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Greg Jennings is Homeless Again

Greg Jennings

Not much has gone right for receiver Greg Jennings since he left the Green Bay Packers.

Jennings was released by the Minnesota Vikings last offseason and now he’s been released by his latest team, the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins parted ways with the outspoken Jennings on Saturday.

The move shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Jennings posted just 19 catches for 208 yards in his lone season in Miami.

Now 32, Jennings has seen his production drop each of the past three seasons. He’s five seasons removed from arguably his best year and last 1,000-yard season. That was 2010, when Jennings caught 76 balls for 1,265 yards and 12 touchdowns with the Packers.

It may be time for Jennings to start thinking about calling it a career.

Interestingly, another soon-t0-be former Packers receiver, James Jones, has either maintained or improved his numbers as he’s aged. Jones set a new career high in yardage (890) with the Packers in 2015 at age 31.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. NachoDan March 6, 2016

    He didn’t miss out on any rings in Green Bay and he got paid, so I guess that worked out.

  2. Dan March 6, 2016

    GB offered him 1/2 million per year less than Minnesota. He was cut by MN after 2 years and took a huge pay cut in Miami. He would have been way better off staying with GB, both his numbers and his wallet.

  3. Mel gm in the wings March 6, 2016

    Guess the experts are right. A.Rod made them both great!! Hope this teaches others. It’s not the money. G.B. is the top of the NFL.!!!

  4. Perupack March 6, 2016

    We can thank G. Jennings for showing R. Cobb what life without A. Rodgers throwing to you would be like. Unhappy.

  5. chaka March 7, 2016

    The idiot was actually offered more money at one point to stay in Green Bay. Instead, listened to Larry Fitzjerald and though he could make 15mil a year. Bad mistake. Now unemployed.

  6. Zwoeger March 7, 2016

    “We can thank G. Jennings for showing R. Cobb what life without A. Rodgers throwing to you would be like. Unhappy.”

    Tought Rodgers showed him that already last season.

  7. Brent Farve March 7, 2016

    I’ll never forget you, Craig Jenkins

  8. Empacador March 8, 2016

    I wonder, after his sister opened her mouth, what exactly she has to say about everything that has transpired since he left Green Bay.