Bears’ Chairman Hates Thought of Matt Forte on Packers

Matt Forte

Matt Forte

Since the Chicago Bears announced they planned to part ways with veteran running back Matt Forte, there have been a lot of people suggesting Forte would be a fit for the Green Bay Packers.

And that makes sense.

Eddie Lacy is coming off his worst season as a professional and James Starks is a free agent. The Packers could use some reinforcements at running back and Forte would be an upgrade over Starks.

Will the Packers bite?

We’ll see.

Plenty of people like the idea.

One person who hates the idea is Bears chairman George McCaskey.

“Oh, jeez, don’t even go there,” McCaskey said. “Any other team. We wish him the best. He still has some production in him I’m sure. But, jeez, not the team up north.”

Aww jeez…

Let’s go watch Fargo.

That reaction is expected. Every guy the Packers cut or choose not to re-sign goes directly to the Minnesota Vikings and that usually sucks.

Sometimes those guys are afterthoughts though (sometimes they’re not, of course). Forte has not only been a great player for the Bears, but has been a big part of the Chicago community.

He’ll be missed.

He’d look great in Green and Gold though, wouldn’t he?

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  1. Ferris

    The more we wish for it the less likely it is. Peppers came out of nowhere. Maybe Ted will sign Foster on the cheap.

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