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Adams and Rodgers Are Making the Jump This Year!

Davante Adams is garbage

The second-year jump has apparently turned into the third-year jump for receiver Davante Adams and tight end Richard Rodgers.

At least that’s what Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy is left to hope.

It’s talked about every offseason. They mythical jump forward certain players appear to be making. Oftentimes, that offseason jump turns into jack squat when the season rolls around.

It’s slightly different for players entering their second season, however.

After adjusting to the NFL game during their rookie campaigns, players are expected to kick it up a notch in their second season. Those who don’t usually find themselves out of the league shortly thereafter.

And that brings us back to Adams and Rodgers, both of whom were massive disappointments in their second season.

The Packers raved about Adams all offseason and then he somehow went out and got worse during his sophomore campaign. Adams caught 50 balls for 483 yards and one touchdown. While doing so, he became most noteworthy for dropping passes and not being able to gain separation or make plays.

Rodgers didn’t get worse statistically. He ended up blowing away his rookie numbers, as is the case with almost every tight end in history. However, his numbers (58 catches, 510 yards, 8.8 per reception) were underwhelming to say the least.

Although sure handed, Rodgers seemed like he couldn’t put any distance between himself and the defense if a paper bag were covering him. And here was a guy being covered by linebackers, who aren’t known for their coverage skills.

But that’s all in the past.

Because unlike most players, these two are special.

They’re skipping the second-year jump altogether and they’re saving their ample talents to make the third-year jump!

“They both had similar years as far as their performance, and it’s that challenge of the second year,” McCarthy said. “You always talk about a guy taking that jump from the first year to the second year, but with that it’s even a bigger challenge when their responsibility is increased,too. Both of those guys have a lot more responsibility, Richard and Davante last year, and so they met tougher challenges and they’ll be better next year for it.”

Are you buying that?

We’re not.

Very few players suddenly become great — or even progress from below average to good — in their third season. Unfortunately for the Packers, they likely now have what they have.

In Rodgers, they have a sure-handed, but slow-footed target who, like Andrew Quarless before him, probably isn’t going to be anything other than just a guy.

Rodgers’ best bet to be successful was if he were paired with a tight end who could stretch the middle of the field. The Packers don’t seem to want to acquire that guy, though.

In Adams, they have an average No. 3 receiver, at best.

In fact, McCarthy admitted that, this week.

“You look at his rookie year, he was drawing the third guy a lot of the time and had a lot of success,” McCarthy said. “Now you get out there and you’re drawing the first or second guy, it’s a different battle.”

Translation: Davante Adams cannot beat the coverage of a No. 1 or 2 NFL cornerback. Thus, he has no chance of being a No. 1 or 2 receiver.

The good news, if you’re a Davante Adams fan — and we know there are still four or five of you out there — is that the return of Jordy Nelson will move Adams back down the depth chart where he belongs, in 2016.

That should allow him to at least best the awful showing he had in 2015.

Unfortunately, the reality is, these look like two more wasted draft picks by the mad genius, Ted Thompson.

Adams was a second-round pick and Rodgers was a third rounder.

When you draft a receiver in the second round, you’re not hoping he turns into a No. 3 who gives you 500 yards a season. You’re hoping he turns into a No. 1 or 2, like second rounders Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson did before him.

Same story with Rodgers. He wasn’t drafted in the third round to be Andrew Quarless. He was drafted there just like the guy he was supposed to make everyone forget, Jermichael Finley.

We can say with almost certainty, neither of these guys are going to live up to their predecessors’ standards.

Oh, but they’re both going to make the third-year jump! We almost forgot!

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. chaka March 24, 2016

    Dropante Adams is awful. A waste of a draft pick. No speed or hands. Should be cut or the #6 emergency receiver. Not good enough to be on the practice squad. Hopefully they come to their senses and make Janis the #3. You can’t teach speed.

