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Stephen Colbert Has Some Coin Flip Alternatives

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t like the way the overtime coin flip was handled in the team’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals and you probably know why.

But don’t worry. If you don’t, there’s a clip within this clip.

And this clip is Stephen Colbert trying to talk about football and be funny, which he’s pretty hit and miss on.

This time he suggests some alternatives to the coin flip.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Killer January 20, 2016

    Every time I think the Packers or their fans have achieved the ultimate in whining… they somehow top themselves. Rodgers losing the coin toss twice and then whining and claiming he would have called the opposite choice and thus won if the ref had asked… Just INCREDIBLE!

    Totally outside of the fact the second toss was not required and if the Packers had “won” the first toss in the same situation they never would have asked for it and would have whined it was unfair for anyone else to do so there is more here. If the ref had paused and asked Rodgers to give a whole new 50/50 prediction and waited for his answer then the subsequent flip result would have been different. The result would have been 50/50 either way. The result was not a forgone conclusion.

    Rodgers is basically saying if he had known the result then he would have predicted that result and it is unfair the ref, who already went above and beyond in re-tossing at all, did not give Rodgers’ Nostradamus-shaming powers a chance to perform miracles.

    Rodgers, when you boil it down, is whining the ref did not give him a chance to cheat. Just amazing.

  2. Killer January 22, 2016

    What we have all missed here until now (including me) is that Aaron Rodgers, totally besides being a creepy whiner, is a F**KING LIAR!

    Compare the video to Rodgers’ statement. He says that the ref “…was showing heads, so I called tails…”. Completely false. A lie. When Rodgers calls tails the coin is in the refs hand which is in a fist down by his side. Literally, no one could see what the ref was “showing” because he was not showing anything at all!

    Apparently, Rodgers’ actual system is to lie and whine when he loses fairly and to make it seem as if someone else did something wrong and, if not for their wrong, that he would have won.

    What a psycho!

  3. elafave January 24, 2016

    ^^^TL;DR You suck, BTW???