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Aaron Rodgers Wants James Jones Back

James Jones hoodie

Fat chance, man!

Even though it’s unlikely, Aaron Rodgers expressed hope that the Green Bay Packers would re-sign receiver James Jones for another season.

Jones, who was signed just before the regular season began after being cut by the Giants, is playing on a one-year deal.

“Yeah, for sure,” Rodgers said when asked if he wants the Packers to re-sign Jones. “He’s been through some injuries this year, and done a great job for us. He had a fast start, and then was dealing with some issues and pushed through them. He’s the kind of guy who practices all the time, competes really hard.

“He’s a big contributor for us. A pro’s pro. He’s been a great addition to our locker room and I’d love to see him return.”

Jones has 46 catches for 788 yards and eight touchdowns, this season.

If he has 30 yards receiving on Sunday, he’ll set a new career high for yardage. His 17.1 yard average is both impressive and would also be a career high. Jones’ eight touchdown receptions lead the team.

So why wouldn’t the Packers want to re-sign him?

For one, Jones will be 32 next season. For another, Ted Thompson didn’t even bother to make Jones an offer when he became a free agent in 2014.

He was coming off a season of 59 receptions and 817 yards then.

Ted had obviously decided Jones was finished. The only reason he landed back in Green Bay was an emergency-type situation. We’re not sure why Thompson would change his mind about Jones two years later.

Don’t get me wrong. We’d be happy to see Jones come back on another one-year deal.

He’s the only Packers receiver who’s actually earned his money this season.

We just don’t think it’s probable.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. ay hombre January 2, 2016

    Fuck that. Those are fine numbers for Jones and that’s without a true number one receiver on the field. That means if Jordy comes back strong, there’s a worse DB on Jones all next year.

    Bring him back for the minimum. He plays through pain, sets an example and is clearly respected. You could do a lot worse for a number 5.

    1. PF4L January 2, 2016

      Now we know why you just reply to post, with adolescent smart ass comments, because you don’t know shit about the Packers, or football for that matter. If you think Jones is the Packers 5th receiver, you might want to stick with just being the little smart ass on this site. Or perhaps your time might be better spent trying to obtain your GED.

  2. Remedy January 2, 2016

    I don’t want to see him back, because then we’ll get the same bullshit about how Rodgers and the coaching staff trusts him over whatever new receiver(s) we end up with next year, thereby screwing their development

    Much rather have Davante gone and Jones here, but you know Ol’ Stone Hands will be around, so that leaves us with Jordy/Cobb/Davante/Jones. If you think Ty and whatever new receiver (because you know, after this debacle, Big Teddy T is going to go get another wr) will see legitimate playing time over those 4, you’re out of your goddamn mind. Jones has to go, man, has to go for the cause!

  3. billabong January 2, 2016

    He’s just saying that to be a good bud…he knows there is almost no way James will be back unless he’s as a reliable back up…Big Ted got his hands full with the up coming draft…maybe he can package some things up and drop back a few rounds so he has ten picks in round 5 – 6…….”bargain basement” thats the way……to mediocrity…

  4. Howard January 2, 2016

    I do believe TT would sign Jones to a one year contract. TT did not want to sign Jones in 2014 because Jones was at that age, going to ask for, and receive a multi year deal with signing bonus. Hell TT would even save approximately 300K on the cap by signing Jones to a one year deal at approximately 900K ( veterans min). The NFL would only apply 600k to Pack salary cap numbers. I doubt Jones would get any better deal elsewhere, and TT saves money on the cap. Win Win situation. If it doesn’t work in preseason cut Jones. No money lost. The biggest problem, will TT and MM believe Jones would hinder the development of one of the “draft and develop” receivers. I say screw that thought process.

    1. PF4L January 2, 2016

      Good post Howard,
      Even with Jordy back, IF we can get Jones back at the minimum, its a win. This team has multiple problems to deal with. Signing Jones eliminates one. If Adams or anyone else past 3 was playing lights out this season, i’d probably feel different. Most fans think having Jordy back renders Jones disposable, but i think it’s going to open Jones up for Rodgers based on coverages.

      It wasn’t that long ago Jones led the league in td passes. This year, i think having 46 touches, and 788 yards w/8 tds, is pretty damn good considering our offense this season.

  5. Jschizl January 2, 2016

    Lucky for him he will be playing somewhere though I think. Just not here

  6. Calico January 2, 2016

    Even if he’s “old” do 800 yard 8 TD receivers usually get minimum anyhow? someone else probably will overpay, even for a one year.

  7. Kato January 2, 2016

    Too bad the packers won’t have a high enough draft pick to go after treadwell

  8. Big Gay Clay January 2, 2016

    Let him go, draft a BIG FAST wr in the first round and then a tackle in the next. We also need a 3rd down back

  9. Deepsky January 2, 2016

    Odds are Jordy Nelson 2016 is not going to be Jordy Nelson 2014. See what happened to the career of Javon Walker after his ACL, and Walker was much younger than Nelson.

    That leaves the Packers in dire need of receivers because the team simply can’t rely on Adams who may very well be a bust.

    The Packers will need at least two solid receivers, and no drafted receiver in any round is going to contribute like Nelson did, and you know the Packers will attempt to fill the needs at receiver with only drafted players.

    I don’t see the Packer offense being any good next year.

  10. Icebowler January 2, 2016

    Jordy will pick up right where he left off next year and I’m not ready to give up on Adams either. Adams may have proven he’ll never be a #1 receiver, but when that pressure is off next year, I think he’ll resume his development and be a very capable #2.

  11. V January 2, 2016

    This is a weak draft for wideouts overall but there’s some really solid talent where Teddy usually likes to pick ’em (if he goes that route).

    Some interesting names projected RD2-4: Tyler Boyd
    Kenny Lawler, Sterling Shepard, Braxton Miller to name a few…that Lawler kid really had an impressive bowl game.

    (Of course the real Heisman winner Christian McCaffrey would top this list BUT he’s only a sophomore and therefore not eligible).

  12. braw January 3, 2016

    bring him back he its a big contributer hes a play maker and he pick up alot of slack being are number #1 guy hurt

  13. Harry Hood January 3, 2016