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Brett Favre Expressed Disbelief After Hall of Fame Induction

2016 Hall of Fame class

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre got himself a spot in the 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame class Saturday night. While everyone knew that was coming, Favre still expressed disbelief after the announcement.

He made these comments to ESPN.

“I think it’s going to take a while for it to sink in. I’ve done a few interviews and had a little bit of a chance to kind of digest and what I’ll say now is probably what I’ll say for quite a while. I totally get that I’m in the Hall of Fame, but I don’t necessarily accept it. What I mean by that is, after we were introduced on stage here at the Honors, the Hall of Famers past come up and say their congratulations — and there were so many, some I know, some I know of but haven’t met. Like, for example, Roger Staubach was my hero. He was my idol. I wanted to be Roger Staubach and he knows that because I’ve told him that before. I’m in an elite club with him now. I guess from the outside looking in, I am equal to him, but I will never feel that way. I feel like I’m on borrowed time. Maybe that’s odd for people to hear or maybe there are others that feel the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I could not be more thankful for this. I mean, really, NFL Hall of Fame for a little country boy from south Mississippi who ran the wishbone? Anything can happen, but again, I just can’t believe I am amongst the guys I emulated and hoped to be someday.”

I think we’ll just leave it at that.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L February 7, 2016

    Is this the same guy who has an ego the size of Texas?

    Is this the same “it’s all about me guy” we’ve known for years?

    This manufactured “awe shucks guys” is transparent and old.

    1. Savage57 February 7, 2016

      Better he said, ”bout time, bitches’?

      Be honest, regardless of what he said or didn’t say, the sand all packed up in your vag would still be chafing your woman parts raw and you’d piss and moan no matter what.

      1. PF4L February 7, 2016

        Actually i give no fuck about him, he doesn’t chafe me at all. I was done with him after the 2005 season, i didn’t care what became of him. I didn’t give a shit like others that he played for the Vikings, everyone has a right to work. But if anyone was pissing, moaning, and whining, it was Favre and his family back in 2007. Luckily, Big Ted had the wisdom to realize Favre’s best years were far behind him and send him packing. He wasn’t gonna let Favre think he’s bigger than the Packers any longer. I agreed with him then, as i still do, that he made the right move.

        I don’t piss and moan, i make accurate observations. I give him his due, he had good years for the Packers through 97, after that, not so much.

  2. Dan L February 7, 2016

    Too bad the Teddy wouldn’t just release him and let him play “wherever” like the Colts did with Manning. Instead first they wanted to just pay him 12+
    Million to sit at home and when Favre insisted on given a chance to compete to play they traded him to the lowly Jets where he led them to their fist winning season before tearing up his throwing elbow. Then he was able to go to the. Vikings where he almost led them to a super bowl.
    You are one of those whiners that think Farve was the only one at fault but Ted had decided he didn’t want him any where near the team and treated him like shit after all he had given the Packers.

  3. Jschizl February 7, 2016

    Good job Bert your still a Viking in my book. It’s like a hot ex that cheats on you. You would never take her back even if she is a 10. Doesn’t make her not hot but she will never be your girl again.

  4. V February 8, 2016

    Remember, without Favre, we might never have turned the franchise around.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK February 8, 2016