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Aaron Rodgers Looks Like J.B. Holmes?

I had never heard of J.B. Holmes before today and I only heard of him today because apparently someone confused Aaron Rodgers with Holmes.

Holmes is a golfer and both he and Rodgers are playing in the Pebble Beach Pro Am, which began on Thursday.

As far as I can tell, the similarities pretty much end after professional athlete and playing in Pebble Beach Pro Am this week.

This is J.B. Holmes.

J.B. Holmes

Put a cowboy hat on that dude and he’s your shit-kickin’, chaw-spittin’, nitwit cousin from Texas.


But this still happened.

Rodgers and his partner, Madison’s own Jerry Kelly, finished the first round of the tournament at -8, which was good for a tie for ninth place.

Aaron Rodgers Pebble Beach

Joseph Bonham

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  1. Kato February 11, 2016

    Look nothing alike

  2. Shawn February 12, 2016

    Yeah, other than a goatee and frequently citing God, JB Holmes and Aaron Rodgers aren’t anything alike.