doesn’t pan out, could make sense. Owen Daniels played OK for the Broncos, didn’t he? Last year Ted let him come to GB and leave without a contract. I only hope I am wrong, but our TE group does not command respect, let alone attention or fear. Part of TT’s policy is to leave holes to patch themselves instead of actively patching them. Hawk, Jones, anyone? MD Jennings, Jerron McMillan?
    Make no mistake, I still consider he has done a great work ensuring a core of players, but he is not diligent to get all positions fixed. The concept of risking the following year to have a shit this one is totally foreign. And by that I mean, he’ll stick to a 7th rd pick instead of trading it for a more proven player. Yes, we have a lot of players to re-hire in 2017. Are they all pros? What would happen if we list one of them? How worse off would we be? As good as Sitton and Lang are, are they that irreplaceable? What about Bakh? Well, TT trembles in fear just by even pondering those facts.

    In the article it says that those type of veterans would not be appealing to Ted. But you asked for a list.


  19. MJ March 12, 2016

    … to have a shot this year. Sorry.

  20. Kato March 12, 2016

    While bahk isn’t a great left tackle, he is definitely a starting caliber one that is still young and has the ability to improve. I think we saw how disastrous things could be without him. Unless TT strikes gold in this draft and finds someone just has good as him, they will have no choice but to bring him back. LT is an immensely difficult position to find.

    I am not saying that TT should ignore free agency, and i really do think he should bring in a TE, a guy like Scott Chandler would be great. However it wouldn’t be the worst thing if he doesn’t, TE is a position that isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things, especially if you have a solid core of receivers (which I think they do) and one is a red zone threat. Richard Rodgers was pretty decent in the red zone last year. I feel like unless you have a guy like Greg olsen, gronk, or even Jimmy graham, it isn’t worth investing a ton of money in the position. ILB is the same, and I really do believe they will address that need in the draft.

    1. PF4L March 12, 2016

      “…address that need in the draft”?

      How many years have you been saying that?

      Missing in the draft isn’t addressing it. Mid level free agents, trades, trading up in the draft, might be addressing it.

  21. MJ March 12, 2016

    Things were disastrous without Bakh partly because McCarthy didn’t know his own players.
    This is what they did:
    1) play Don Barclay. He was always bad at pass protection.
    2) the Sitton experiment. Very good guard, does that mean he can play OT, something he didn’t do even at college level?
    3) let JC Tretter, who actually was a tackle at college, try to man the position. And he did considerably well, even though he had been retrained as a center.

    Bakh was also weak at run blocking. The entire OL was bad, even though Lacy didn’t help them a lot since he was taking too long to hit holes, being almost stationary. Being such a strong guy, he could just have hit some of the not completely clear lanes and still steal 3 to 4 yards. Thin Lacy could be more explosive, who knows. Also like what we saw in Crocket, in case Starks doesn’t do well as RB2.
    But nevertheless, Lacy was being tackled behind the line a lot, and that does not speak well of our linemen run-blocking wise.

    1. Empacador March 12, 2016

      Is playing Barclay and Sitton solely on McCarthy, or does Campen get some love as well? As the actual position coach, where was his head?

  22. MJ March 12, 2016

    I mean, I liked Crocket. He could take the RB2 position if Starks declines. English is not my native language.