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Packers Not Talking to B.J. Raji About New Deal

B.J. Raji

When news of Letroy Guion’s new deal with the Green Bay Packers broke Friday morning, we speculated that likely meant the end of the line for B.J. Raji in green and gold.

That speculation appears to be spot on.

Raji told the Green Bay Press-Gazette’s Ryan Wood that the Packers have not approached him about a new deal yet.

In a text Friday morning, Raji (said) his teammate’s deal was “well deserved.” Asked how the contract affects his future with the Packers, Raji texted “uncertain at this point.” He has “not yet” started negotiations with the team.

History tells us one of two things will happen when the Packers don’t talk to one of their pending free agent about a new deal before free agency begins.

  1. That player never hears from the Packers and either signs elsewhere or is forced into retirement if another team doesn’t call (see Ryan Pickett, Johnny Jolly)
  2. The player tests free agency, doesn’t receive an offer from another team, realizes there’s no demand for his services and signs a veteran’s minimum deal to return to Green Bay

Raji appears likely to fall into the first group, although we suspect he will get an offer and he will sign elsewhere.

Even though he’s been unproductive for several years, Raji will turn 30 in July and interior defensive linemen have been known to play well into their 30s.

Plus, defensive line is one of the toughest positions to fill. You can’t teach size.

This doesn’t look like the end for Raji. It just looks like the end in Green Bay.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Empacador February 12, 2016

    Not surprising. I thought he was played out of position after they moved him outside after the Super Bowl. After he finally gets the chance to move back to nose, he still didn’t look like right.

  2. V February 12, 2016

    Good, now friggin sign Damon “Snacks” Harrison to $5 million per (via the Jets) and get some real production at the Nose. Bookend him (Harrison) with Guion and Daniels and have Boyd and Pennel + a draft pick back them up. Move up and grab Hunter Henry (Arkansas TE) in the draft’s top 20, grab another ILB and small school OT prospect and lets get this thing rolling next year! If you can’t move up and get Henry in RD1 you need to get a quality veteran TE in here before training camp opens…you know, someone like Owen Daniels, who helped the Broncos win a title.

  3. PF4L February 12, 2016

    “You can’t teach size.”

    But you can take it to the buffet line.

  4. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey February 13, 2016

    Please don’t post my dream journal online without my permission, thanks.