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It Sounds Like Scott Tolzien Won’t Be Back

Scott Tolzien

Not that we’re surprised, but it sure sounds like Scott Tolzien won’t be back with the Green Bay Packers in 2016.

Tolzien is a free agent after his lone season as the Packers’ No. 2 quarterback.

The team drafted Brett Hundley in the fifth round of the 2015 draft. Hundley played well in the preseason and it sounds like the coaching staff is enamored with him.

“Scott Tolzien did a great job for us,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said on Thursday. “I can’t tell you how much he was part of our quarterback room and our locker room. His work ethic is exceptional. As for Brett Hundley, yes, I’m excited about Brett.

“He’s really dove into the office. Very bright young man, very athletic. Boy, I’m glad we have him.”

It makes sense that the Packers would hand the No. 2 job to Hundley in 2016. That makes the need for Tolzien nonexistent, barring injury.

There’s been talk of Tolzien possibly seeking a shot to start elsewhere. We hope that scenario materializes, but we’ve likely seen the last of Scooter Tolzien in Green Bay.

We’ll always have this, though.

Scott Tolzien spin move

Joseph Bonham

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  1. pastordad February 26, 2016

    To bad…but hard to keep 3-4 QB’s when we have such blatant needs elsewhere. New GM perhaps???

  2. SIM February 26, 2016

    Will have to see where he lands. Maybe we can pick him up for minimum if luck strikes us. Dallas could use a decent backup though I would argue that they should go further than Tolzein for this need.

  3. Ferris February 26, 2016

    When I see that video it makes me miss Myles White.

  4. Howard February 26, 2016

    Yes you are gone when your employer starts referring to your accomplishments in the past tense.

  5. icebowl February 27, 2016

    So long Scooter – great memories….
    Best of luck….

    I suspect he’ll be heading back to SF so Skippy can eventually replace Colon Klapperdink ….