    1. Packers fan March 24, 2016

      Yes he is. Davante Adams will NEVER BREAK OUT or be good. Period. One of Ted Thompson’s garbage. He is one of the horrible players TT drafted. Richard Rodgers can catch but his speed is horrible and he is overrated. Jeff Janis probably will be a 3 receiver. He has better hands then Adams. McElephant thinks he will but I dont.
      Once Ted Thompson retires, he should take Davante Adams and Don Barclay with him.

  2. Big Gay Clay March 24, 2016

    Not ready to give up on Drop Adams just yet but Janis needs to see playing time over him. Way more upside and a better athlete.

  3. John Smith March 24, 2016

    I remember Greg Jennings going from year 1 to year 2, that was back in 2006 to 2007, the dude was a fucken monster in 2007.

  4. Cheese March 24, 2016

    How does McCarthy know these clowns are making a big jump this year? They’re only two months into the offseason with no type of team training whatsoever. Stop talking out of your fat ass, McMuffin. Davante is gonna make that big jump back to 3rd, hopefully 4th, string receiver when Jordy returns, so when he plays against lesser corners management can rant and rave about how they always knew Adams was destined to be great.

    1. Empacador March 24, 2016

      Oh, McCarthy knows. He just does. My comment from the other thread on Nelson over the middle is just as relevant here. McCarthy doubles down on his usage of Adams this season to prove a point. Exactly like he did with Finley in 2010. The only difference being Adams won’t be the focal point of the offense.

      But McCarthy will throw to Adams, and throw often. In order to create opportunities and exploit perceived weaknesses. Unfortunately McCarthy doesn’t comprehend a couple things. Adams is the weakness being exploited on 3rd down, especially if you want to end your drives early. McCarthy is potentially missing out on opportunities for actual contributions, namely by Janis and Abbrederis, by forcing the ball repeatedly to Adams even after the guy drops/misses a shit ton of balls repeatedly. Didn’t Adams have like 10 catches against 21 attempts in a game last season, something abysmal like that?

      Adams reminds me of that Clifford Franklin character from the movie “The Replacements” but without the speed. I can hear Pat Summerall saying “And he drops it right into the unsure hands of Davante Adams.”

  5. pastordad March 24, 2016

    Their special alright!!!

  6. Phatgzus March 24, 2016

    Because 58 catches 500 yards and 8 TDs is awful for a TE in his 2nd year, smfh.

    1. PF4L March 25, 2016

      It’s not the just the #’s. It’s the dink and dunk catches, it’s the ypc. It’s that Rodgers goes down if a defender breathes on him, it’s that my grandma could beat him in the 40 and a cone drill. He can’t block, and he’s not tough. BUT, he’s got good hands…. that’s not enough in this league Chief.

  7. Mike Ditka's Mom March 24, 2016

    McCarthy should just come out and say, “Fuck these, chumps!” That’ll get them
    properly motivated.

  8. Shawn March 24, 2016

    Not sure how Richard Rodgers gets thrown in with Davante Adams. 58 catches for 510 yards and 8 TDs ranks pretty well on the Packers all time list for a season for a TE. Yeah, he isn’t a playmaker (except for on Hail Marys) but he was hardly a disappointment either.

    1. Big Gay Clay March 24, 2016

      You have to take account that there were no weapons last year for ARod to throw to do those numbers aren’t particularly great.

      1. Phatgzus March 26, 2016

        Considering you need your boundary receivers to win their one on ones more than once a quarter to open up the middle of the field and prevent LBs/Safeties crowding the box and middle of the field where TEs run their routes, those are actually pretty good stats. A basic understanding of the subject you’re trying to debate is a useful thing to have so you don’t come off looking like a complete nimrod.

  9. rebelgb March 25, 2016

    Um Rodgers doesnt have enough talent to suddenly get better. He’s as fast as he is ever going to be and he isnt suddenly getting smarter. So im not buying the hype train.

    Adams? He at least has the physical tools to get better. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  10. MJ March 25, 2016

    Here is the solution for Davante’s problems: try him at OLB.

  11. Kristofer March 27, 2016

    Montgomery will and should be the #3 wr this year. So let’s hope Adams can do well enough in the 4 spot.