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Donald Driver’s Awards Show was a Star-Studded Event

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver has his own awards show.

As ludicrous as that may sound, it makes more sense when you consider what the awards are for. They’re called the Driven to Achieve Awards and they honor Wisconsin charities, something Driver has been involved with for years.

They awards show took place Saturday night in Milwaukee.

And just because it was some local awards show doesn’t mean there wasn’t some star power there. How about J.J. Watt, Anthony Anderson and Brian McKnight?

Anderson was the MC and McKnight provided the musical entertainment. J.J. Watt, we assume, was just there to crush stuff with his bare hands.

At any rate, we’d say that’s a pretty nice turnout for an event that has nothing to do with the entertainment industry or even football.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.