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Former Packer Daryn Colledge Joins the National Guard

Daryn Colledge

Daryn Colledge was a starter at guard for the Green Bay Packers for five seasons (2006-10), started three more in Arizona and one in Miami before calling it a career. After a year away from the game, he’s decided to join the Army.

Colledge announced he’s joining the Army National Guard on Twitter on Tuesday.

Since I know little about the military, I was somewhat curious of the distinction between the Army and the Army National Guard.

Not that I’m trying to belittle his service, but there’s pretty substantial difference between regular Army and Army National Guard. The latter is more like the Army Reserves, in that they are not active-duty military. Although they can be deployed in an emergency and often are, the National Guard is usually the crew called in when there’s a natural disaster or something like Ferguson happens.

There are other differences, but Colledge isn’t heading off to the front lines like former Cardinals safety Pat Tillman did when he abruptly retired from football in 2002 and joined the Army.

And at 34, Colledge did have one year of eligibility left to join up with the regular Army.

And maybe that’s interesting only to me.

Here’s something else that’s interesting to me. Colledge looks like a cross between Jared Allen and that douche from Nickelback.

That’s a heavy cross to bear.

Way to give something back though, bro.


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  1. K March 22, 2016

    As a former Guardsman who spent a year in afghanistan, and a year in iraq as a member of the National Guard (and have the PTSD to show for it), I applaud Daryn Colledge for his decision to enlist. Although it isn’t full time Army there is still a huge commitment involved as well as the ever growing probability of going to war…. Just saying, you don’t have to be full time Army to make a difference.

  2. Dave March 22, 2016

    What K said, my best friend growing up joined the guard straight out of high school and did 2 tours, more and more these days it’s less of a reserve. Either way, much respect for anyone who serves or served in any fashion for our armed forces. Thank you K and to Daryn as well.

  3. Kurt March 22, 2016

    Your sadly misinformed my friend. Most National Guard units have operational tempos similar to active duty. A previous unit i was in deployed to Iraq 04′ for 18 months, Afghanistan 07′ & 11′ & Kuwait 13′. They are looking to go again in 17′

  4. Guy March 22, 2016

    ’04, ’07, ’11, ’13, ’17. Apostrophes aren’t difficult.

  5. PF4L March 23, 2016

    I have the utmost respect and appreciation for our military troops and our veterans. But, this post on twitter sounds like he’s telling us how much of a hero he is. Or maybe i didn’t like him or Jason Spitz when they played.

  6. NachoDan March 23, 2016

    His wife must be awful.

  7. Cuban March 23, 2016

    Guess i can tell my brother that since he only joined the jv squad, he’ll never have to worry bout being deployed, again

  8. Lyle chipperson March 23, 2016

    Holy fuck guy, you showed him, w/o your corrections i wouldn’t have had the slightest idea what he meant.

  9. Vanna March 26, 2016

    Do some research before you post. Plenty of Army National Guard members have been killed or injured in war zones. Shame on you for writing a post about which you know nothing and implying someone who joins the guard is a coward.

    Cowards are folks who stay home and imply cowardice in others.