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The Three Possible Playoff Opponents

Mike Daniels

The Packers are in the playoffs. We know that much. But there are still two possible seeds and three possible opponents that they could be facing.

Let’s break it down right here so that we don’t have to spend another moment thinking about it.

If the Packers win, they will be the 3 seed. As the 3 seed, they will play at home against either the Vikings or the Seahawks. If the Packers win, then the seeding between the Vikings and the Seahawks will be determined by Seattle’s game against Arizona. If Seattle loses that game, then they are the 6 seed regardless of what happens at Lambeau. If they win that game, then they would be the 5 seed if the Packers beat the Vikings.

This means that a Packers’ win and a Seattle loss would result in the Packers hosting the Seahawks in the wildcard round of the playoffs.

A Packers’ win and a Seattle win would result in the Packers hosting the Vikings for a rematch.

If the Packers lose, then they are the 5 seed and Seattle is the 6 seed, regardless of what Seattle does. In that scenario, the Packers would visit the Washington Redskins next week while Seattle would go to Minnesota.

So you see, it is hardly the end of the world if the Packers lose this week. In fact, many have suggested the Packers would be better off taking the trip to Washington.

Forget that. My prime match up would result from a Packers’ win and a Seattle loss. That would bring the Seahawks back to Green Bay. If the Packers don’t win the Super Bowl this season, then eliminating the Seahawks from the playoffs would be the next best thing.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. rebelgb January 3, 2016

    I’ll go one further Shawn. Id rather face the Seachickens here next week because if we found some way to win that game, it could be the tonic that faults this team to an unexpected Super Bowl.

    1. icebowl January 3, 2016

      I don’t know about vaulting this team to anything, but knocking the gum outta that cud-chewing, USC-Cheating Pete Carroll’s mouth for the second time this season and would go a long way in allowing me to get over the Meltdown from a year ago ….

  2. PF4L January 3, 2016

    I also agree, but for another reason. I was never one to think the Packers should be afraid to play a certain team in the playoffs. Back in 2010, i don’t remember any talk of the Packers afraid to play anyone. I just think if a team is afraid to play someone in the playoffs, they already lost.

    So bring on a victory against the vikings, then bring on Seattle. Then, whatever happens, happens.

    1. billabong January 3, 2016

      Exactly….plan on avoiding a team ya may as well not even be in the playoffs…bring on anyone and see what happens…at Lambeau…

  3. icebowl January 3, 2016

    I’m with you Shawn, bring on the Cheat-hawks !!

  4. icebowl January 3, 2016

    Shawn, Monty – We gonna see any predictions from you guys ?

    Unfortunately my arthritic bones are telling me it’s gonna be Minnesota – 31-24.

    GB goes into DC to face a hot Deadskins team under screaming Kurt C…. Not ready to predict that outcome yet ….

  5. Vic January 3, 2016

    Packers are a play a way from being the top team in the NFC.

    1. gort January 3, 2016

      Are you watching the 2015 / 2016 Green Bay Packers? Too much kool-aid for you.

      1. gort January 3, 2016

        After further consideration, I assume you refer to the Nelson injury play. All that did was to expose the severe deficit in WR depth. The Packers much ballyhooed braintrust isn’t as good as they think they are. I think that poor play by some starters and key reserves will backup my opinion. That being said GO PACK GO.

  6. John Smith January 3, 2016

    The packers should rest their starters for this week. Getting healthy is more important than playing a home playoff game.

  7. Kato January 3, 2016

    Bring on the seahawks. If they beat the seahawks, it would completely awesome. If they get embarrassed, like I think would likely happen, maybe that will help bring about off-season change

  8. vj January 3, 2016

    It will be back to back against the Queens or it will be the Skins on the road…SEATTLE Destroyed a Cardinals team that cared more about the playoffs than the last game of the reg. season.